Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Colour + Fake SP -

Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Colour + Fake SP

The Retro Future
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  1. He swaps between sarcasm and reality so much I don’t k ow what to think😂

  2. Opa locka FL flea market has a bunch of fake gb advance sp

  3. Me: buys GBboy colour

    Thanos:All of the for a drop of blood

  4. I want one of the gb boys I can't find any good game boys on ebay

  5. wait, what does the gb mean in gb boy then?

  6. The speed in the fake SP is probably 66%.

  7. A Tip before buying a Gameboy Color



  8. When he defends the ripoff more then the actual thing

  9. They're useless famiclones. Sad, I thought they'd play cartridges

  10. The gb boy dont actually look bad for a clone console its not the worst i seen

  11. i think the sp cloan is underclocked. if you can overclock it somehow it may fix the sound

  12. the worst thing is that the gameboy boy is better than the GB

  13. Idc about knock offs unless i can play my fav games

  14. no one

    really no one

    gumball viwers:gamechild

  15. I would legit get a bios file and reset that fake gba bios, its so horrible

  16. I own a gb boy colour its realy fun and works well

  17. Ahh, my favourite handheld console…

    The Game Boy Boy.

    With the extra emphasis on “Boy”!

  18. The box of the GBA SP ripoff uses cover art for Mario Party DS, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2

  19. Gb means gameboy so that makes it gameboyboy

  20. Dude, have you heard the gba sp blue edition creepypasta

  21. I have gb boy colour and its worth it🙂👍🏼

  22. You sold me on a knock off console, I'm not sure how I feel about that

  23. When I saw Contra on that fake GB. It made me cry cuz I remember finishing Contra when I was a kid and now I can't even get pass the first level.

  24. oof that gameboy sp sound sucked my soul outta my body

  25. This is the kind of shit I would get for christmas cause my parents were dog shit poor

  26. Ah the famous blood on a circle, great selling point 👌

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