Make Game Boy, GBC & GBA Retros AT HOME! - RIGGS -

Make Game Boy, GBC & GBA Retros AT HOME! – RIGGS

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  1. So awesome you review the coolest stuff.Sadly these will probably be sold out and I won't be able to get one.

  2. When is the Nintendo switch version coming out,lol! Every one would buy this!

  3. Very interesting information. I would love that this possibility existed a few years ago. ❤

  4. If you want to write your own game and give it to someone, ok. But in all the other cases, why not use an everdrive?

  5. Surprised you didn't try mother 3 with the translation patch.

  6. Is it possible to apply the new and recent New Super Mario Land on one of those carts and run on GBA?

  7. Any idea on price range for the carts and can we add labels on them for permanent repros?

  8. Seems like an N64 to GB adapter would be more logical for that blaster.

  9. There's a way to pad out the file to be a multiple of 1024. I don't recall how it's done but there's probably a video on it.

  10. Why do you look like the giant baby from spirited away?

  11. This is actually really cool. Now I kinda wanna take the English rom of God Medicine, an RPG that was never released in North America mind you, and put it on a cartridge.

  12. Is it possible to put a gameboy color game onto the smaller game boy advanced cartridge?

  13. I ordered a Flash Boy recently. Can I use that dumper on Gameboy Blaster cartridges?

  14. Now does this actually replace the roms on real cartridges or is this only for custom dev carts? Like can I buy a fake pokemon cart on ebay and replace the rom on it?

  15. What about making your own game from scratch and wanting to put it on a cartridge

  16. Will this work with gba video? There is a website where you can convert video files to gba video format and I'm wondering if there's a way to get the videos on physical carts just for fun.

  17. Or one can do as a friend of mine did and load the entire GB library onto an EZ-Flash – including the roms that won't work for this. Of course he owns the original games and would never just download the roms freely.

  18. So is the GB motherboard the same as the GBC motherboard? Because i dont see any GBC motherboards on the store

  19. I was looking for a good flash solution for the Game Boy for a project I'm currently working on, and these look fantastic! Thanks for sharing, and it's exciting to see that after running into this video a year later, that the carts are now available for purchase!

  20. Is there any chance we could see something like this for Game Gear or Genesis games?

  21. could you use this to upload gameboy video roms onto the cart? thinking about releasing music videos on gameboy

  22. Greetings from the YouTube rabbit hole. What is he playing the games on? I have never seen that before.

  23. Do you realise the title says retros and not repros?

  24. The cartridges do not freeze 2 seconds when saving like the clones that are sold in pages like ebay?

  25. Well, it's quiet expensive doing it your way. Cheaper and simpler way is to buy Benn Venn's Joey Jr. for 40 Dollars and a bunch of bootleg games (4 USD each) on AliExpress which are reprogrammable with the Joey Jr. Just with drag and drop, no drivers or software needed.

  26. will the retro blaster progam worth with different programmers/dumpers?

  27. Once you put a game on the cart does it stay permanently

  28. could you write a game boy advance game on to a snes board?

  29. Now I'm definitely getting a modified game boy Pocket 🙏🏿😁

  30. I have made a PCB at home and stick a chip name atj can you tell me how to configure the chip and install emulator in it

  31. what about the Joey Joebag for writing games? heard it was good and cheap

  32. If anybody has any clue on how to put NES games onto a GBA cartridge using a similar method please point me in the right direction! It’s my dream to be able to play Mike Tyson‘s Punch out on my Game Boy Micro. I have a multicart for GBA that’s loaded with NES games but that’s not one of them, and I can’t find any that contain that game :-/

  33. Cool could be for my metroid zero mission romhack's physical copy

  34. Do the cartridges come empty or they come with the motherboard inside?

  35. Couldn't you just fill up a ROM file with multiple zero bytes until it reaches a size divisible by 1024?

  36. For anyone looking at this now, there are utilities for fixing rom length to make hacks flashable. Also, there are flash kits, like the Flash Boy, that can write to cheaper flash carts. All this is a consideration if you're developing your own games for physical production.

  37. Where can you find blank carts (not just cases)? Also, will this write over standard old carts of GB, NES, N64, etc?

  38. I would love to be able to do this and just play the games that I want. I see on your computer that you have the game files on there. Where could I go to get the game files to download onto the cartridge so that I can play whatever game?? Thanks in advance

  39. Can you make a gba repro using a gbc cart? I like the asthetic of the game cart sticking out of the console.

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