Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Colour + Fake SP -

Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Colour + Fake SP

The Retro Future
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  1. They really missed the opportunity of naming it gay boy

  2. 9:33 This should be in a creepypasta where someone gets a GBA SP that turns out to be cursed or something like that.

  3. From what I've seen online the GB Boy is liked more by everyone than the original game boy color.

  4. The fake SP needs some mods done to it to make it bearable

  5. You should have facilitated a Pokémon trade between the color and colur

  6. "MMMmmmmMMMmM PReTTtty gOooOoodD!"
    -The Retro Future, 2017

  7. The GB Boy Color is actually kind of good though.

  8. The fake Gameboy Advance SP gave me the CoronaVirus.

  9. Where did you bought the fake game boy advance sp

  10. Can you have your own website to order one?Can you have your own website to order one?

  11. Note all SP are this way, mine have good áudio

  12. I'm interested in the SP clone do you know where I can buy one?

  13. I know that this is a 3 year old video but it would’ve been cool to see you mod that clone gba with a working game cart slot. That would’ve made that thing a bit more… bearable.

  14. For the game boy advance sp I would get the ripoff because it looks cooler plz deliver it to me

  15. My mom will buy me a fake gba sp that only costs 12$ and it has built in games on it I think I like fake versions of gameboys
    Edit: I don't have to buy a frikin cartridge

  16. Wait. Wouldn't GB Boy Color stand for Game Boy Boy Color?

  17. Hey the switch is not terrible! 😐

  18. Pocket Bomberman locks up on my GB Boy Colour. it only has one sound channel unless you use headphones. Also it runs a little faster. Other than that I think it's great.

  19. OwO a bootleg console that plays the original games :0

  20. I am in Vietnamese and am looking to buy GBA SP !?

  21. Say what you want but I feel despite all the garbage from China that China is moving up in the world and actually can make some legitimate, original and ethical products for competitive price but only the experts know the which Chinese market is legit but it's a feeling of accomplishment when Chinese products actually work.

  22. Honestly I like the knockoffs way more. Free backlight??? Roms??? These are awesome

  23. Can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not :/

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