Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Toys "R" Us Pikachu Console Unboxing [Ultra Rare] -

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Toys “R” Us Pikachu Console Unboxing [Ultra Rare]

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Unboxing rare Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Pikachu Limited Edition handheld console, Venusaur console, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia Edition. Retro gaming. Thanks to Bergsala / Nintendo Finland for the review sample Switch games.
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00:00 Intro
00:21 Bulbasaur console
01:39 Pikachu console
06:12 Pokémon retro games
08:16 Nintendo Switch Lite
10:00 Pokémon Brilliant Diamond
10:41 Pokémon Shining Pearl
11:00 Other Switch games
12:29 Can it run Doom?
13:07 Outro

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  1. I gotta admit but I never thought this was an ASMR channel until I soon started to relax

  2. That pokemon firered and leaffreen complete in box though. Very rare !

  3. I lost my job during this pandemic and i decided to start a channel to keep other strong. Wish me well

  4. Happy new year bro u have best mobile unboxing videos in 2022🙏❤

  5. Hello sir please tell from where did you buy these Gameboy ? I want to buy one . Plz tell sir.

  6. I remember wanting this when it came out. I already had gotten the Red Advance SP though so I wasn't going to ask my parents to get it. They could hardly afford the first one

  7. its a shame its very very hard to find a new sealed boxed gameboy advance games and gameboy color games even pre owned boxed booklet games of gameboy color and advance games its best that nintendo company should make new boxed and booklet remake games for gameboy advance games and colors on the nintendo switch instead of switch online games so I can add more to my collection I live in turkey and sadly I will never get the chance to get some of them

  8. Omg My dream is to have all pokémon games and consoles so epic

  9. These gaming devices are very new to me, xcept switch… I realy enjoy watching it…

  10. If someone knows or can figure out how or where he got this stuff please tell me. Cuz I'd save up like crazy to buy all this stuff

  11. Ну пиздец на год уже забросил канал. Атписка

  12. where did u manage to find this I have been looking for one for a while

  13. hey this is the guy that played zombies

  14. Does anyone remember when this guy started out playing Zombies instead of being an unbox channel???

  15. Still unboxing downgraded consoles that no one plays on anymore Nintendo best gameboy is the Switch that’s the best Nintendo can offer playing on the advance gameboy was a waste it’s more for kids the graphics weren’t better they were weaker it was like the NES graphics the PSP and PS Vita were the best very soon the Steam Deck will be king handheld

  16. I’m 22 now and I can remember desperately wanting this Gameboy as a 6 year old boy. And I can also remember pulling it from my stocking on Christmas morning of 06. I was the happiest kid on the planet! Thanks TheRelaxingEnd for letting me relive that!

  17. Amazing unboxing, and review once again, TRE! 😀 All of these different Pokémon handhelds look fantastic! I think the Game Boy Advance SP (Venusaur Edition) was probably made for the release of Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green Game Boy Advance remakes in 2004 of the original 1996 Red/Green Game Boy games, it's beautiful! The limited GBASP (Pikachu Edition) exclusive to Toys "R" Us (R.I.P.) is probably my favorite one shown here, it's just so cute! <3 Love the Nintendo Switch Lite (Dialga & Palkia Edition) too in celebration of the recent Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl Switch remakes of the original 2006 Diamond/Pearl DS games! Nice to see you got both BD, and SP as well–along with other Switch titles that came out this year such as Mario Party Superstars, Shin Megami Tensei V, and Big Brain Academy: Brain VS Brain–now you're truly ready to experience Pokémon Generation 4! 😉 Glad that Doom (GBA) can be played on the Pokémon GBASP handhelds! XD Enjoy them! Happy New Year! See you in 2022! <3 (And yeah, I'm a fan of Pokémon too!)

  18. Starting the first day of the New Year with Relaxing End's video is the best 🥺✨❤


  20. Tặng miễn phí cho em con ps4 được ko anh

  21. Such a shame opening that pikachu box that’s gunna be worth a lot in. Few years time.

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