Montverde vs. Link Academy - 2022 GEICO Nationals boys championship game, ESPN Broadcast highlights -

Montverde vs. Link Academy – 2022 GEICO Nationals boys championship game, ESPN Broadcast highlights

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4/2/22 – Montverde Academy vs. Link Academy
GEICO Nationals boys championship game
Final score:
MVA 60
Link 49
Stats can be found at


  1. That was impressive footage, real NBA talent out there

  2. Was a great game but I just think it’s crazy that the game isn’t packed since it is a championship game

  3. Montverde is different. Won both boys and girls😭

  4. Congrats to Montverde they were too talented and well coached to settle for anything less than the championship. Technically their 3rd win in a row since we all know they were gonna win in 2020

  5. link played a great season I'm proud of both but I'm really proud of whitehead putting Jersey on da month yeah gang❤

  6. This woulda been a 3peat if it wasn’t for Covid that 2019 team was different I wonder who gon win next year

  7. Who else remembers the doubters saying this was Montverde’s worst team earlier in the season??

  8. So Duncanville really is the best team in the country, we love to see it

  9. Congrats to the Eagles but I still feel like Duncanville is the best team in the country

  10. ive been saying jordan walsh playing style is andre Iguodala

  11. Shoutout to My boys from the crew @ Black Bear we are very proud of you !!!! We feed y’all good lol don’t wait to see you all next week

  12. Until the rest of the NIBC starts paying high schoolers, Montverde will continue to win every single season

  13. Dillon Mitchell is the number 1 player in 2022… these rankings be suspect

  14. Dillon Mitchell going to be tough with the Texas Longhorns

  15. who are these kids

    wont be a team like 2020 monteverde for a while

  16. It’s Like Walsh Knew Exactly Where The Camera Was 😂😂

  17. How are they the National Champs when they already lost to a public school Duncanville(Texas). And Duncanville who already beat Monteverde, was not in the Geico Tournament. How does that make any sense?

  18. They did Duncanville wrong. They should've had the opportunity to compete. D'ville is reloaded for the next run though.

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  20. That Montverde team would beat every basketball team in the NCAA. They got four of the top 30 players.

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