Martin Johnson (of The Night Game and Boys Like Girls) - GEAR MASTERS Ep. 200 -

Martin Johnson (of The Night Game and Boys Like Girls) – GEAR MASTERS Ep. 200

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On this episode of DTB’s “Gear Masters”, the pop rock singer/guitarist, Martin Johnson (of The Night Game and Boys Like Girls), shows off the gear that he uses onstage. The Night Game is currently supporting their two latest singles, Kids In Love and Bad Girls Don’t Cry.

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Film Date – March 29, 2018
Location – Subterranean in Chicago, IL

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  1. Everyone came here for Kirin's rig. Great rundown though, dad.. Interesting on the opening tuning too..

  2. I miss boys like girls but the night game has great music too. Martin is really growing up!!!

  3. Did by any chance did you guys asked his lead guitar player? I’ve been trying to figure out his rig for a while now 😅

  4. still wondering what he uses back in the day with Boys Like Girls.

  5. Still waiting for BLG new album or new single.

  6. Does anybody else play guitar like that? Am I the only one who finds it incredibly lazy? Why bother playing at all?

  7. Martin's too cool. Love his new music so much! He's got a true gift! <3

  8. Pedalboard is great. Amp is great. Guitars are great.
    Nothing is disgraceful
    Definitely a band to see in live

  9. Been listening to Night Game for a year now and just learned now that hes the vocalist for boys like girls???? THAT RANGE

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