Meet the Nintendo Game Boy Family! -

Meet the Nintendo Game Boy Family!

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This is a video introduction to the Nintendo Game Boy family. Well, some of it! Check it out!

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  1. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll game boy corbands why

  2. Ilkthegamboyadvncihadonebutasknitlebrokitiliktobyinotherone

  3. Why does the original Gameboy startup music sound nostalgic. I don't even have it

  4. I don't believe this video is already 10 years old

  5. Why do I feel like this video was filmed on a T1, it’s not a bad thing, just I feel like it is by the look and sound of it

  6. Lol didn't think you were going to turn em all on but the advance micro is pretty cool tho

  7. 10 years to get this recommended!
    And thats a interessing video!

  8. I love the part of the 2.0 update where all of the handhelds are on at the same time (from the Gameboy to the Switch).

  9. What happened to the yellow Gameboy Pocket?

  10. Everyone in comments: cries because of nostalgia
    Me: cries because never saw, and played on any Gameboy

  11. Game & Watch (1980) 0:03

    The Game Boy Family:
    Game Boy (1989) 2:44
    Game Boy Pocket 1st Model (1996) 2:49
    Game Boy Pocket 2nd Model (1997) 3:04
    Game Boy Light (1998) 2:07
    Game Boy Colour (1998) 3:34
    Game Boy Advance (2001) 3:39
    Game Boy Advance SP (2003 , 2005) 1:27
    Game Boy Advance Micro (2005) 4:32

    WonderSwan (2002) 3:48

    DS Family:
    DS (2004) 4:56
    DS Lite (2006) 5:04
    DSi (2008 or 2009) 5:29

    Super Game Boy (1994) 6:26
    Game Boy Player (2003) 7:12

  12. I wish I had just one. When I was 11 my GBA with fire red completed in it got stolen. I liked it better than my dsi and it was that perfect indigo color… good times

  13. I’m waiting for the game and watch classic using real hardware


  15. Fun Fact: Nintendo DS was the first console to ever use the Y and X buttons.

  16. My Original Game Boy Advance SP is Destroyed in 10 years ago, How can I Recover it?

  17. 7:21 Does anyone sees the unreleased gbc game Zelda Link's Awakening.

  18. I have all the Gameboy when I turn it on I start thinking about the memories I had

  19. My favorite handheld Nintendos were the 2DS xl and 3DS xl

  20. Just wait till he sees the new 3ds xl stylus

  21. I Cracked My Gameboy Screen by Accident. But, Don't Worry, I Will Get A New Gameboy Screen.
    Somebody Will Replace The Cracked One, They Will Put A Fixed One In 6/9/2021

  22. YouTube
    2009: no
    2021: yes

  23. I'm getting Gameboy Advance SP for my birthday.

  24. Cool I’m getting an original game boy for Christmas and it’s only for 49.99

  25. Hey! There's been two revisions of this actually! The newest version covers EVERYTHING. From Game And Watch to the Nintendo Switch and New 2DS XL! Even has the Pokémon Mini in it as well!

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