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Let’s Compare the Game Boy Advance SP AGS 001 to the AGS 101

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Today I compare the two different versions of the Game Boy Advance SP, and give you some tips on which one to keep your eye out for.

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  1. The 3 colors for the remodeled with the good screen is blue black or pink.

  2. You should have showed them in a dark room. I paid 60 bucks for a clean AGS-001 and the 101 is 140 dollars. Not worth more than double imo.

  3. Tbh even the lowest setting on the GBA SP ags 101 is a tad to bright and the highest setting on the GBA SP ags 001 is a tad to dark. Wow
    Great Job Nintendo …🙄

  4. This made me interested so i found my old blue GameBoy… it's an iQue manufactured AGS-101 model! Cool.

  5. My gba looks pretty bright with the the setting on and it looks like the 101. But it looks more like a 001 when i turn the brightness off. I can still see the game fine but it doesnt show much of the resemblence to the 101 with the light off. So im confused if mine is a 101 or 001, because there isnt a sticker on the back because it was peeled off

  6. I use to have 2 or 3 of these when I was a kid. An honestly was probably my favorite hand held device I’ve ever had. Now I can’t find one any where. Pawn shops never have them marketplace never has then. Craigslist usually only has broken ones ment for parts. For some reason I’ve been feeling hella nostalgic lately an I been wanting one.

  7. I bought 101 you can change screen with 001 gameboy advance sp are great fun I like your video 🙂 🙂

  8. I got a silver one but I can’t tell which model it is because the sticker is off of it that had the serial number and all my screen looks pretty good though but I don’t think it’s the 101 model

  9. I bought an advance sp thinking it was a 001With a replacement shell but it a legit 101 score and a half now I have both because I got a 001 with a bad battery for 40$ so both for 60$ each. I finally got lucky

  10. I just got a 101 model on a garage sale for only 30 Bucks. I guess its a steal price

  11. My model says ags-001 and it is backlit, and has more of the ags-101 traits… I’m confused…

  12. So I never realized this when I got my SP for $20 last year but I have the 101 model & now found out people are paying big bucks for it 😅 I'm keeping mine mind you but when I see any for sale I'll snag them up for sure!

  13. Just bought a 001 for my game collection, but I wanted to say I subscribed the second you said “look at the jerrad woowooowoo” (I guarantee I butchered the spelling of ur name I’m sorry)

  14. I kept my dark Grey one, I had another gba sp the light blue one with the white buttons but I gave it to my friend… guess I got the better gba

  15. Really wish back in the day the NES edition GameBoy Advance SP had the backlit because that front light as helpful as it was at times the whiteness looked like horizontal gamma hue or something and rather annoying on the eyes. Shame they didn’t take what Color’s screen does with pixels reflecting light in bright areas or best used in sunlight for max color vibrantness.

  16. I just bought a really used cobalt version
    Perfect picture display but for some reason there’s no sign of sticker ever being on the back just plain Jane no info what so ever on it

  17. It's so hard to find a prestine condition of 101 like yours

  18. the fact is: if u are a true retro gamer, and really want to feel like "you felt" as a kid, go for the ags-001

  19. Is it normal for the power light to go red when switching it off?

  20. I have an AGS 101 in pearl pink.. so that is a possibility as well

  21. I consider myself lucky owner of the 001 model, the original one, i had back in my childhood

  22. So basically the backlit screen can't be turned off on the 101 model, it's always lit and can only be dimmed. As where the original model is front lit and can be turned off

  23. I got my SP when it launched, so I wasn't aware that a backlit model even existed. To think I'm only finding out now, almost 20 years later.

  24. Thanks! I just found out I also have the 101! I Appreciate it 😎👊🏼💯

  25. I had a 101 as a kid but recently got a 001 and I think I like the 001 more. 😀

  26. I have some fond memories with that launched GBA SP. Didn't really ones the original GBA, we all know the flaws. But the launch SP was a gift and I treasured it always. Then time came to trade it in for the newer hotness, which K it happened today.

    Videos like this really helped me to identify my purchase, to make sure I didn't get ripped off. I have the 101 black.

  27. People: "I play the AGS-001 to keep from straining my eyes."
    My gamer ass: "I don't have such weaknesses."

  28. motion clarity is shit on the ags-101 though

  29. A lot of people to this day still aren't aware of the AGS-101. Nintendo didn't advertise it. (It uses the same screen as the Gameboy Micro and the DS Lite.) I discovered it accidentally. I heard a rumor that there was a new one with a backlit screen, but it didn't seem credible. I was in Gamestop for another reason, and saw on the shelf "new brighter screen". They had a display model, so I went home, grabbed my launch SP, and traded it in right then. I still have my 101 to this day, and it's still in like new condition.

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