McDonald's All American Boys Game: East vs West | 2022.3.29 | HS Game -

McDonald’s All American Boys Game: East vs West | 2022.3.29 | HS Game

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McDonald’s All American Boys Game
March 29th 2022
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Jaden Bradley
Derek Lively II
Chris Livingston
Brandon Miller
Dillon Mitchell
M.J. Rice
J.J. Starling
Ernest Udeh Jr.
Jarace Walker
Dariq Whitehead
Cameron Whitmore

Amari Bailey
Anthony Black
Adem Bona
Gradey Dick
Keyonte George
Mark Mitchell
Arterio Morris
Nick Smith
Cason Wallace
Jordan Walsh
Kel’el Ware
Kijani Wright

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  1. Collier needs to cut his dreads off so he can see the rim to make his free throws! Missing 2 very important free throws with 12 seconds left in the most important game of his high school career is HORRIBLE, especially being the #3 ranked player in the Country! Cut those dreads off boy!

  2. What a complete overreaction. They just don't want to pay a Injury prone player a large percentage of their team salary cap

  3. Any chance you can re-upload with higher resolution than 360P

  4. 18_จิรัฏฐ์ มอยติละ says:

    GEICO Nationals boys semifinal and final full game,please#

  5. 18_จิรัฏฐ์ มอยติละ says:

    I live in Thailand and can't watch espn channels. I can only watch on YouTube. Thank you very much.

  6. 1:12:13… Do I sense some discord between the Former "PRO ATHLETE" and a paper and Pen pushing Paul.

  7. It feels good seeing this event after 3 years of absence.

  8. I saw those boys from North Little Rock up close and personal… they both got it

  9. I expected more competitiveness from the West squad. Good game and congrats to everyone!

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