Nintendo DS Game Boy Slot -

Nintendo DS Game Boy Slot

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  1. See this as a revenge from the time Matt made Napoleon spend money on a wii that is unable to play gamecube games

  2. Plot twist: napoleon was actually stu in disguise

  3. The Gameboy Advanced can play Gameboy Color games.

  4. Matt is going to super smash Napoleon’s face for that

  5. Bro Matt it’s only for game boy advance games to get in the DS😂😂😂😂

  6. Hi , I really think that you did a good job .

  7. Napoleon is named Napoleon for a reason he knew this and planned a devious move and got the game boy games for free 🤑🤑🤑

  8. Man he really should have to trade it in the Gameboy advance

  9. Just trade the game boy and keep the game boy advance that can play game boy advance games, and a boy games

  10. I have DS Lite, but i have to say that I enjoy GBA games more. I felt in love with Yoshi's island 3(I have it on cartridge). Its hard, but great.

    Even if I play good games on ds, gba has better platform games. New Super Mario Bros or Kirby are good, but not the Best.

    3D Games are better on PSP.

    I bought Ds lite with some DS and GBA games and R4 card and it was my first time with this console, so "Nostalgia" is not there..

  11. I thought that game boy games fit but didn't stay in very well…

  12. please for the love of god, stop screaming and get a better mic …this just wants me to skip past your videos even faster

  13. It fitted the ruby Pokémon game and ones like that from the game boy lite or something

  14. nintendo ds only workes with gameboy advance slot not GB slot

  15. Matt then once said: I’m gonna trade you in napoleon

  16. His friend just stolen his game or he have to buy them now

  17. I don't understand the point behind these shorts. Why do I continue watching this.

  18. Nah Napoleon got to pay for those to make up for this 🤣

  19. Can’t stand this dudes annoying acting voice he does. Bro just talk normal. You sound like a whiny bratty kid. I get it’s the part but it’s so repetitive and annoying i honestly had to unsub lmao 😂

  20. Napoleon clearly screwed him over on purpose game boy ADVANCE

  21. You can play game Boy games on the DS side 😊

  22. I would have said wait I can trade that in too

  23. Source:"Trust me bro" is risky I better use Google 😢😅

  24. Napoleon playing Solar Striker, nice, i love that game

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