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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (Game Boy) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

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A playthrough of Bandai’s 1995 license-based platforming beat ’em up for the Nintendo Game Boy, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Played through on the normal difficulty mode with the Super Game Boy.

Just like Bandai’s previous Power Rangers game on the Game Boy, MMPR: The Movie is a flashy but simple action game. It’s a fluffy bit of entertainment to capitalize on the success of the film with some fanservice.

You have your pick of six spandex-clad teenagers to fight through each stage. You also can choose the order in which you’d like to tackle the first five areas, a bit like Mega Man, but since there’s no real advantage to be gained from weapons or power-ups, the order you play them in doesn’t matter.

The same goes for your choice of ranger. They all use the same sprite set, so unless you’re playing on the SGB, you can’t tell them apart, and there is little to differentiate between them in how they play. The white, blue, and red rangers are slightly stronger than the black, pink, and yellow rangers, but they dont jump quite as high. That’s the only difference I ever noticed.

The stages run the typical gamut of platformer stage motifs. There are cityscapes, sewer tunnels, caves filled with conveyor belts – the usual. They backdrops change color based on your playing as, a bit like an old ZX Spectrum game, just without the blocky overlaps, and the whole game looks pretty good, overall. The title sequence and the stage select particularly standout on a Super Game Boy, and fans of the show/movie will appreciate fighting against the likes of Ivan Ooze, Goldar, and Lord Zedd. The music sounds good too, though I wish it had gotten the SGB treatment that the graphics did.

The gameplay is simple – you punch and kick stuff to death while occasionally leaping over obstacles, and as you kill baddies, you’re power bar will fill. When it’s full you can transform into your Power Ranger form, and if it fills again, you can let off a huge special attack that’ll clear the screen. The formula is simple and works well, though the game’s controls get in the way. They feel sticky and laggy, and they’re less reliable than they ought to be. Thankfully the game isn’t too hard so it doesn’t pose a huge problem, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

It’s not nearly as good as the SNES title of the same name, but it is a respectable showing for the franchise on the handheld, and it makes a good show of the Super Game Boy’s ability to enhance a monochrome game. It won’t set the world on fire, but I had fun playing it.

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No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. 9:21 why did they make it unfair if you get bad timing. it speeds up so fast

  2. Have you seen a Ranger Stand on a shopping cart AVGN-

  3. I just don't understand how utterly lackluster the Game Boy games are compared to all the others, even the Game Gear ones. Hell, the Ranger outfits don't even look remotely close to the suits.

  4. The first level has a melody that sounds similar to a trance track I once heard. The third level sounds like Ah-Ah by Moby. Also, thanks for uploading this. I used to play this game as a kid.

  5. lol that first level makes it look like a horror game with the red shading.

  6. 😂 😂 I'm to old to click on this as fast as I did.

  7. It's not much different from the first Game Boy Power Rangers game, but it does make good use of the Super Game Boy for its graphics, and the soundtrack is great.

  8. 16:20 – Fun Fact: This rat boss is based on an earlier draft of the script. Originally, instead of the Ooze Men that the Rangers fought during their first encounter with Ivan Ooze, the villain was supposed to summon an army of mutant rats to fight the Rangers. However, the rat costumes did not turn out very well. The director didn't think they looked good enough, so they were scrapped, and replaced with the Ooze Men. The rat costumes were used in an episode of the TV show, though. So, Bandai must have been using the script for the basis of this game.

  9. Nice work. Can you put your other GB walkthroughs in Super Game Boy mode? I'd like to see them in color.

  10. Oh no not the dreaded punch, punch, kick game. The nerd had troubles with that dreaded level. Unless that's the other Power Rangers Movie Game Boy game.

  11. OMG, my second game in my history of the Game Boy's games

  12. I came here because i saw the movie, and i think i still own the VHS despite not having a VCR anymore, but i’m not sure about that.
    Another thing that i’m not sure about is that i tried the SNES version on an emulator.
    It’s a good looking GB game.

  13. At least I didn’t miss this one.

  14. A game based a movie based on tv show which was based off-

  15. When the black ranger level started I thought I suddenly went colorblind.

  16. Loved this as a child. A decent playthrough for an eight year old. AVGN was not very fair with this one in my opinion. Go go Power Rangers! ❤️

  17. el mejor juego pa su epoca y consola, un 11 de 10

  18. 9:19
    Duck duck stand
    Stand duck duck
    Duck stand stand
    Stand duck stand

  19. What is going on with that first miniboss? How is it taking damage?

  20. Who knew all it took to beat Lord Zedd was kicking him repeatedly in the chest?

  21. The grandia composer noriuki iwadare did the soundtrack of this game and yes, the boss theme is epic beated this game when i was with my girlfriend oh and the other power rangers game on the game boy, the soundtracck reminds me of the kunio games and the double dragon games on the game boy

  22. 9:21 Came here after AVGN’s video. Just wanted to see someone attempt to do the sand.

  23. This game has a terrible flaw: if you play on standard game boy the all look the same on selection screen except names.

  24. This game wanted to be Mega Man so badly.

  25. Looking back at this version of the power rangers movie game, it's kinda strange that only the falcon power coin is there with the dino power coins. What were the developers thinking at the time?

  26. MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS THE MOVIE For Your Nintendo Game Boy And Super Game Boy From Bandai! The Power Is On!

  27. Que recuerdos. Lo jugaba antes de aprender a leer por ahi en 1996.

  28. Weird how Tommy is the only one with the ninja coin in the beginning

  29. Morphin time
    White ranger power
    Black ranger power
    Pink ranger power
    Blue ranger power
    Yellow ranger power
    Red ranger power

  30. Ninja Quest Season 3 episode 4 episode 5 episode episode 6
    Episode 7 tengu

  31. Return of the green ranger season 2 episode 44
    Episode 45 episode 46 mutant rat 🐁🐀

  32. Is there color version of this game? I only played mono version before

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