Napoleon’s Homemade Game Boy -

Napoleon’s Homemade Game Boy

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  1. Bro could have at least used the crappy one as a protective case

  2. can you mod a real console to use a cardboard case?

  3. When I was a kid I always wanted to make a working console out of cardboard and paper (and stuff like that), so this brings back memories

  4. Maybe be grateful that he did that before until the girl stepped in for action

  5. Timmy: mom can we get the gameboy

    Mom: we already have a gameboy

    The gameboy at home

  6. Thats not a gameboy thats an activity man

  7. I can’t stop watching this video the when you make the game boy sounds so good I just love this video😍

  8. Please make a video called I wish I have a Game & Watch
    Please make the game & Watch
    If you not I will watch only this video 😡🥵🥺😭

  9. What about 31 more levels? And I'm not even counting secret areas.

  10. Well no shit it fucking sucks, can’t even play official Nintendo games

  11. Bro is home Depot cardboard section Phineas and Ferb

  12. Can I have a gameboy plls my parents won’t let me and I’m sad

  13. The best part about this is if i tried it myself it would NOT be the same

  14. Funny how Napoleon has orange hair that’s curly is named Napoleon, is this a reference to Napoleon Dynamite?

  15. this is not how any human conversation has ever gone

  16. I thought he was talking about napolean bonaparte

  17. Not gonna lie that "OH MY GOD" sounded like Napoleon from 1980sgamer.

  18. Don’t let Nintendo catch you using this emulator

  19. I wished I had a life. I can make you one!

  20. And then Nintendo sues him for 69 million dollars

  21. Bro called him poor in 43 different languages

  22. Hey can I have that I don't have a Gameboy but I still want one

  23. Napoleon: what the
    me:* dying of laughter*💀💀💀💀💀💀

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