More Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Pocket + Fake SP -

More Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Pocket + Fake SP

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  1. Your game is Europe version(running at 50Hz), I think.
    GB Boy will ideally play in USA version(at 60Hz).

  2. For the Gameboy maby but the Gameboy advance so no

  3. enters sped up super Mario game "step 1: die"

  4. I rather have the GB Colour from the other video

  5. Pretty cool, i might get one of these, mod it to the correct speed and spare my original GBP for a while. Because Retro Hardware doesn't get better with age and use.

  6. Jesus christ where do u get thise gameboy advance sp?

  7. yo dude I enjoyed the vid looking forward to the next one

  8. Question where can I buy one of these ? They used to be on eBay now there's none at all are they out of print? It's only the GB boy colours now that are available can anyone help give me some tips would really like one of these

    Much thanks

  9. feel the cheapness feel the nastiness -Ashens

  10. GB Boy does not make any sense. That's like saying "Gameboy Boy". Or that's like saying "Automatic Teller Machine machine". See, it's just redoned.

  11. Dr. RBBLX Oofster / MortyOof モーティロブロクス くん says:

    that GB boy is just too over clocked

  12. The tails cartidge don't work for 2 reasons
    1-It has built in sega genesis games
    2-its made for the PXP3 slim station

  13. I'm guessing they speed up the audio on the games, to prevent lawsuits. Correct me if I'm wrong

  14. Что делает Нюша на карике?

  15. I wonder if any of these knock-offs' screens are compatible to an original AGS-001 motherboard… As in, would that be able to be a cheaper alternative to an AGS-101 screen upgrade for an AGS-001?

  16. I'd prefer the gb boy pocket

  17. So gb boy color had a pocket version without color and light

  18. Is the gb boy's screen compatible with an original game boy pocket?

  19. I might actually get one. I'd like to try playing some of my games sped-up like that, even with the ghosting. I have a Game Boy and Game Boy Light, I'm used to ghosting so as long as I'm not playing super fast-paced games it should be fine. Donkey Kong Land would be a nightmare on this system.

  20. A GB station light II is when you crossbreed a Chinese company with an original PlayStation with a switch lite and a game boy lol 😂 😂 😂

  21. Why is Crash always on these fake boxes 😂😂

  22. I love how Elliot calls Super Mario Bros. "Super Mario World", then he calls Mario Bros. "Super Mario Bros.", and lastly he calls Super Mario Bros. "Super Mario Land", and at no point does he actually call them by their proper names.

  23. I'm gonna buy one of those GB Boys. EDIT: Or maybe not…

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