MASSIVE Game Boy Update for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack + They DO Listen To Us! -

MASSIVE Game Boy Update for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack + They DO Listen To Us!

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Game Boy Advance Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Games List includes some of the very best titles, like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and more! Plus, Switch devs are listening to fans about what new games to port over, as Switch success continues to soar! GMM is your number one source for the latest Nintendo Switch news, new Nintendo Switch leaks, new Nintendo Direct 2022, and so much more!

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How do you feel about these new Switch news stories? SwitchForce is the best place for all the latest news and Nintendo Switch leaks, and we’ve got you covered morning, noon, and night! While we wait for the new Nintendo Direct, the new Switch update, and the latest Switch leak, let’s discuss the Nintendo Direct, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, Nintendo Direct 2022, new Nintendo Direct, new Switch games 2022, New Switch games coming soon, Nintendo Switch leak, Switch rumors, new Nintendo games, Game Boy Switch Online, Game Boy Advance Switch Online Expansion Pack, and more! What do YOU think about this list of GBA Switch games?! Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Megaman battle network series and the mario and luigi super star saga ohh and megaman zero series that's only the top of my list too ooohhh if they get online multi-player features I would be super hype even local would be awesome for me

  2. Im just waiting on goldeneye 007 and conkers bad fur day on the n64 port. 😐

  3. There's much potential for what could be done if they put the GBA Pokémon games on there. Similar to what they did for Crystal on 3DS, they could have those event-only Legendary events unlocked for the games, like Latias/Latios, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Deoxys and Mew (Emerald only) as a reward for doing something or beating the Elite Four.

  4. And then they will release one game every 4th month..perfect… Honestly things are moving to slow, They do this so people need to buy that stupid expansion pack again.

  5. I would enjoy having Final Fantasy tactics or the Megaman battle network!

  6. Makes a lot of sense why they are closing WiiU and 3ds eshops this year. Can see all this moving to online now that the eshops are going to be discontinued.

  7. They listen to us? Can we buy the games? If we can then they do listen.

  8. I have covid and i went on Netflix today and I was disappointed. It is all their content, nothing really from elsewhere. Things they used to carry are gone replaced by something with a red N in the corner. It was okay when it wasn’t so big, now it has basically become its own crappy way of advertising their stuff, most of it I would not watch in a hot minute. So we are going to dump it. I finish my thesis next month and will have an income, so maybe Nintendo online with another platform along with the Amazon prime I have already.

    The Mario games and Legends of Zelda games will draw me in. I cannot wait to upgrade my switch to a console version.

  9. The gameboy advance games is cool but pokemon games have to be sold separately on the Nintendo store it cannot be in a monthly subscription

  10. Smash 64 Is the thing that'll make me sign up to the expansion pass

  11. I’m really hoping they eventually stick sonic Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio on the sega 😂😂😂

  12. the switch should have no issues with the GB/GBC/GBA it should be able to emulate everything in that set

  13. I want the big N to just dump EVERY NES,SNES,GB,GBC,GBA,N64, GC every single game… US, EURO, JAPAN EXCLUSIVES…ALL OF THEM…. including the raunchy games too.

  14. All this and yet there's still no option to actually buy the games, just renting through the online. No thanks.

  15. I wanna see Lunar Knights, Viewtiful Joe and Vigilante 8

  16. I'm stoked that these titles are coming out too. It's not surprising either given that eShop service for the Wii U and 3DS is eventually coming to an end so getting these titles on Switch Online is sorta like a consolation prize if you wanted to play these games on Virtual Console and are unable to now.

  17. There were some amazing games on the genesis consul. Showing my age lol

  18. You're right. That list is definitely top notch. 👌

    I'll find a way to try an acai bowl.

  19. I wish they would try to put Pokémon GreenLeaf on the switch.

  20. I just want all the old pokemon games on switch

  21. Nintendo more often than not doesn't listen these days. Never mind their EXTREMELY HOSTILE attitude toward all fan projects, they still haven't added back in the option to purchase retro game separate and they still for whatever reason don't have an actual team to handle the release of their older games. Not to mention no LEGAL way to play their older games on PC.

  22. I want the Rogue Squadron games on Switch! I'd be super stoked if they did port those over!

  23. Fire emblem sacred stones but not fired emblem 7???? Why

  24. Hey can I get people that love switch to ask them to bring back that GameCube game with the ninja plase can I get this shout out petition made

  25. Ininja game please come back on the switch I don't know if anyone played it way back I never got to only saw like someone playing it for a min and I was like no way that's * awesome putsandly cool you got this ninja that looks savage and all of a sudden is like godzills huge.

  26. The one thing I want the GBA more than anything is Sonic battle! Please bring that in there I miss that game

  27. Last week, you said the big Monday update was going to add GBA to the Switch. Here we are Wednesday morning, and no GBA. Maybe you should add a disclaimer that GBA is possible. You talked like it was a sure thing, though. It is the Switch Pro hype train all over again

  28. I really hope they bring back Paperboy for Game Boy on the switch. Oldie but goodie.

  29. Kind of misleading mentioning all these potentially titles that could be released. I was expecting this so be a legitimate source but it ended up being rumors. 😐

  30. Star Wars: Battlefront I and II would be awesome on Switch. maybe a little high def boost and bam. already better than the latest battlefront

  31. If the title and thumbnail made you believe this video is about Nintendo confirming Game Boy on switch, save yourself ten minutes. It's still just a leak and a rumor.

  32. Give me starwars battelfront 2 classic on switch

  33. Acãi bowls are amazing! Never had one with Nutella Though. Thanks For the suggestion!!

  34. Pokemon ruby and sapphire i like to be on switch

  35. I just want Pokémon games from gen 1,2, and 3 on the Switch screen. It’ll probably never happen

  36. GBA could release come in 2023.

    to switch online services if rumor is true

  37. As shrek said
    "Like that's ever gonna happen"

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