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Let’s Refurb! – Greasy Silver Game Boy Micro!

The Retro Future
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  1. GBA micro is the worst GBA ever it doesn't have backwards compatibility & uncomfortable as fuck. Idk why anyone would want one lmao

  2. The only thing wrong with mine, has got to be the faceplate and it's weird scratches. Can't just throw whatever I want on it, though; it's the Famicom edition :/

  3. Always wanted one of these when they came out when I was little. But I already had an SP and our financial situation at the time prevented the unnecessary purchase. :-/

  4. How the f*** do you fing those thing for that cheap, the cheapest i found was 90 canadian dollars

  5. K imma open this package.
    Grabs badass knife
    Rips bag open with his fingers


  6. My favorite handheld system. The size of it is perfect. Was really hoping for a Switch Micro. I'm called OCD with my video games because I keep the so clean. Videos like this make me happy knowing I'm not alone. I always say video games break for 2 reasons. Being dropped or being dirty.

  7. I've always wanted a gameboy advance micro if I can find one cheap enough soon I may order one of those and a few of my favorite games where did you get that awesome pocket knife from man.

  8. Someone must of eaten some McDonald’s before touching that gameboy but why it gotta be greasy 🙁

  9. Finding Nemo and the Incredibles on an old Gameboy Micro. Talk about my 4th grade year. 😂😂

  10. That proves Eliot’s hate for the lanyard

  11. This is my dream gameboy when I was a child. 🙁

  12. Hey that's a really cool pocket knife. What kind is it

  13. The lanyard IN THE BIN 🙂🙂😂😂

  14. I’m starting a game boy collection So Far I have a Rare Pikachu GBC and A Transparent GBA SP with a broken hinge. All I gotta get is Original Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Light, Game Boy Advance and the micro!

  15. What type tri-wing is used in disassembly?

  16. @The Retro Future , I noticed that when you tried to charge it the start/select leds flashed blue for a split second. Is that the sign that its a battery issue? I just got a tested famicom edition off of ebay and it powered fine out of the box and ran for around 3 hours before red leds came on. went to charge with supplied cable and i get a blue flash then nothing. left to charge over night, and it ran for 15 minutes before going red again.

  17. The screw on the battery door of my Game Boy Micro ended up stripped, so I decided to try to recycle one of the screws from an old broken floppy drive I had picked up. It turned out to be a perfect fit, and I've been using that screw on my Game Boy Micro's battery door ever since.

  18. When I fully charge my Game Boy Micro, it won't turn on for about five minutes. Not only that, but the charging indicator lights refuse to turn off, even when it's done charging.

  19. My original case screws were torqued on so tight. Luckily I didn't strip any with my triwing driver. But just be careful and apply a good deal of pressure down on the screw before turning them ever so slightly.

  20. Do you have an eBay (any) account that you sell your restored or old tech on? I would love to check it out

    I still have the gameboy Micro I got for Christmas when I was seven years old. I dropped it in the bathtub that year but dried it in front of a fan all night and it still works to this day 13 years later. Having my mom ship it to me now because I miss the nostalgia. It has a few glitches with turning on and battery life but I probably just need to replace the battery. I have the three original screens (silver, camo, and flame. But I lost the silver one)

    Oh and the first game I got for it (that my mom bought to go with the micro) was Spyro. Damn dude.

  21. I have a pink one

    The battery hasn’t been turned on in about 11 years so I might need to change it

  22. Annoys me that this tiny thing had a headphone jack but the SP didn't.

  23. I'm surprised you didn't just clean the lanyard

  24. Just dump it in alcohol and let that bitch soak for a minute. Not sure if that would mess up the plastic doe.

  25. I enjoy watching your videos I tried doing a mod but never worked out watching your videos makes it look easy your like a professional modder I'm gameboy collecter your channel relaxes me I enjoy video games.

  26. Do you know how to repair the volume regulator? I have a GBM that can only increase it.

  27. I got one just like that and it doesn’t work

  28. do you know any where to get replacement parts for micros im looking for a black backplate for mine its really dinged up lol

  29. Haha you hated that lanyard so much you butchered it and then lit it on fire. Hahaha

  30. Anyone has solved the faceplate hitch problem? (internal plastics 3D print or alu-made part)
    It's like the biggest in-need spare part GBM owners search for – anyone who would do it would easily earn $10-15 per part WORLDWIDE (thousands of people would buy it instantly if anyone would try)

  31. How can a video have almost half a million views but less the 6.5 likes?

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