McDonald’s All-American Game 2022 - Boys ESPN Broadcast Highlights -

McDonald’s All-American Game 2022 – Boys ESPN Broadcast Highlights

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  1. Nick Smith is gonna be the best one outta all these girls

  2. Arterio Morris and Dillon Mitchell. Them Texas Longhorns going to be tough af!! 💪

  3. duke bout to be so nasty next year with dariq & dereck omg

  4. That Cam Whitmore block was crazy 😳

  5. Damn these girls really getting a lot better at basketball. I think they will be able to make the NBA.

  6. Dariq whitehead is different! Future NBA all star 💯

  7. We see videos of sierra canyon on YouTube all the time but doesn't Bailey look out of place against these other guys

  8. I am a Tarheels fans we may not have no all Americans this year but we do got four nasty signees who is ready but like say Duke is always stack but they is going to fall short some games

  9. Guys aren’t as good as other classes

  10. I guess everyone see now that Amari Bailey isn’t the #2 player in the country.

  11. Goggins6969.1Cughgbbfjjfjfgbbcjcjjcbccjcjjcbcjcjc says:

    Where Jared McCain tho?

  12. The west was struggling, Damn and three of those guys are for my Razorbacks, Where they be at? I'm honestly not seeing much from them🤷‍♀️

  13. Sadly, ALL these kids will be forgotten in 2 to 4 years so it doesn't matter if Amari Bailey is out of place. These are just the hardest working bodies/players RIGHT NOW. Hard to keep that pace physically & mentally for years, especially when u know ur already the shit. Go look at all the NBA superstars that make the big bucks & see if they were ALL-AMERICANS. I know Ja Morant wasn't! Amari keeps working, with his potential and the amount of Pub. he recieves, he can become the NEXT…. up!

  14. Commentator “ east is playing with out a true point guard “ I guess anterio Morris doesn’t exist

  15. why did that block at 2:20 sound like some Flinestones sound effect 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  16. 1. Dariq Whitehead ~NBA Prepped
    2. Keyonte George ~NBA Talent
    3. Jarace Walker ~NBA Specimen
    4. Dillion Mitchell ~NBA Prepped HighFlyer
    5. Chris Livingston ~NBA Skill
    6. Grady Dick ~NBA Shooter
    7. Jordan Walsh ~NBA Mid-ranger And Finisher

    iLl start my 2023 draft board here✨i⚡️M™️

  17. Y'all can't tell me when y'all scrolled past dude didn't look like ja Morant 🤣💀💀

  18. Coach Pearl and the #AuburnFAM see you 5* Julian Phillips.. come join 5* Yohan Traore.. Let's Go!!

  19. Cason Wallace is going to shine soon in the NBA.

  20. Surprised a female didn’t also get mvp in the boys game. Ffs if a girl scored 2 points in the game they’d give her mvp.. just like the fucking dunk contest. What a joke.

  21. Nice to see a lot of future G-League all stars

  22. If nicc smith becomes a point guard full time and can facilitate he will be top 10 picc I think.

  23. Too bad shadeon Sharpe didn't get to play in this game, an man if he stays an plays for KY next season man 😩 with Cason Wallace and Chris Livingston? Boy KY, Duke, and Arkansas will be the best 3 teams in the country next year. An if Oscar tishebwe stays too KY hanging the banner in 2023. 💯💯

  24. Just at a glance the best player seems to be The whitehead kid

    Also impressed with wallace ,smith 'George,livingston a few others but they impressed me

  25. Grady Dick out there representing the white boys

  26. these players are trash compared to the 80's and 90's

  27. These are not boys. These are young men. Respect. Come on now.👀🙄💭🤦‍♀️

  28. Does anybody know what the yellow and red shoes are called?

  29. Skittles. Stay on your feet and take strides in greatness.🤭🥰💕

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