Nintendo DS and The Weirdest Game Boy Nintendo ALMOST Made -

Nintendo DS and The Weirdest Game Boy Nintendo ALMOST Made

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The Game Boy brand disappeared not with a bang, but with a whimper. This is the story of a group of engineers that were meant to deliver the last Game Boy and how it got killed by something none of them saw coming.

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Retro Lazer Magazine #1 – #3. Original Interview by Florent Gorges


Translation and Research: f4mi
Writing: f4mi, LowSpecAlex
Audio Editing: Susmit Gupta
Voice over: LowSpecAlex
Editing: Zave Davey, LowSpecAlex
3D animation: Windy
Art: Maiku no Koe
Spanish Translation and Audio editing: Henrique von Buren

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Music by Epidemic Sound:
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  1. The ds is insane to look at now but it was awesome at the time

  2. This new content type is awesome. Keep it up 😁👍🏽

  3. You are calling it LowSpecLore, then why didn't you change the channel name and thumbnails after that announcement??

  4. "Hiroshi F$%&?# Yamauchi" that made me laugh so much lmfaoo.

  5. – Nintendo DS = Nintendo Dual Screen
    – why ? we are Nintendo! make it!
    – soo Game and Watch >>> to Game and Watch and Touch!
    – XD

  6. Wait wait wait no Gameboy Advance video? Gameboy Advance SP? Please tell me you're going to talk about those!

  7. I just had a thought. Just now. Nintendo selling so many switches, it's because there is no game boy. You don't get a choice and you'll like it. Because Nintendo. They get a pass. Call it what you will, for the reasons you want, but many other companies had some similar world be roasted.

  8. SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls says:

    The Analogue Pocket. ☝🏿

  9. Geez this video is so well made! Just love it!!! Well done lowspecG!♥️♥️♥️😁😁

  10. This night, among many things, I dreamth that there was, in a tech store, a retro console.
    This console was a controller, cheap looking, that resembled the GameCube's one. It was silver grey and it had black texts on it, and beneath the controller, where the audio jack goes in more modern systems, there was a purple thingy that wrapped into the back of the controller and from which a single cable came out and connected to a CRT TV. The writing on it was "GameCube".

    I dreams of a portable GameCube console with conposite output that may worked on batteries, it was incredible to see!

  11. are you going to try downgrading the god of war pc for lowspec ?

  12. buen videaso bro, yo tengo justamente las 2 game boy del segundo 1

  13. I have so many fond memories with the DS family. I literally grew up playing with DS’s. I’ve always been playing video games as a kid. But the DS sparked my love for video games as a whole. It sucks that my OG DS is broken.

  14. They didn't lie. As switch ditched the ds functionality and returned to be a handheld with 1 screen. So a successor to GBA did came out. It just took him some time

  15. GOD OF WAR pc is out…time to do some low specking bro , the lazy developers forgot to optimize the game for pc.

  16. DS doesn't mean Developer's System or Dual Screen,
    It means….

    Dominating Sales.

  17. I'm surprised DS was the last of Yamauchi crazy idea just to screw Sony in the portable market.

  18. I personally think the DS was hot garbage. I found that being forced to used the stylus when I just wanted to use the D-pad that was already there to be awkward and annoying. About the only good thing from that line up was the 3DS which was soon made obsolete by the NEW 3DS. I think it was just a 3DS with C-stick. Whatever. It didn't last long. I enjoyed the 3D, but I guess it wasn't popular. No figure. I think Nintendo's biggest mistake was to leave behind consoles for under powered handhelds. I'm sure it will eventually kill the company. Being able to plug your handheld into a TV doesn't make it a console just has plugging your phone into your TV doesn't. I know a lot of people who can't afford the Switch and games, like myself. Why bother when consoles offer way more power at cheaper game prices? Of course, I grew up with Nintendo, so I just ended up just retiring from video games. My eyes don't work well with portable screens for long period of time either. I can't even read a book for too long without it screwing up my vision, so I just end up playing old games on my TV or not at all. If I had kids, I wouldn't pay out the high game prices Nintendo wants for their trash systems. I mean, kids gotta have a phone anymore, and one handheld device is of high value is good enough. If I was a kid today, my father would laugh in my face if I wanted a phone.

  19. Iphone / Apple killed the Gameboy brand!? The plot tickens…

  20. Your self-sketches are really entertaining 😂👌

  21. 7:30 NO WAYYYY!! NO WAY!
    This makes me "even more angry"!
    There's a little famous story in a small circle of my god accursed country about the launch of the PSP and DS. There was a games website that was popular at the time, it's one of the oldest in the country I think (it's still around mostly for the forum). The owner had a weekly column where he answered questions from the readers. When asked about this opinion about the DS's reveal he infamously wrote: "the wrong console at the wrong time".
    He was mocked by that phrase for over a decade, and "who can blame him"? If what you say in this video is true not even Nintendo had the device ready yet and alarmed by Sony simple had to go with that and pray while they worked on the "Gameboy Advance successor". Isn't a surprise that so many were so skeptical.

  22. I still hate that they killed the Gameboy
    🙁 .. Nintendo DS comm on! No! I'm still salty that Gameboy got killed

  23. This channel is now sponsored by Nintendo

  24. Can you do how to make windows 8.1 really super light because im using windows 8.1 operating system and all guide videos but there all the same but after i watch your video on how to make windows 10 super light i quickly finding your tutorial in windows 8.1 but i cant find it can you do a guide video

  25. Can you make a God Of War 4 Low Spec Gamer?

  26. BSIT 1238 - Cañete Aaron Gabriel, P. says:

    Mr.LowSpecGamer can you do some way or tweaks on the game GodOfWar? I am looking forward for this video.

  27. Yeah, the whole DS thing was like "well, if it's a flop like Virtual Boy, then we'll always just go back and continue with GameBoy".
    2004-2005 was a weird time. The GBA was getting some of the very best games ever – Zelda Minish Cap, WarioWare Twisted, Megaman Zero 4, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Final Fantasy IV Advance and many more. The DS wasn't even needed yet.

  28. I suppose they weren't wrong about there eventually being a true game boy successor. It just took them 13 years.

  29. LET'S EFFING GO!! WOO NEW VIDEO! Keep it up man!

  30. A slideable screen? Capable of multi media options? Digital downloads of games right onto the device? …they were making the PSP GO before Sony did XD

  31. the production of these videos is so good your artist is amazing!

  32. Broooo its time for you to do your magic to God of War!!😅😂

  33. Great production value in this one. You are also evolving as a storyteller. Love it

  34. 7:00, pff. Ask Bil Herd and other former Commodore Engineers about short engineering times till CES. The Commodore 128 for example was done in about five months. The venerable Commodore 64 was made in a similar timeframe, hacked together from the MAX and the VIC20. 😂

  35. The production value on these is amazing. It's a shame you're getting this little views. Please keep this up, you'll win a new audience back, been here for years and will keep supporting you, even if i cannot do it monetarily 🙏

  36. the gameboy advance you showed is actually the advance sp. the og advance looked like the bottom part of the ds without the top hinged screen

  37. you said that if you dont find a video good, to comment it.
    well, this video isn't good, its great! need to catch up on your videos as Uni got me behind.

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