Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance :: RGB208 / MY LIFE IN GAMING -

Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance :: RGB208 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming
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Getting the Best Picture from your Game Boy, GBC, and GBA Games! In this episode, we examine and compare every piece of official hardware that can play games for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance – the handheld options, as well as the Super Game Boy, Super Game Boy 2, Wide-Boy 64, and Game Boy Player. We also look at Swiss and the Game Boy Interface for the GameCube, the most popular mods, hardware alternatives, and emulation options.


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  1. After the video
    Any questions class

    When was the first gameboy released

  2. I honestly can't decide whether to get a PAL GCN or just go with NTSC and get the Carby Component Cable. In the short comparison here it seemed the component cable gave a very slightly sharper/brighter image, but maybe the Carby cable is better than the Official one? I can't find any comparisons anywhere.

  3. 39:00 хуевей, чем на nes, это из-за Малыша и Тостяка, интересно?

  4. 57:00 L+R+Y actually allows you to swap between grayscale and DMG Green.

  5. 26:35 Depending on your TV setup, audio from the RCA jacks may be automatically sent through your HDMI signal. (I didn't realize this was a thing until I left my Wii on while doing stuff on my PC and the audio got merged)

  6. @2:38 for what its worth, my original gameboys had those "vertical lines" extending from darker areas on the screen ….when i was a kid on every game boy i had, i dont think its due to them aging, but i could be wrong. it seems like all lcds did this, even the game gear had that affect i think

  7. It's crazy how successful the original Game Boy was. Like, there was barely any question – if you wanted a handheld you got a Game Boy. I knew one person with a Game Gear and only ever saw a Lynx in magazines.

    It was technologically inferior but it didn't matter, it had the games and I don't remember caring much about that terrible screen.

  8. Slight nitpick, the blurry movement on some game boy screens is due to slow pixel response and not the refresh rate

  9. The DS wasn't the first system with a backlit screen. That goes to the GBA SP revision. Instead of turning the light off, the light button switch between bright and dim backlight options.

  10. If I am not mistaken, much of the GBC music is from Shantae?

  11. This video is Superbly amazing, more than Epic ! Thanks for creating such a brilliantly awesome content. Again would say, never ever saw the kind of gameboy video and the details and research went up in this one. This is totally .. wait now, have no words 😀👍

  12. Что означает сокращение FBA, FBC

  13. You didn't talk about the Game box, a gba sp knock off which can play gba games and also accept the ever drive gba (I tried to run the various SMS gb gbc gg nes emus and they run fine !). This is a nice gba knock off With an excellent screen.

  14. Now where's the RGB episode on the og xbox. HHHMMMM?!

  15. My brothers "friend" stole my gameboy back in 94 when he had a party when my parents were at work, so my parents made him give me his and his vhs player.

  16. Or just play your games on an emulator…

  17. So if I'm trying to stream gameboy advance games in the highest quality possible on a 4k HD TV, what is the best option assuming I don't want to use emulators?

  18. Can you guys rest gbarunner2 on dsi to compare the pixel response?

  19. god damn all this nintendo porn on youtube.. filthy sluts

  20. welp, and here comes the opinion shit propaganda as usual… the original gameboy screen is a highly unique asthetic, you are a fucking bag of shit

  21. I watched a tear down video that said that the ags 101 and the ds lite use the same screen. It’s just the hardware that makes the slight difference.

  22. I'm only 25 minutes into this video and just had to comment. Hallelujah! Thank you so much for this!

  23. Is it weird that MLiG videos are nostalgic to me? I literally watch them over and over agian!

  24. Really, Only 180.000 subs?
    You need translate your videos to spanish and you win 200.000 subs more… Really!
    Hay muchos, muchos canales españoles con la mitad de calidad que el vuestro y tienen más de 300.000 subs
    Really , think un that option please!
    PD: Para mi sois el mejor canal de retro gaming y pensé que tendríais más de 1 millón de suscriptores.
    Deberías buscar algún traductor y doblar vuestros vídeos o colaborar con algún otro canal que se bilingüe español/ inglés.

  25. Para mi la mejor manera de jugar juegos de GB, GBC o GBA es usando una DS Lite.
    Estaría bien un mod para poner puerto de cartuchos en una DSi XL.

  26. Boggles my mind to this day how the original Gameboy beat out segas gamegear

  27. Gamegear got everything right the first go

  28. What about IPS Mods? I think those are probably some of the best ways to play.

  29. I love how the camera zooms in slowly at Megaman Zero to show the performance of the Y-boy

  30. 7:22 What game is it? Can you say to me name of the game, please? It's seems beautiful!

  31. Such a good video, just watched it through for a second time and have just bought an SD Media Launcher yesterday for my Gameboy Player. Think I’ll get a GBA to GC link cable soon too.

    Coury and Try you have my admiration.

  32. I’m 16 but for Christmas I really want a GameBoy. Wish me luck, My Life In Gaming

  33. Love the video. AGS101 is overrated . I hated the SP form factor. I’ve always had big hands so it just felt cramped . OG GBA plus a nice backlit display above all other things

  34. No one ever mentions that you could use the SNES mouse in 2nd controller port and draw in the border on the Super Game Boy.

  35. I don't have one games boy and ds ds3 all games os please mr

  36. Gameboy Pocket with bivert is much better than the original DMG.

  37. What everybody wants to know: could we just hack and somewhat break the SNES "SUPER Gameboy" adapter to be lower in the middle to get GBA games to play?

  38. Ever thought of having some text for every game that is shown on screen, even if they are onscreen for a few second to show some examples? I think it would be better for people to try out some new games if they don't know it

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