Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Toys "R" Us Pikachu Console Unboxing [Ultra Rare] -

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Toys “R” Us Pikachu Console Unboxing [Ultra Rare]

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Unboxing rare Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Pikachu Limited Edition handheld console, Venusaur console, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia Edition. Retro gaming. Thanks to Bergsala / Nintendo Finland for the review sample Switch games.
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00:00 Intro
00:21 Bulbasaur console
01:39 Pikachu console
06:12 Pokémon retro games
08:16 Nintendo Switch Lite
10:00 Pokémon Brilliant Diamond
10:41 Pokémon Shining Pearl
11:00 Other Switch games
12:29 Can it run Doom?
13:07 Outro

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  1. "Free with paid subscription" – NINTENDO (c)

  2. 6:09 yes the person who has played games like cod vanguard, resident evil village thinks that it is an awesome console

  3. I like Pokemon 😍 but i am not rich buy it 😭 i want it

  4. I ended up breaking my headset idk when I would receive a new one …… feels relaxing without headsets too great work

  5. pokemon yellow is still my fav to this day and im a 31 year old father.

  6. I have an all black one but I never have gotta a chance to see it on because I don’t have a charger for it, and to find one is very hard

  7. How do you even get that money from bro to buy those things

  8. Collectors out there watching this video with tears in their eyes

  9. So many big useless packages for the switch games… Why Nintendo sent them separately lol

  10. Omg i never knew they did a venasaur sp the colours for it are stunning

  11. and gen zers probably don't even know what this is lol

  12. I remember this Gameboy Advance sp I seen this multiple times at the store never brought it instead I brought the light blue version instead.

  13. I like how he took so long to setup something so small

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  15. If you still have that Pikachu 2DS XL, you could’ve put it side by side with the Pikachu GBA SP.

  16. Does the manual actually say to not play under a blanket?? 0:57


  17. Nintendo came a long way. Watching the unboxing of the Game Boy brings back memories. I remember having the Silver one.

  18. So nostalgic watching this old rare consoles.

  19. Please nintendo, re-launch game boy advance and GBA games

  20. En su casa seguro debe tener como 1 millon de consolas xD.

  21. Those handhelds are probably more powerful than that "GS5" you bought not too long ago.

  22. man, i've been your subscriber for a long time and i've watched all your videos with the same desire for a console like this one, but i don't have enough money to buy it, could you give me one

  23. Like Japan gets all cool stuff in boxes and all of EU and us gets all the basic crap, but I like some of the art work for the advertisements.

  24. I still have one of these from TOYS R US in the box

  25. i literally have this gameboy sitting right beside me-

  26. My cousins had this game it when I was a kid they had two of them

  27. Can u play the new matrix on the 2022 pc

  28. 2021: Me playin Doom on the go.
    2001: Me playin Doom on the go.

  29. I still have mine, the power switch is a bit finicky but otherwise it works just fine

  30. Brother please send me a ipad pro I am from India state Manipur address lilong mayai leikai I am a poor please send me I pad pro pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee😭😭🤲🏻i am muslim

  31. My childhood memories this is first device before I change another platform,oh I so really miss this time

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