My Game Boy Collection - Collector's Guide + Favorite Games! | Nintendrew -

My Game Boy Collection – Collector’s Guide + Favorite Games! | Nintendrew

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In this video, we’ll take a look at every Game Boy family console in my collection, and I’ll give some recommendations for new collectors on which titles to look out for. Thanks for watching!



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  1. That’s cool I have that platinum/onyx one and a Pokémon sapphire gbasp

  2. I bought a red ags 001 and clearly the case was replaced. The battery was swollen and bad I paid $40 when I replaced the battery it had the front light and backlight. I took of the cover and looked at the motherboard and the serial number is actually an AGS 101 I scored it for a 40 but I was pissed because the original case was gone

  3. Is the Platinum GBA an original color? I thought it was a special edition.

  4. Nintendrew you forgot about the Gameboy play it loud white!

  5. Game Boy Pocket was the first and only game system I had as a kid. It was plain black and came with Donkey Kong Land 2. Xmas '97.

  6. i only have 1, but one u dont have

    an original black gameboy, just got it from my dad a few days ago

  7. game boy and Nintendo are two different companies??? why you didn’t talk about Nintendo ds???

  8. I have the graphite gba sp, and it’s great for the only gameboy I have, let alone the only one I’ve seen in working condition in person.

  9. You should get a game boy phone case lol

  10. Toys R Us is still alive and well up here in eastern Canada but i think its owned by a different third party company so no more fun exclusive stuff anymore.

  11. I've got a green game boy color but the picture is RidOnkUlouS! Why not just have one?!

  12. I have a transparent one(original),and there are 2 in my country

  13. What about the accessories that some came with like I recall seeing the first model had an adapter to add light to screen, and wasn’t there a printer on one? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. I would love to be you. I am obsessed with Gameboy consoles.

  15. I thought you were gonna pull out the pickachu gb adv sp but then he said spongebob lmao

  16. You think he's been able to get the new Xbox or ps5 yet

  17. There is a GBA game similar like super mario bros. Where main charachter looks like pikachu ((from pokemon)) with white color. After completing all stage level you defeat the boss then you go to next stage level. And when he drinks a red drink in a glass like this🍸 he have bullet to kill enemies i think its bullet looks like jungle boy wood piece. Final boss you have to defeat 2 times then you will ends the game.

    I didnt found it here

    Do you know its nsme and can you help me to reach to that game. I want to play it after so long time.

  18. A collector's standpoint would you rather collect Japanese game boys or English game boys

  19. I might be wrong but with the gameboy colors, there was a black one that we we have, now that I’m thinking about it, it may be fake but we had one and it was black, idk

  20. I really got upset seeing the kiwi gameboy color, my dad got one for me because i loved Pokemon and green, it was stolen in 2013 on a trip to London along with my Pokemon games and Zelda games

  21. I have the teal game boy color it’s great 👍

  22. I Like Nintendrew A Lot Except For When He Called Link Zelda.

  23. I have gameboy sp tribal and its amazing, i give this in the first release

  24. was the nes edition gameboy advance sp backlit

  25. Fun fact (not 100% sure if it’s correct though.): The first Wario Land game was meant to be Super Mario Land 3

  26. I really want the SpongeBob one but I don't know how to tell if it's a real shell online😐

  27. For the Gameboy advance there was a target exclusive red version and a toys r us one I have the target exclusive one

  28. I remember having the Original Game Boy…and Green One and theme it is in is called "Play It Loud" and the Game Boy Advance Arctic White

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