Nintendo DS and The Weirdest Game Boy Nintendo ALMOST Made -

Nintendo DS and The Weirdest Game Boy Nintendo ALMOST Made

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The Game Boy brand disappeared not with a bang, but with a whimper. This is the story of a group of engineers that were meant to deliver the last Game Boy and how it got killed by something none of them saw coming.

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Retro Lazer Magazine #1 – #3. Original Interview by Florent Gorges


Translation and Research: f4mi
Writing: f4mi, LowSpecAlex
Audio Editing: Susmit Gupta
Voice over: LowSpecAlex
Editing: Zave Davey, LowSpecAlex
3D animation: Windy
Art: Maiku no Koe
Spanish Translation and Audio editing: Henrique von Buren

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Music by Epidemic Sound:
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  1. you said that if you dont find a video good, to comment it.
    well, this video isn't good, its great! need to catch up on your videos as Uni got me behind.

  2. Given Nintendo's tendencies, I predict the successor to the Nintendo switch will have a flexible screen developed by Samsung

  3. "do the fucking second screen" comic is hilarious

  4. technically retro console are low spec gaming so I don't see any issue with how the channel going. 10/10 will support.

  5. Um are you planning to check out God of war. It would be interesting.

  6. hello low spec gamer I wanted to ask if I could do something with the god of war 4 that came out on pc for a few days is that I want to play it even if it looks a bit horrible and you are the only one I know who can make it possible

  7. Dude… there's is a 3 to 4 years gap between of the Nintendo DS and the iPhone… and the App Store came time later. By the time the App Store released… the Nintendo DSi was already in the stores and the DS brand was HUGE. The iPhone didn't killed the Game Boy brand… Nintendo with the DS did it. The DSiWare is EXACTLY what you mentioned about "the store" with "downloadable content". Nintendo couldn't came up with the DSi and DSiWear in a few months to counter the iPhone. Gaming was BARELY a thing in the iPhone back then… you had the most basic games ever made.

  8. Oh, so you paywalled the part of the video that people actually wanted to see?

  9. Since god of war came out on pc could you make a video about it for low spec computers?

  10. Wait wait wait…

    The DS was launched on November 2004, the iphone was announces on january 2007…

    That makes the timeline of the video now match

  11. I came for the thumbnail thinking you'll really show a device we didn't know…. reported

  12. The tmobile g1 came out in 2008, yet you showed it as if it inspired the original ds which came out in 2004.

  13. You said "nebula" a lot of times and I still had no idea what you were saying… "nibblea"? Neb-YOU-la.

  14. Dude how did you get the xeon microcode modified in your trashtop xeon? please help me i tried modifying it usin cbrom195 and now my pc doesnt boot into windows, just preparing automatic repair. Please help me? thanks

  15. I think retro gaming is slowly getting more and more popular, so this will probably turn out to be a good decision for the channel. I know I've recently gotten obsessed.

  16. Hi do you have any recommendations for my pc. My pc spec is Ryzen 3 2200g with 8gb memory, 120gb SSD and 4gb 1050 video card cuz I'm getting hard to find games this days🤔I hope you notice me☺️

  17. It makes sense, more and more people either can't or won't play on a TV. The Switch was the solution to do both!

  18. In your intro that wasn't a Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance is the long weird shaped Gameboy, what you mislabled as the Gameboy Advance was The Gameboy Advance SP.

  19. Hi low spec! Can you please make a video on how to run saints row the third remastered on low end pc?

  20. The 'crisis at nintendo' bit with the instant music change and then the change to it coming out of the left channel only was gold editing, thank you

  21. I want a dock add on that let's me play gameboy games on the Nintendo switch!

  22. Why you deleted your old videos? Please make reupload!

  23. lowspecgamer, please make a dota 2 guide, they recently switched to dx11 only and a lot of lowspec gamers are struggling with it including me, help us.

