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Let’s Refurb – Faulty eBay Game Boys!

The Retro Future
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  1. Do you need a soldering iron for the black lines or can you just use a hot material?

  2. My Gameboy is dying! Will try this out…

  3. I think those little black bits on the rubber button membrane are graphite, which is conductive and explains why it looks a bit like pencil on the paper

  4. Hey today I for my first time took apart and fixed my own faulty Gameboy and used your video as a tutorial thanks the retro future ! Plus I am so chuffed about soldering for the first time as I also used a backlights and invert module

  5. Complete Case into Dishwasher —> Done…

  6. Thank you for the screen tip! My Gameboy is now perfect!

  7. My dad’s GameBoy had the same problem with the screen in the 1990’s He Eventually gave up on the GameBoy. Now I know how to fix it and how easy it would be if he still had it.

  8. Thank you so much my Gameboy has been dying and now I have a fix glad I subbed

  9. can you please stop to blast music in my ears? Mix it better

  10. I have two of those. One is working absolutely fine and looking quite good. The other works nicely as well, but the ‘dark grey’ “glass” cover is off; however it is still in one piece. It’s just that the glue gave way. There is residue on the front shell, where the cover used to be. Does anyone have a tip as to how to clean this residue off and get the frontage back in place? I have now used 3M Magic Tape, which is a kind of non-distructive sellotape, to temporarily set it back against the shell as so as to not loose it or damage it, but I’d much rather it’d be glued in place again. All of the buttons, connectors and the cartridge are in nice working order, as is the speaker, so there’s no real need to disassemble it, and therefore I’d rather not do that to begin with. Any help is appreciated.

  11. Finally someone who thinks Pokemon yellow is for the original game boy.

  12. It feels so satisfying watching retro electronics get refurbished. Ugh. Love it.

  13. I want to get an original DMG just so I can give it to children so they can be confused.

  14. you did nothing… show how you boiled the cases of ur fake gameboy lot…

  15. Fixing busted consoles is so addictive, glad these channels exist

  16. I love buying my retro game stuff broken. Repairing it feels like you're saving a life

  17. i have a game gear with a similar issue on the screen, a block at the top part of the screen is gone… any tips for this?

  18. Have you ever run across a speaker issue with one of these? I just picked up my first an I'm getting no sound. The outer screen has detached suggestions for remounting?

  19. If there's a black stain on my screen even though the Gameboy is turned off does that mean I broke the display?

  20. This channel is better than most repair stores. He doesn’t fix one problem and cause another, yet call it a day 😉

  21. Hello the retro future can you email me your address look at my description on my channel to get my email I want to send some DS’s to fix

  22. Sadly, i have horizontal lines 🙁 what a shame.

  23. I was fixing a dmg 01 gameboy while i was watching this! mainly a deep clean though. because i cant fix the horizontal lines 🙁

  24. i bought a N64 today and it came with a free DMG Gameboy extra, its in almostz perfect condiion but the screen had some dead lines on it, i used the soldering iron technic and it worked! just finished cleaning it, looks inrcredible

  25. Dose anyone else just watches him just to help you sleep cuz I do

  26. Is there a way to clean the yellowed one ?my uncle gave his gameboy to me and my sister when we were young and it's now really yellowed 🙁

  27. do you need to put back a rubber strip back on the bottom of the screen when you repaired the vertical lines?

  28. I keep going back to this video it's the perfect mash up of beats and refurb. Props to the audios

  29. thanks for the life hack on changing the contrast to see the screen

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