Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance :: RGB208 / MY LIFE IN GAMING -

Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance :: RGB208 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming
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Getting the Best Picture from your Game Boy, GBC, and GBA Games! In this episode, we examine and compare every piece of official hardware that can play games for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance – the handheld options, as well as the Super Game Boy, Super Game Boy 2, Wide-Boy 64, and Game Boy Player. We also look at Swiss and the Game Boy Interface for the GameCube, the most popular mods, hardware alternatives, and emulation options.


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  1. Gameboy wasn't monochrome, it had 4 shades. (Not to criticise, great video but it was the 5th word in so had to say something)


  3. 3Bro how can you be so fucking tryhard use a rasberry pie:))))))

  4. I used to have the original red color Gameboy Advanced SP and my brother got the 101 revision the difference as you mentioned were the brighter screen, the vivid colors and I also remember the games looking more blocky, maybe because the screen showed the pixels clearly

  5. SILENTROB was right, these guys really are Virgin Central.


  7. Nintendo calls emulators illegal. Nintendo makes SuperGameboy, makes money off it, calls it okay.

  8. Great stuff young lad. I played my GB OG until I developed repetitive movement issues with my thumb. When you live a system enough to injure ones self, damn. Evidently I needed counseling or a cybernetic thumb.

  9. People need to stop complaining about micro’s small size lol it’s called the micro!! What do you expect?

  10. 23:45 And you will also be able to play Rhythm Tengoku arcade at home!

  11. The Mr Gameand watch was the first
    Hand held game console from Nintendo

  12. Hi guys I just got a brand new game boy player and also picked up a game cube can you tell me what kind of Hori pad do I need to get the model number also what kind of video cable do I need to find and also where can I get the homebrew files to use instead of the original boot desk I appreciate any help my site is not very well so it’s hard for me to do certain things any help would be appreciated


  14. Where can I get that GB sprite compilation shirt?

  15. Being familiar with the gameboy hardware and considering the fact that a lot of original gameboy screens are craping out, Josh and Zane should design a replacement frontal board for the gameboy with a modern backlit LCD screen. It would be a quick fix and upgrade at the sametime for an otherwise "dead" gameboy.

  16. What an awesome and well researched vid thank you very much.

  17. This is so amazing. But surely it stops being authentic once you do any mod….I may seem simplistic but by improving these devices surely you are moving away from the authentic experience of how these devices worked? The device as standard (even if it's bad or worse than it could be) is the "authentic" experience. Still it's truly amazing what those with the technical know how can achieve.

  18. Don't get me wrong, I played the hell out of my original DS back in the day. Pokemon Pearl, WarioWare, and Mario 64 were burned into my brain. Loved the thing…..but…

    I really wish they had an alternative. Like, the GBA2. A continuation of the Gameboy line of consoles that stayed strictly single screen, without the gimmicks. No touch screen, no motion controls, no mic. Just a normal, basic handheld console. It could go into 3D. That'd be fine. Hell, one of my favorite GBA games is V-Rally 3, which is a 3D game.

    Part of the reason I stopped buying Nintendo consoles is because I don't care for gimmicks in my controls. I like basic. I just want a normal controller. And I'd have LOVED the Gameboy to continue that. If they were still making Gameboy to this day, like I described, I'd still be buying them.

  19. Here's a question. It's Flash Cart related so I'm not sure it really belongs here or if anyone can answer.

    But… I have an EZ Flash Omega. It's great. But, it uses emulation to play GB and GBC games. Why? If the GBA can already natively run GB and GBC games (aside from maybe the Micro), why would those games need to be emulated? GBA games are loaded into ram like a real cart, so why can't GB and GBC games load the same? I'm not super knowledgeable on this stuff, so I'm asking. It just seems weird to me that emulation would be required when my GBA can run those games natively already.

    The ONLY reason I can really think of, is to make GB and GBC games work on the Micro and DS. But if that's the case, why but have both options? If I can choose "Clean Boot" or "Boot with Addon" for GBA games, why can't I choose the same for gb and GBC. Clean, booting natively, and Addon booting with the emulator.

  20. Nintendo and their unorthodox screens and scaling!

  21. Can anybody please tell me the name of the song used at 28:28? These guys make an awful work crediting the music they steal.

  22. Man, those Bad Ass Consoles recommendations didn't age well. Dude took me for over 100 bucks. What a crook.

  23. Mortal kombat on the DMG looks more like the aftermath of too much seafood

  24. I love the RGB Master Class Series and this is my favorite one. Wish they made one for the PSP, or other portable consoles with this level of detail.

  25. Awesome quality content. I just love looking at the original gameboy color and it's specs honestly such a technological marvel

  26. Biggest problem of my childhood, can't play the damn brightest SP outside during the day, can't play the GBA outside at night and a few places indoors lmao
    Also FE7 music let's GOOO

  27. The 90s you start with sorry but the game boy with the mono chromatic whatever you called it came out in the 80s 1987 or 88 I believe

  28. Is Nintendo still making super Gameboy?

  29. Now that I have all this stuff I really need a "101" on organized system functionality. This rabbit hole never ends. Love it

  30. the newer RG351P/M is a perfect integer scale for GBA its really great option… i mean why play portable games on home console (mean while I have 100 hours in dragon warrior) lol

  31. Can anyone tell me what the music is at 28:30 when the Gamecube game boy player comes on?

  32. So can you run GBC carts on the Super Game Boy2?

  33. "Awkward workaround?" Sounds to me like a match made in heaven. Nintendo should've gone crazy with GBA on 3DS.

  34. If searching for a Wideboy on ebay, make sure you specify Wideboy 64 otherwise you’ll get sex toys as the result.

  35. I have to say that the way you want Gameboy Games to look is how I remember them in my head. That mod is legit

  36. I wonder if this was made before gba ips screens kits lol.

  37. I just watched this entire thing from start to finish… and the intro alone is what made me subscribe to you because that entire intro was phenomenal great job guys for real

  38. the gameboy advance sp was the definitive gba after the ags 101 screen but now it's out classed by the original gba with an ips v2 display installed and a set of rechargeable batteries or battery kit. there's even an audio mod that makes it louder. the dsi removing the gba slot was a blunder in my opinion and it's the only ds i never owned. the new 3ds xl is the definitive 3ds imo and the ds original was it's best and can also be modded these days.

  39. I just recently bought a GBA original form factor with an IPS V2 screen, USB-C rechargeable battery and an Ez Flash Omega Flashcart and I'm loving it. I had no previous experience with the GBA library and there are some truly excellent games in it.

  40. Me @ 6 years old: playing on a crappy gameboy color with no backlight that's smashed to hell "this is awesome!"
    Me @ 20 years old: Playing pokemon crystal on a high powered gaming pc with perfect visuals "idk man this dithering is making it impossible to play"

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    Nice Channel good Luck 👍🌟🌟👍 stay connected 👍 Big like 👍♥️

  42. L-ONE-X - Video Game Music & Discussions says:

    gameboy pocket was my 1st ever nintendo experience!

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