Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance :: RGB208 / MY LIFE IN GAMING -

Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance :: RGB208 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming
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Getting the Best Picture from your Game Boy, GBC, and GBA Games! In this episode, we examine and compare every piece of official hardware that can play games for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance – the handheld options, as well as the Super Game Boy, Super Game Boy 2, Wide-Boy 64, and Game Boy Player. We also look at Swiss and the Game Boy Interface for the GameCube, the most popular mods, hardware alternatives, and emulation options.


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  1. L-ONE-X - Video Game Music & Discussions says:

    for me, modding aside. the DSLite is the best way to view gba games on the go. I can't tell you how many times i've booted it up just to stare at games! the colours and sharpness is absolutely brilliant

  2. Does anyone know how I can use my GBA player without modding the gamecube with a mod chip and with out game save hack? I can't find the action replay anywhere for a good price.

  3. Aaah just finished playing mega man zero 2 on my modded gba and that music at 32:10❤️

  4. Now we have the IPS displays😊 absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Yes I've a Xeno chipped GameCube, Swiss boot disc for running the GB Player from SD>memory card, I briefly tried the one GBA SMW2 Yoshi's Island cartridge I have with component 480p>VGA on CRT and it was absolutely precious.. even more than the SNES on s-vid just trade-offs with its obvious butchering of the audio man oh man ={

    So I don't know if I need to 240p it, or heck before I load the GB Player I think there's the Swiss options to force display mode why the homebrew app then I think it complicate too much to me? My monitor is a 19" so yeh I don't think the 480p really hurt the GBA output on me end? Mucho eye-melting crisp let me tell you

    I need Everdrive now and play whole goodsets GBA+GBx!

    (I achieving component>VGA with Beharbros' Garo it just won't let me see 480i BIOS heck I don't think can even 240p then, I've other VGA devices that are apparently giving me 480i on this monitor.. some workaround I have no idear..)

  6. I wonder how these options for the gameboy hold up against the NT mini’s extra cores.

  7. New front light screen much more better. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. My sides

  8. What game was that he was playing on the micro @9.50 ish

  9. So I'm guessing this was before the Insurrection Industries Carby was a thing.

  10. "More likely to get your hands on"

    Hell no, the GB player with the disc is ludicrously expensive.

  11. I cant believe the work you guys put in, it honestly brings me to tears you care as much as i do for this art and how its given to the world

  12. Awesome DOCUMENTARY . Very professional work . Thanks . Greetings from Mexico 💯🙂👌🏻🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🍺🥂🥃

  13. The first Nintendo handheld was game and watch

  14. The GB Micro can actually run colors games for sure if you use an EZ-Flash

  15. Hi peoples, does anyone know what the game is at 15.30?

  16. 5:35 “12 years old” ??? U said it came out in 1996 and in 2001 it would be about 5 not 12 so wtf yo

  17. What is the game at 5:04? I remember playing it as a kid but can't remember the name.

  18. Hi I actually have a Lee and it’s so fun I have my aunties uncles do you know Kylian Max and do you know Kelly and Max they played on it and made a character

  19. My wallet is happy with my emulators on laptop, ps classic and stuff xD

  20. Did you Got DOOM (2001) for the GBA

  21. Oh Boy @My Life in Gaming I Should Get Advance Wars for the GBA and the GBA SP!

  22. Is it true the GAMEBOY has a faster processor than the SNES?

  23. I forgot the part were the GB Player itself was region free, I could have obtained a cheaper one than the one I got last 2 weeks but… not a big deal overall anyway.

  24. Considering the US versions of the Action Replay Disc and SD Media Launcher are sold out (no word yet on when stock will return), and they're being sold on eBay at a sick and unfair markup, isn't there any other mod-free way to launch the GBI?

    I regret not picking up anything from Datel when they were still in stock, but there were other things on my mind that kept me from doing so.

  25. RE:GBA *Accurate compatibility with any GB / GBC game EXCEPT Burai Fighter, which has unfinishable bosses due to glitches that make the game un-completeable!

  26. Picked up the GameCube disk complete with sleeve and booklet/case for 80 yesterday.

  27. Thank you all for your Videos, they are awesome. It is so nostalgic for me because i played since the first Game Boy was released. ❤

  28. Hi. tell me where you can buy used gbaSP AGS-101 not expensive?

  29. wats the best way to play gba carts ds lite wanna also play ds games

  30. L-ONE-X - Video Game Music & Discussions says:

    Fun fact: nintendo hand tested every single gb/gbc game on the gba before the gbas release

  31. L-ONE-X - Video Game Music & Discussions says:

    So after approx 3 months of my
    "Funnyplaying IPS V.2"
    I can safely see… by far it is better than the AGS-101.

  32. No back light in 2001?! That’s like having no hdmi port in 2006 and then again in 2011 or releasing a handheld console that has a 240p resolution also in 2011 and then again in 2015 or releasing a main line console not in 4K in 2021!

  33. L-ONE-X - Video Game Music & Discussions says:

    I usually play gamecube on My trinitron CRT which is 240p pal and has RGB Scart.

    Do you think I'll still benefit from the homebrew for GCN?

  34. Hey, I just wanted to know how the game at 9:12 ist called, I was searching for this the whole time, I played it as a child but can’t find it anywhere

  35. I just got done with mine. I have a retro which looks just like it. See them on my YouTube.

  36. Good job! This is a complete documentary of Nintendo oldies consoles.

  37. When slowing down the game makes the can-can sounds like the can-can.

  38. I still have my Super Game Boy. I added a link port to mine with some online help from some dodgy MS Paint schematics when I heard about the Super Game Boy 2 and its link port. It worked mostly, but there were some issues with trading Pokemon sometimes because of the mismatched clock speeds.

    IIRC you can change out the crystal on the SGB1 to fix the clock issue, but I never bothered lol

  39. The revo k101 is hands down the best, except it's a bit slow for games like duke3d and doom and the super mario world 2 black sky issue. Never experienced any other issues aside from those.

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