Make Game Boy, GBC & GBA Retros AT HOME! - RIGGS -

Make Game Boy, GBC & GBA Retros AT HOME! – RIGGS

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  1. Hey Riggs! The Invalid file size thing is so that the programmer doesn't hiccup during the write, as it's expecting a write size evenly divisible by 1024. This will be given an auto adjustment later in software, but for now if you use a hex editor and pad the file to the nearest number that's evenly divisible by 1024 it'll work. For example, a trimmed ROM file of 4000 Kbytes won't work, but 4096 Kbytes will. Just FYI!

  2. Can you reprogram the Chinese cartridges?

  3. I REALLY hope that they create boards that have the real time clock chips and batteries for the GBA Pokemon games.

    Not that I'll make reproductions, but I have boards that have the solder pads and traces broken off and these will be good to at least save them.

  4. Does this mean I can finally make a reproduction of Shantae with a red transparent gbc cart shell?

  5. Where's the boot vector? if it's not at the top you can just use an app like HxD and pad the file with 0xFF's.

  6. I definitely love other ones, over other ones!

  7. use goombafront pc app and make a gba rom full of gb/gbc games you can put as many rom on it as you like provided you have enough space on the cart

  8. This will be good when the new analogue gameboy comes out! Even a sd card cartridge.

  9. You can already do this with a GBxCart and flash cart /Chinese bootleg from inside gadgets

  10. You can just pad the rom at the end with 0's

  11. Also gb studio is a simple to use gameboy game making program

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