Mining Bitcoin on the Game Boy -

Mining Bitcoin on the Game Boy

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In this video, we attempt to mine Bitcoin on the original Game Boy using the Raspberry Pi Pico as a link-cable to USB adapter!

– Breakout and ROM cart:
– Patreon:
– Twitter:

– Game Boy code:
– ntgbtminer for Game Boy:
– Raspberry Pi Pico firmware:
– MVG’s Intro to Game Boy programming:

Also check out the NES miner here:

00:00 – Intro
01:13 – Bitcoin mining explained
02:27 – Hardware setup
03:13 – Game Boy firmware
04:18 – Link Cable Protocol
05:45 – Raspberry Pi Firmware
06:10 – Host computer
07:00 – Let’s mine Bitcoin!
07:53 – Testchain


  1. wait up 12.5 bitcoin is worth about 350k or am I wrong?

  2. Im gonna act like I understand what he’s saying

  3. Ha.. thats need 7 generations of yourS family to mining 0,0000000001 BTC 😂😂😂

  4. now keep it running and sustain it until it mines 1 full bitcoin :>


  6. Will only take a couple quadrillion years to mine 1 bitcoin, but it'll all be worth it.

  7. you might have stopped me from using a gpu BUT BY GAMEBOY WILL TAK MY MSG ALL OVER THE WORLD

  8. I have no idea what this guy is saying yet still find it entertaining

  9. If you had Dream amounts of luck, you would have successfully mined a block on the Gameboy.

  10. I'm just here too say thank you intellectwebscom on youtube the generously you have shown me will be forever engraved in my heart thanks so much.

  11. I got my miners at IMINERS,CO. I can say they are great company. You can talk with them about everything and you can get a discount for more pieces. Shipping is great fast and free. My recommedantion for them.

  12. maybe with 1 milions gameboys you will have 5 dollars in one years 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. wait…

    so my pc mines at a little over the rate of a gboy?

  14. I'll forever be grateful to intellectwebscom they're truly the best hackers I've ever came across

  15. When he said High end gaming , i thought he meant the Magnavox Odyssey

  16. yeah i use a ps1 to mine bitcoin

  17. Cool! Now I can play Pokemon Yellow SPE and mine bitcoin from the same device!

  18. Ah yes, fake money that actually costs a lot of money because electricity costs a lot.

  19. I am surprised that it says you can buy a tesla with bitcoin yet I asked the discord and they said no

  20. you not need to out of stock the rtx miners

  21. Would duino coin work on this method?

  22. Everyone's complaining that Bitcoin mining is dragging expensive GPU's off shelves, well not even the Gameboys are safe from it.

  23. when you dont have any money but world champion of gameboy

  24. Could this actually be profitable if you bought them beat up and cheap and had solar power?

  25. Dammit, now people are gonna farm these

  26. The first person I saw making a Gameboy game

  27. I love listening to these videos about messing with computers. It's like watching Telemundo and not knowing Spanish. You enjoy things outside the main conversation, like the visuals. You get happy when you hear a word you recognize, even thought the usage is probably different this time. All in all, a good experience.

  28. Deals with @Hackbanz on telegram

  29. Deals with @Hackbanz on telegram

  30. thanks for the up. is it calcable how long it takes until you get one bitcoin?

  31. Disney and Universal Experience and review says:

    I thought doing this was illegal?

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