My Game Boy Collection - Collector's Guide + Favorite Games! | Nintendrew -

My Game Boy Collection – Collector’s Guide + Favorite Games! | Nintendrew

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In this video, we’ll take a look at every Game Boy family console in my collection, and I’ll give some recommendations for new collectors on which titles to look out for. Thanks for watching!



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  1. I miss my game boy sp and I would buy a new one but they are way too expensive.

  2. WOW, I didn't know Drew Carey is a Game Boy collector.

  3. It’s weird that I completely forgot I had all gameboy models sides the light and micro… but I’m actually cool with that. This brings back so many nostalgic memories growing up with itineration of gameboys and having the need to store AA batteries in the freezer cuz I could hardly put them down 🤣 and always in need of new batteries… 🤔 now that I think about it gameboy was probably the only portable I do have a particular fondness for.

    The versions I had was
    Original Gameboy – I actually found out in public, it was sitting for a while no one claimed it so I just scooped it up
    Gameboy Pocket (Silver) – it was a birthday present from a family member
    Gameboy Color (Icicle/Glazier Blue) which was given to me by a homie who wasn’t feeling the color
    Gameboy Advance (Glazier) – I don’t remember exactly how I got that one
    Gameboy Advance SP (Silver) – I remember by GBA I was generally past the GB phase, by then DS was out and it the craze. But I wasn’t interested in it. Lucky enough; some GameStops’ still had GBA SPs and I saw it and just went in and copped one
    Lastly; Gameboy Advance SP (Nintendo Model) – Mostly just got it for nostalgia reasons the only Game I had left was Super Street Fighter II turbo and I felt that nostalgic urge to play it again. So went on eBay and just got it

    My fav GBs will be Pocket and GBA SP… had several fond memories and more playtime with the original, but those will still be my fav.

  4. There's also Little Einsteins for Gameboy Advance!

  5. Who knows a trustworthy website where I can purchase a gameboy

  6. can somone explain me why there are two diffrent looks of the pikachu gameboy color edition? one with only pikachu and one with the two other pokemon on it too? why are there two different ?

  7. Dandylion gameboy colore 😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚🥰🥰🥰🥰💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳

  8. How do I secure Mario cartridges for game boy advance? I'm in Tanzania…

  9. Can you play game boy advanced on game boy colour

  10. I actually had Conker's pocket tales. Planning on getting a limited edition Rayquaza themed Gameboy SP.

  11. I never thought that I would be getting flexed on while learning at the same time….

  12. 6:16 Ha Ha! Finally a reason why Canada is better than the US. We still have Toy's R Us here, sadly no Target though.

  13. My game boy may not be modded or be in the best condition, but it was the first console that I can call my own so I will always love it.

  14. I have the spongebob one and some stupid kid came over my house and scratched it up junk pissed me off. It works fine but it’s not in perfect condition now

  15. dude here in the philippines we got the gameboy advance sp with pickachus face in ita cover, similar to your spongbob but ours is pickachu. its prettty cool. you should cop those to add to your collection. solid!

  16. I have a play it loud clear still in its original clear plastic case it came in. It was bought in 96.

  17. Hello Nintendrew, would you know what the current price of a Gameboy light Astro Boy edition would be in the United States? Would $1,000.00 for one in almost mint condition but Loose be reasonable?

  18. Damn… the only gameboy consoles I own are the dual onyx gba and atomic purple gbc. I need to start collecting more. Been looking for an original for quite some time now.

  19. I have a game boy and I love to play on it

  20. which console is the most compatable with all the console cartridges

  21. I feel ashamed lmao, I only have a game boy color and a game boy Advance SP

  22. Love how all the gameboy color color variations have names like “kiwi” and “atomic purple” but the teal one is just “teal”

  23. Someone please tell me where I can get a game biy colour for cheap I really want one I have been looking for so long

  24. My dad had a clear playitloud brick gameboy with people text back in the day, and he passed it on to me when he realized im a heccin nerd.

  25. You're missing a green gameboy pocket? I just found one at my local retro game store

  26. there is a sp for pokemon ruby shappire and emerald i got one of them

  27. Where did you get the stands that the gameboys were sitting on?

  28. No wonder prices for old hardware skyrocket, when you got people buying up like 50 different game boys to gather dust at their place.

  29. Yeah im kinda a game collector but i dont buy or want variantions

    The only ones id do is the ones that have a difference

    Ds and dsi

    3ds and 2ds and New 3ds

    Gameboy advance and gameboy advance sp

    Gameboy and gameboy colour

    Wii and wii mini

  30. i want to collect so all start with game boy poket

    ps.dont want a gb micro

  31. The blue metallic gameboy pocket wasn’t only available at the two stores you mentioned. My parents got me one brand new in Canada from neither of those stores (we didn’t even have target here)

  32. I really want a indigo gba the landscape one not the portrait. The one without the backlight just because it looks so much better.

  33. I am 14 and I actually a gameboy advance and a gameboy advance sp in which I found the sp in a box from a previous house owner of our house

  34. Dude reviewing solar striker for the game boy hasnt even gotten past level 1 isnt a gameboy fan lol

  35. But the GBA i have is the NES themed one…

  36. Pretty sure theres also an atomic purple gameboy pocket as well.

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