Move over game boys (перевод + пересказ) -

Move over game boys (перевод + пересказ)

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Move over game boys. (на стр 9)
Lynn Robson is a co-founder of Frognation. The company creates soundtracks and designs and translates Japanese video games for the UK market. With her partners in Tokyo and her international team of designers and developers, Lynn creates the video games that thousands are playing today.
Lynn runs the UK office of Frognation, while her two business partners run the Tokyo office. Her Japanese computer system, and, of course, email make it possible to work across borders and time zones.
Frognation represents producers with great game ideas and helps them to sell their ideas to Sony or Nintendo in Tokyo. Once the games go into development, Lynn and her team provide advice on everything from the music soundtrack and graphics to the game programming and characters. The result is a new kind of video game, created by artists, which provides exciting game play.
Cultural understanding is important. When she is in meetings in Japan, Lynn gives advice on what will work in both countries. In the West, Lynn becomes the Japan expert, giving clients information about Japanese culture. When her Japanese partners come to meetings in the UK, Lynn helps them to present their ideas in the best way, and tries to avoid any cultural misunderstandings.
Video game sales are sky-rocketing at the moment. There are thousands of opportunities to build careers in the video game industry, but women don’t often consider gaming as a career. Today most video games are created by men, and for men. So it is no surprise that almost all video games are either sports games or shoot-em-ups.
With more women like Lynn joining the video game industry, however, things could change.

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