Nintendo DS and The Weirdest Game Boy Nintendo ALMOST Made -

Nintendo DS and The Weirdest Game Boy Nintendo ALMOST Made

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The Game Boy brand disappeared not with a bang, but with a whimper. This is the story of a group of engineers that were meant to deliver the last Game Boy and how it got killed by something none of them saw coming.

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Retro Lazer Magazine #1 – #3. Original Interview by Florent Gorges


Translation and Research: f4mi
Writing: f4mi, LowSpecAlex
Audio Editing: Susmit Gupta
Voice over: LowSpecAlex
Editing: Zave Davey, LowSpecAlex
3D animation: Windy
Art: Maiku no Koe
Spanish Translation and Audio editing: Henrique von Buren

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Music by Epidemic Sound:
Stock Footage from Getty


  1. the crisis at nintendo part where the dramatic music switches to one ear as you say half was genius.

  2. been waiting for more 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Finally a Nintendo story that happened after I was born 😂 or rather "that I can remember because I understood vaguely what that thing is"

  4. Desde siempre me encanta tu canal y justo cuando me ha dado obsesión con el lore de Nintendo no dejas de traer nuevas historias. Mil gracias y enhorabuena por este nuevo rumbo!

  5. I really appreciate your concern about these devices cause you brought back our childhood memories to live and I appreciate that effort you exert in these researches.
    Thanks man and keep going😉❤

  6. "Hiroshi F$%&" Yamauchi" had me in stitches. Good work!

  7. Please stop this 🙁
    Do more low spec content

  8. I wonder if they were uncertain how the market would respond to the PSP, and they didn't name it Gameboy because 1. It was kind of an experiment, they weren't sure if it would flop and didn't want to taint the brand, 2. The Gameboy brand was for pokemon and kids, vs the unknown PSP, thus they wanted to have a non-childish competitor as well, 3. It was OK to tank the DS unlike the Gameboy as it was just to mess with PSP, 4. The weirdness would mess with Sony's internal perception of the market, 5. The more polished next thing already in dev would be the non-experiment Gameboy (they literally had 2 very different projects, so they could afford to have 2 names), 6. you don't want to "replace" something new immediately (abandoning your consumer), but it is OK to suppliment it with something newer.

  9. Great video. Would love to see similar videos on sony and Microsoft systems too if possible.

  10. I was never a fan of the vertical format of the GB.

    The DS and similar controller layouts feel much better to me.

  11. Was the last two minutes of the video a reference to Evangelion?

  12. I was quite disappointed by the NDS release. It had two screens, but these two screens combined were smaller than a single PSP screen. Some of the greatest PSP games, like Need for speed were terrible on the DS. And the DS did not have an MP3/MP4 player built in, which i expected for it to have, at least MP3. On the other side, the DS console was more affordable and better for younger audiences. But the DS games were overpriced in Europe. Most of them, even basic titles were selling for 40€.

  13. I love how Nintendo's highest selling product was based off the insane, knee-jerk demands of old man Hiroshi.

  14. Plz do it, Low spec in My summer car plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Interesting, didn't know some of those things. I like your new content.

  16. I loved the DS. It's easily one of my favourite consoles of all time. Up there with Dreamcast, Game Boy and N64. It's such a shame that a vast and diverse library of games faces being totally forgotten outside of emulation.

  17. the switch shouldve been branded as a gameboy

  18. I'm still surprised that the glassless 3D of the 3D never took of. Yes the screen was awful but I would've thought other branches like phones would improve upon it and such.

  19. Hell yeah man, keep up the great content 🤘

  20. The DS was the start to my own passion for gaming. It didn't matter that it couldn't handle intensive graphics, or that the speakers were bad, or that it eventually degraded to having the top screen turn off if the hinge was slightly off angle. It played Pokemon, Elite Beat Agents, Luminous Arc, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and more. I remember bringing said DS to my brothers baseball games, getting into the Giratina encounter and just leaving it in it because I loved the music for that encounter.

    I have so many fond memories from that device. I never felt it was underpowered, or that the graphics were lacking. The DS is a portable console I could go back to and still enjoy to this day. It keeps me in the mindset that graphical power only matters as much as it improves the experience. I still have my old DS on my desk, it doesn't turn on anymore (I decided to wash it as a kid because I spilt some of my ice block on it.). But I don't think I'll ever throw it out.

    Thanks for expanding on the history behind it. Will have to grab that Nebula bundle soon (Payday ain't today I'm afraid), and continue learning.

    Your content is absolutely amazing. Your passion is evident and I had a great time 😀

  21. I've been binging these Lore videos this past week and i love the content so much!

  22. Thanks for another banger, Lowspec! ♥️

  23. I don't if I made this comment before :

    >I'm not doing low spec anymore.
    > Proceeds to continue lowspec in a different direction.

  24. This book that you're using in the videos. Is it only available in Spanish or is it in English as well? It seems cool.

  25. nobody wants to pay for something they can get for free, please stop trying to shell this really poor excuse for a streaming service. if i really want to learn something id go to skill share or just load up a proven youtubers how to.

  26. The touch screen aspect didn't add much for me. Growing up on the gameboy color, a menu you navigate with the d pad was more convenient. Any time you have to move your hand position is a bad choice in design. The psp was a better device for the button layout, storage method, and screen size/resolution. Nintendo has always been a company that develops great games, then forces you to play it on lower cost systems. If they focused on console improvements and released anything that had their exclusive games, everyone would have still loved it.

  27. You didn't lie, it is a good fucking video.

  28. I never understood neither liked the DS.

  29. Love these videos, but it would be very much appreciated if you were to cite your sources in the description (either with timestamps, or just by showing a corresponding number on screen, IEEE style).

  30. OMG This is too good whay didn't you do this earlier Don't get discouraged by the views it takes time to get new audiance but it's all good the world gets out

  31. Those comic sections are freaking golden, keep up the good work and please have a minute long loop of Hiroshi Fucking Yamauchi with the sound it had here.

  32. I was enjoying and video and would say that the only flaw was that it ended too soon, then you went and said that there would be more on Nebula and started the advertisement to it and I've got sad!
    That's how good channels get forgotten! They start moving away from YouTube, people like the content but not enough to afford it and it goes with the wind.
    I still remember the days when Classic Game Room were a thing, I used to love their videos.

  33. I'm sorry I'll have to be the guy, but: "pilars"…

    Great vid, had no idea of the Iris.

  34. Your videos have gotten so good I watch them in full screen and do nothing else when I watch. Well, I do stop to make comments like this one…

  35. I mean the Switch is kinda the true successor to the Gameboy? By swallowing the Wii, Gameboy, DS into one console

  36. oh god i could see the game boy iris being completely slaughtered by the iphone.


  38. That was a Gameboy Advance …SP. Respect the SP

  39. I'm not really interested is this topic.
    Can i leave?

  40. You’re voice acting was the cherry on the top.

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