Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Restoration -

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Restoration

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Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Restoration – In this video I’m taking a broken Game Boy and making it look new again. The Game Boy Advance SP (special) was released in 2003 and this one is in pretty bad shape. To restore it I replace the battery, replace the case, clean up the liquid damage and dust from the motherboard, and replace the top screen protector.

Links to Restoration Parts and Tools (affiliate links):
👉 iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit: Amazon (paid link)
👉 Game Boy Advance SP Replacement Shell: Amazon (paid link)
👉 Game Boy Advance SP Battery: Amazon (paid link)
👉 99% IPA: Amazon (paid link)

►Tools & Parts I Use (affiliate link):
►TronicsFix Game Console Repair Forum:
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Tools I Use (affiliate links):
-Protech Toolkit: Amazon (paid link)
-Torx Security T8: Amazon (paid link)
-PH00 Phillips: Amazon (paid link)
-Tweezer Set: Amazon (paid link)
-Electric Screwdriver: Amazon (paid link)
-Thermal Paste: Amazon (paid link)
-Canned Air: Amazon (paid link)

Equipment Used (affiliate links):
-Hakko Hot Air Station: Amazon (paid link)
-Nozzle for hot air station: Amazon (paid link)
-Hakko Soldering Station: Amazon (paid link)
-Hakko Air Filter: Amazon (paid link)
-Microscope: Amazon (paid link)
-Kester Solder: Amazon (paid link)

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About This Video: I’m restoring a thrashed Game Boy Advance SP in this video to “like new” condition. That means a new case, new screen protector, new battery, and cleaning out off the motherboard. And, of course, making sure everything works when I’m done. It’s so satisfying to take old gaming equipment and make it look new again.

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  1. I have a pink gba sp with a busted case. I'm now off to ebay to see if I can find a non functioning donor as I'm feeling inspired.

  2. Although my gameboy looks WAY WORSE than this, this tutorial was still helpful for a first-time teardown. Thank you!

  3. Man tronic makes it look so easy.

    Sigh, I think I messed the ribbon cable when trying to my black sp back together. Spent like 10 mins trying to line them up and now it won't turn on.

    Words of wisdom, don't rush and get the right tools.

  4. Man watching this inspires me to learn more about this stuff. I have ADHD and always felt like I can’t memorize things sometimes I feel ignorant but I think I can do this. Hopefully.

  5. Did anyone elses screen film replacement not have a sticker on the outward facing side? Mine arrived all scratched and only the side with the glue had a sticker to peel

  6. Jesus, the GBA SP was so ahead of its time. Look at how small and compact that motherboard is.

  7. When I plugged for charging the light indicated red color and after an hour when I want open it's not opening and not indicate green light.. What to do plz tell me

  8. How did you put the hinges back in‼️ Im struggling and had to break my old case just to get them out.

  9. And now you can sell it s NOS or a Very Gently Hardly Used Unit, Like New.

  10. was hoping you were gonne restore the original, not put a fake SP around a real motherboard

  11. I want to restore the plastic case on the outside, not replace it. Has anyone found something like that?

  12. The replacement lens is the only piece I’ve found that’s halway quality. IMO there is no comparison in new hinges/shells/buttons. I’ll take a scratched up original shell and buttons any day over a repro! New hinges are sometimes a must however, in the event your originals are toast.

  13. thank you for the endlessly entertaining and informative vids, tanks to you,i now own a ifixit kit and successfully restored my childhood gba sp and the faulty sound that lead me to look here. newer old school toothbrush for those soft bristles or something similar, Q tips, and iso… cant get easier or more fun

  14. Mine doesn’t start😭 it gets stuck at the initial screen “gameboy” it doesn’t even say “Nintendo” under the gameboy, anybody knows why?

  15. Do you have suggestions on a brand of replacement case for a DS Lite ? I have a Pink one with a broke hinge I picked up for 3 bucks @ a yard sale and I am looking to replace the case and let my son have it.

  16. I love it, because with these old devices you could do anything by yourself, cleaning, opening ect. With new devices you must send them to some experts and pay alot of money. Its like with older cars vs. newer cars!!

  17. Whey didn't you did a screen, speakers and battery upgrade like a lot do if they are already restoring?

  18. i need help with a gameboy sp , i my case it "work" but it's very dark image i found in internte its the backlight, ok but i can't find if the backlight is a cpu problem or a screen problem could u help me with that i want to restore it gonna buy the broken part and a new case for it thank you

  19. Maybe you can give old devices some upgrades? I dont know if it works, but maybe you know.

  20. I just bought an AGS-101 model and I am not sure if it is the slightly swollen battery or the charging port, but the red light comes on when I plug it in and then it almost immediately goes off.

    Since I don't have the tools, who should I look for in my area that can repair the board connections? There looks to be one pin not quite right on the port attachment to the board. Thanks.

  21. How did you get the new cace for it. Mine needs a fix

  22. I'm wondering if u can use very high grit sand paper then polish the screen to take out any damage

  23. Ik I have one of these somewhere, hopefully I can find it, I have no clue how bad of a shape it would be in lol, I miss it

  24. I been looking at a game boy like this on eBay

  25. Sp stands for small pocket due to its small form factor when closed

  26. How easy/hard is this for someone who’s never done one of these before? All the parts are dirt cheap, and I have an old one that’s seen better days, and was wondering if I could do it myself

  27. I have Gameboy advance sp. Need repairs. Please tell me how to contact to company for repair?

  28. hey question for you. I just got a GBA SP, and it keeps resetting and i just had it reset and act as if the cartridge wasnt in, so i pulled it out and cleaned the cartridge, put it back in, and the game had deleted the save data. Any ideas why this would happen and how i could fix it?

  29. I have broken gbasp. I really want to know how to fix it but have no idea whatsoever lol

  30. entertaining to watch but not a restoration more a clean and new body

  31. holy cow 75 bucks for a tool kit thats pretty pricy.

  32. Is there a good way to buff out light scratches from a gameboy advance sp shell?

  33. Nice video but how do you fix the case? It looks brand new do you use a spare one from another device?

  34. Man… hearing a console cost $99.00 in today's day is wild.

  35. Is that the plastic screen that comes with the new shell, or did you find a new glass screen somewhere?

  36. some people like to use brand new IPS screens, brand new shells, and stuff like that, if i were to restore one of these, (which i have an AGS-101 right beside me right now) i'd use a slightly scratched shell, because completely unscratched ones look wrong in my opinion

  37. We actually do have one of these at home here in Ohio. And it still works yet!

  38. How is it a restoration of you replace the shell of the gba sp?

  39. Thanks for the help! Just finished refurbishing an old SP and now it's good as new. I'm sure I'll be back here when I get a new, better screen for it!

  40. I have gameboy avance sp half of the screen black what cost that?

  41. What do you think of this style of video? I was going for relaxing so I hope that comes through and you enjoyed just sitting back and relaxing for a bit.

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