New GAME BOY GAMES Reviewed - 3 physical releases! -

New GAME BOY GAMES Reviewed – 3 physical releases!

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Let’s take a look at three new Game Boy / Game Boy Color games: Dimeo’s Jukebox, Quest Arrest & Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe
Dimeo’s Jukebox:
Quest Arrest:
Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe:



My Video Gear & Equipment:
Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder :
Rode Shotgun microphone :
Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) :
STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
Headphones: Meze 99 Classics:

Computer: Apple iMac 27″ w/ Final Cut Pro X :
Elgato HD Game capture devices :

Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and Ethan Meixsell


  1. Jason, had you heard about the guy that is porting Atomiswave games to the Dreamcast?

  2. Ok Metal Jesus your a good influence lol
    I want to buy a GB now
    New Game Boy games for 2020 👍

  3. You know what’s crazy? That people still release games for a console that’s 31 years old.
    Including full box set.

  4. Why would the American dollar go way further in Canada? They are totally different currencies. Or am I missing something?

  5. Says he needs to blur out some things. The 2nd blur missed its mark.

  6. i love to see retro consoles getting new games, i just wish that i knew a site where that is categorized, so you can search for exclusively Homebrew games.

  7. Man, just seeing those boxes takes me right back to a kid again, browsing through them on store shelves. Can't believe people are still making them.

  8. Was playing Gameboy games on the pocket go today, once you put the screen setting on full screen it's quite good, and I think it keeps a fairly accurate ratio of how the games are meant to look. Tbh the pocket go isn't that good overall, but is ok for classic GB games👍

  9. More games that I can pop in once, play for 5 minutes then put on the shelf never to be touched again. Oh yes, just my type of jam!!👍🏼

  10. Remember when MJR went to, oregon I believe, and told us due to no Friday video we'd be getting more videos in the weeks to come? He made it sound as if we'd be getting more than the usual 1 or 2 that are uploaded…we've still only got 1 a week. I don't mean to bitch and moan but with the pandy going on these videos are one of the few things I look forward to. @Metaljesusrocks MORE PICKUPS WITH REG!

  11. wow that is so cool, can he also make rare games? 3 more games for the everdrive

  12. Can these guys put nes games or roms onto a cartridge?? I need the south park gbc game and resident evil and nightmare on elm street nes
    Or just dope roms haks or homebrews on cartridge would be amazing

  13. As AVGN would say, these games look like ass!!!

  14. How are they still making gba games. And fuckin why. I understand DS

  15. Quest Arrest has been approved by Ice-T and Body Count!

  16. So cool, the game with the bad words was made in gbstudio!

  17. Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe is a fantastic game <3 and the music in the game is awesome 🙂

  18. I just bought Quest Arrest based on watching 5 min of the video.
    Now I gotta buy a Gameboy haha

  19. Everyone should give a chance to play Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe, the music and its graphics are very good, the gameplay is entertaining despite being simple since every time you lose you can always repeat until you reach the top of the level. It's definitely worth it and it's the best.
    The game is not new, in fact there is a version before this one that is called the same only without the adjective deluxe, it was released a year ago

  20. Honestly, how fun is this?! It's simply just a great time to be a gamer

  21. Pretty neat games, especially the chiptune one.

  22. lol.. 10/10 image blur. games look fun tho, might have to give them a shot

  23. Very cool. So glad to see new gameboy games with manuals no less

  24. Congrats MJR on 800k! I've been here since 20k. Your videos are oddly perfect in pair with morning coffee lol

  25. So cool to see games and music being developed for the retro Game Boy console. I can't wait to play my copy of Quest Arrest!

  26. thats so cool, i wish they where guys like those to make games on game cube

  27. Oh i want them 🙂
    Interesting that they put the Gameboy Logo on the Package, many don't.
    And give Icy Tower more love, it was the first one.

  28. Gameboy games always have a soft spot in my heart.

  29. Ah! new game boy games how awesome!!!!

  30. I would have 2 be doing life in prison to have interest in playing any of these games

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