Nintendo GAME BOY / GBC BUYING GUIDE + Great Games! -

Nintendo GAME BOY / GBC BUYING GUIDE + Great Games!

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Metal Jesus Rocks & John Riggs bring you a Nintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color (GBC) BUYING GUIDE for new collectors! We talk about the hardware, colors, variants, accessories and then give you some Day 1 Purchase game recommendations in every genre. This is a fun guide that every new Game Boy owner should watch!

Games Shown:
Pokemon Yellow
MegaMan II
Gargoyle’s Quest
Donkey Kong
Mole Mania
Faceball 2000
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Final Fantasy Adventure
Final Fantasy Legend II

John Riggs:

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  1. There is also the Japan-exclusive Game Boy Light before the GBC. It was a front-lit Game Boy. I think it's really rare.

    Thank goodness for region-free. My parents bought me a Game Boy when we were moving to the US from Hong Kong and when we got here, I could continue buying games for it. I even had two separate versions of Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break (one in Japanese and one in English).

  2. My friend gave me his old original dmg game boy

  3. I saw a play it loud red Gameboy at my local gameshop someone traded it in and it's priced at 50 dollars 60 Ifni want it refurbished to be just new I'm planing on saving up for it thought it would be cool to own

  4. Strange Times to be Alive, I feel like I am from 600 years ago. It's very hard for me to understand why are they explaining how it works, screen, greens, 4 x batteries and such. It's like explaining someone a fire or water or a classic phone. It's a Gameboy. If they don't know how it works, they shouldn't even try it.

    When did we get so old?

  5. I cant even imagine the amount of a$$ the guy must shred, who is so god damn cool he ordered a beer through his ds. 💀

  6. I only missed one thing and that is the battery life in the game itself.

  7. god i miss these pre-pandemic days when we could hang out with friends. still a great video MJR!

  8. During ww2 American soldiers could be seen playing game boys while off duty

  9. I’m planning on buying a gameboy, a gameboy color, gameboy advanced, to play the old Pokémon games and try out some other games that I never played before 🙂

  10. I bought the GBC just to play the Pokemon games 🙂
    Mine was the Pikachu special edition with the rechargeable battery. Wish i still had it.

  11. I've recently begun playing GB/GBC via emulation and i'm loving it. There's so many great games from my childhood that i didn't play, and now i can, fantastic.
    Playing classics such as Mario Land 2 ,Zelda, Tetris, Mega Man is just brilliant, and playing lesser known gems like Mole Mania, Ninja Taro, Solar Striker and The Bouncing Ball is great as i am just discovering these great titles.
    Great video, enjoyed it so much 👍

  12. You guys completely skipped over the Gameboy Light….. The rarest of them all.

  13. 8:31 there it is. That was my childhood on the go! Still have it too! <3

  14. There was a Game cartridge that had a screw that removed a cover but I never knew what it was for… Can't remember the game that had it.

  15. My grandma bought me Super Mario Land thinking I owned a Gameboy. I didn’t, so when I opened it I got all excited thinking I was also getting a Gameboy that Christmas. I didn’t and ended up holding on to that Gameboy game a whole year before I did.

  16. SNEAKY SNAKE'S Is My Favourite GameBoy Video Game 😃👍. And I Bought THE TRIP WORLD Reproduction Video Game And The Japanese Version Is Really EXPENSIVE.

  17. L-ONE-X - Video Game Music & Discussions says:

    If you pause at 0:13 it's the most awkward thing ever 🤣

  18. Pokemon used the IR function on gamboy color, but PvP and trading STILL used a cable.

  19. “Get yourself a handyboy” – John Riggs
    That is hilarious

  20. I use to play pokemon yellow ver. On a GB classic

  21. If im not wrong he skipped the light that came after the pocket and the gameboy color

  22. The Game Boy Pocket also had 3 versions: the original model, the second model which had a light for the Battery Life, and the Game Boy Light (which is Japan-only but region free like most Nintendo Portables until 3DS). I never knew the Light version existed until finding it on a Wiki and YouTube. It's a niche version, you might be better off with a GBA SP, but still a great conversation piece.

    Game Boy Donkey Kong probably has to be my favorite Mario game. He was acrobatic, and it had fun puzzle aspect. I remember I was obsessed with the Final Fantasy Legend trilogy and Final Fantasy Adventure. They gave me a hours of enjoyment especially because I was playing SaGa and Seiken Densetsu games. I got them in the late 1990's and 2000 since they were actually released by Sunsoft. Sunsoft was basically just a publisher to help re-sell the game, so they only real difference was their logo was on the box/cartridge, but the games otherwise remained the same.

  23. I get it that you're only covering Gameboy and Gameboy Color, but why no mention of the Gameboy Light? Especially since all these systems are retro at this point, you might as well mention the Gameboy Light as an option for collectors and players who might want that sort of thing.

  24. "I've never seen one before" metal Jesus in reference to game boy pocket…………was he living under a rock in the 90s or just have bad long term memory. I remember I really wanted one, the silver one was popular and on display at many stores and really stood out for being so much thinner than the old one. I had game boy color, I believe I had the teal. Its hard to remember because a friend left his atomic purple one at my has years past the gbc's prime in like 2004, as like a here I owe you so just have this and keep it or sell it type thing. Which he had his initials scribbled on it with permanent black marker which was lame.

  25. I like the game boy color but I don’t love it. The library of games is pretty inferior compared to the original, in my opinion.

  26. You guys forgot to talk about, The Legend of Zelda Oracle games. 🤨

  27. OG Game Boy Hidden Gems when? You have a GBA one, why not GB and GBC?

  28. I have a game boy and I’m still trying to find a Pokémon game for it that I can afford!

  29. The GBC was my first Game Boy, and it's honestly a good first model to have.

  30. I like watching these dudes just be happy to talk about and love playing games, totally embracing being a nerd. Keep it up, just subbed 👌

  31. Amazing lineup. Didn’t know about the DX version for Zelda! Get these if you can. They’re getting expensive!

  32. I think my favorite thing about MetalJesusRocks is how he pretends to know nothing and be surprised at every revelation.

  33. They forgot to mention the Japan exclusive game boy light which was the third and last model of og gameboy. (The gameboy light was backlite so it was a lot better than gameboy pocket)

  34. I can watch metal jesus all-day today metals jesus rules,

  35. The 3DS is more powerful than the DS. The comparison you wanted was DS to DSi.

    You can't play multiplayer games using IR. How little research did you guys do? You give out a lot of bad or false info. It's kind of embarrassing.

  36. Lol. This video and the editing holds up

  37. Watching these inspired me to dust off my game boy, nes, and sega/Sega CD. I played them and realized I am spoiled for good graphics. But I cannot put down Sonic 2 with my 6yr old daughter, and Mario 3 is amazing to play with her regardless of graphics. I even play my PSP to this day. Right now I am playing Infected and Chili Con Carnage, lol. So all you parents out there, introduce your kids to your old consoles. Even though my daughter found a way to drop my sega/Sega CD, it is still worth the fun and memories. Have a good day, everyone!

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