  24. Nebula doesn’t show what videos I have watched, and without comments it’s a bit… sterile? Enjoying your content, though! 🙂

  25. Why did u delete pubg and csgo optimization? 😥

  26. Would you like to make a new video about vr glasses using an athlon 3000g but now playing flat screen games using Depth3D VR and comparing their performance without Depth3D VR and with it active?

  27. Bruh. Seeing that G1 again. Takes me back to my highschool days

  28. 0:29 New experiences and a wider demographic is what my heart and soul would say about Nintendo. I'm definitely a prosumer, bleeding edge tech etc and Nintendo has never even been competitive as far as digital horsepower on any of their products in my lifetime, but they still manage to be competitive. It's their innovation

  29. I'm a little confused by the use of certain clips in this video. There's that one of the T-Mobile G-1… I'm not sure why it's relevant? The T-Mobile G1 came out in October, 2008, almost exactly 4 years after the DS came out in the US. The clip is used several times throughout for seemingly no reason. The point you were trying to make on its first showing was that they wanted to take inspiration from phones at the time, but why post that one in particular, again coming out 4 years after the DS first launched?

    And you put a clip of Kaz Hirai holding up a PSP at an E3 press conference, saying emphatically, "Riiiidge racer!." That's from their most infamous E3 conference, E3 2006. But you're using it in a part that's supposed to be illustrating how the PSP's reveal is what kicked Nintendo into overdrive for planning their next handheld. You got the first clip right, from E3 2004. But the one you followed it up with, the Ridge Racer one, was at E3 2006, which happened in June 2006, whereas the PSP was released in Japan in November 2004, US in March 2005. That clip came way after both the DS and PSP released, so I feel like there is no relevance to its use in that portion of the video.

    The third clip that's wonky for me is the iPhone reveal. That was 2007, even further past the release of both the PSP and DS. Maybe it's just poorly worded, but that part of the video, you were talking about how the DS was in a true prototype phase, and during that period they were going to be pushing forward development of the new Game Boy. But that development stopped when the iPhone was announced? That doesn't make any sense. The connection nor the timing.

    If the iPhone's announcement inspired anything, it's probably the DSi, as that had an app store of its own. That would make more sense in a timeline.

    Reading up on Project Iris on my own, it sounds like its planning predated the DS and those parts and philosophies were then repackaged into the DS. I'm not reading anywhere that it was something they were planning on pursuing when the DS was already flying high.

    I think this is an entertaining video, but the layout is confusing, the video clips you're using are bizarre, and I just don't think your information is accurate at all. It feels like you are trying to form a story first, facts second. I could be wrong, maybe it's just the way your video is being presented that's leading me to these confusions. But it is bizarre how much information is being presented inaccurately or irrelevantly. These timelines you're mentioning don't make any sense.

  30. Please do ac black flag on Intel HD 4000
    I really want it to play
    No matter what resolution I have to use.

  31. Make a dying light 2 video! PLEASE LOWSPECGAMER COME BACK!!!! I NEED YOU

  32. This is not accurate. The order of events is shuffled to make the story more xensationalistic. Which would be ok as long as there was a disclaimer saying the video is purely for entertainment purposes. 😉

  33. Dying light 2 low end pc pleeeeease optimizated

  34. I love you, but you have failed the moment you abandoned the core element of this channel. I'm sorry but it's the truth. (It's also true that people now don't care about low end gaming and everyone is somehow happy to pay anything to game at RTX and stuff. The big companies killed the low end market.) So maybe you're right.

  35. Hey LowSpecGamer, is it possible for you to cover Sloclap's beat 'em up game "Sifu", The game runs well in the prologue, 2nd level and 3rd level, but there is too much stuttering on the rest of the levels. also thx for what u are doing.

  36. Hey man, any tricks to increase performance on dying light 2. My 970 is bleeding

  37. Make a video on project renegade and exagear ←(>▽<)ノ←(>▽<)ノ←(>▽<)ノ←(>▽<)ノ

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  39. please optimize cod warzone for mid-end pc
    I have i5 3470
    8GB ram
    gtx 950 2GB oc
    how can I get more fps at 1336×768?

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