NEW Game Boy Games Are Releasing In 2021 -

NEW Game Boy Games Are Releasing In 2021

Retro Rebound
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The Game Boy Color released in 1998 and served as a definitive piece of handheld hardware. In 2001, the Game Boy Advance arrives and evolves what handheld gaming could do. Since then, many handhelds have come and go, but one thing has remained. New Game Boy games are releasing in 2021 such as Infinity, Good Boy Galaxy, Dragonborne, and The Shapeshifter!

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  1. We can not forget Good Boy Galaxy releasing in 2023 on cartridge

  2. Infinity is very exciting. The fact I'll be playing a new (and likely great) GBC game in 2023 is crazy.

  3. Surprising the market is still there for hardcore fans. Keep up this content Matty, I can tell you enjoy making these episodes.

  4. Great episode and very unique, Matty. Keep it up!

  5. Yeaaah, keep on preaching the good word of Golden Sun!! Also, super cool that some of these games are playable on the old hardware. Thought this would be thru virtual console or something in that vein.

  6. Super hyped about your new channel, might have to break out my Genesis to play along!

  7. I love the channel idea Matty, keep sticking to these obscure stories and games and you should see some niche success. Best of luck to you and your new channel.

  8. Glad the GB community is alive and well, really surprising and kinda heart warming

  9. Fascinating! I might end up busting out my Gameboy Color here soon, got me feeling nostalgic

  10. Love the channel, would love to know where the idea came from to do it in front of a Japanese-looking tarp 🙂

  11. Pumpkin spice and Christmas decorations show up earlier each year, and apparently, since this video has one downvote, so does the Grinch. He's the only one who could downvote this amazing content. Loving the new channel, Matty!

  12. Who even would think that GBA games are still being made and released? How sheltered my gaming life has become! Thanks for the heads-up Matty!

  13. Ah man, the Advance SP was my first Game Boy! I was on holiday in the US at the age of 8 (I'm from the UK) and back the £1=$2, so my parents bought me a red Advance SP (red wasn't available in the UK until later) for basically half of the price it would've been at home. And Nintendo didn't region lock the cartridges, so I could still buy more games at home.

    Might have to dig the 'ol girl out and get that dog game for it

  14. I backed Infinity. So damn excited. I tried tweeting at Colin to let him know. Seems like his type of game. Especially now that we hit the Switch port on the last day

  15. I'm shocked there's still games releasing for the Game Boy. Lol,it's quite neat. Really appreciate your enthusiasm on this video and this channel in general. Keep it up. Also,the music matches your enthusiasm and definitely has that adventurous feeling. An adventure like this channel. Best of wishes on this adventure.

  16. great video Matty keep these awesome work, these channel will keep growing with all the love that you are putting in it, hope to see your game in the game boy ; )

  17. hey matty can we collab? I make my own music and commentary and wanna work with you

  18. I’m worried that Retro Rebound sounds too much like the history of Basketball

  19. I am a regular viewer on your other channel and saw your link for this. I am old and I remember games and systems that no longer exist that were good for their era. I like to go back from time to time and play old Sega or Nintendo games. I have subscribed! Thanks for all your hard work.

  20. I always love going over to the GBA Hacking forum and seeing the Graphics and Code Demos. The Gameboy scene is AMAZING even to this day

  21. I love this hiden games, there are many Sega Genesis, SNES, Gameboy, Saturn and Dreamcast new game releases that you can talk about! Please bring more!

  22. Episode 2 did not disappoint. I don’t know how you have the time to keep up with all this but I love it!

  23. This sounds amazing.. i still have my old gameboy advance

  24. Good Boy Galaxy is definitely on my radar, now. Thanks, Matty!

  25. Okay but here me out: a GBA demake of Kotor
    Combat similar to FF Tactics

  26. I’ve purchased/preordered Pine Creek and backed Goodboy Galaxy and I’m pretty stoked about these new games for older hardware.

  27. Matty that Junes shirt is not getting enough love!!! P4G for life

  28. I hope all of these games eventually come to Evercade as well as Game Boy and Game Boy Advance

  29. Please put the links to the various projects mentioned in your video in your description below the video.


  30. As a kid, I was bummed out at how fast the Game Boy Color got phased out. The GBA came out so soon after.
    But the Game Boy Color is something different, it's like having a tiny NES in your hands.
    So many cool exclusive games, some even give you an idea of what the games might've looked like on an NES. Stuff like Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2, Ganbare Goemon Dynamite, the aesthetic is so pleasing to look at and play. It would be cool if someone smart could figure out how to port some of the GBC's best games to the NES, utilizing any enhancement chips they can.

  31. I would love to see you cover my gbc game it's the demake of friday the 13th on itchio

  32. Were these titles ever physically in stores, and if so, then WHERE CAN I GET ONE?!

  33. Damn this is awful..
    Sleep inducing review. You give your face and your expensive mike more screen time than the actual games.
    Not to mention the long boring promotion intro..
    Game over man !

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