Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Colour + Fake SP -

Knock-Off Game Boys! GB Boy Colour + Fake SP

The Retro Future
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  1. I have hunch that kongfeng is gonna make gb boy advance

  2. could you put the fake sp screen in a real one as a budget backlight

  3. the clone gba sp is a satan version of the gba sp, due to it's really deep sound

  4. Does anyone knows if you can put the inside of the GB Boy in a Gameboy Color shell?

  5. I know this video is old now, but I was actually convinced to get a GB Boy Colour at one point. And mine was terrible. The built in games wouldn't save, and it managed to erase all my saves from my original copy of Link's Awakening. I checked in a real GBC later and the saves still worked after doing a new test save. It also only worked at all for two weeks. It eventually started just turning off on its own after a minute of power on with full batteries.

    I'm sure they can be good, mine was just defective.

  6. My GB BOY only lasted for less than a year, poorly made with cheap components ,

  7. Yo is that the game boy advance sp blue edition

  8. Do you play guitar?
    You seem to be ambidextrous, and have good dexterity and finger independence.

  9. The GB Boy Colour's wrong aspect ratio is a no go for me !
    (I won't even talk about this fake GBA…)

  10. When GBA SPs have a Valium addiction…

  11. I wonder how many kids grandparents were tricked into buying knockoffs because of similar packaging. That's a disappointing Christmas 🤣

  12. Maybe solider a og cartridge reader from a original

  13. This is the 2nd video that showed up on my recommendations! I enjoy your videos, you got new subscriber!

  14. This got me thinking, it would awesome if someone made gameboy colour screen lenses with the added u for us brits.

  15. GB Boy COLOUR <– Australian way of spelling "COLOR"

  16. You can probably pull the sp off by putting a game in there then also say your sound is broken

  17. Does anyone know where I can find the knockoff SP?

  18. So I know this is 3 years later but I recently got one of these. One of the issue I have with my system is that it deletes the save file off of my games. Has anyone else had the issue of this thing deleting the save files from their games?

  19. ‘This is really crap, it doesn’t work but they’re getting hard to find these days so I’m glad to pick it up’ Lolwhat? 😅

  20. I believe the motion blur was present on the original gbc but wasn't as obvious due to the screen type and lack of lighting

  21. @ The Retro Future, you should build a game boy sp inside of a 32" tv, and hardwire a controller to it… I would totally buy one if it was wired for American voltage… 😁 Keep up the great work, love the videos!

  22. Kid:Mom can I get the new Gameboy?
    Mom:but you already have a Gameboy at home
    Gameboy at home:

  23. 1:40 Imagine that is how they are distributed. A retailer gets a load of cheap empty boxes, then adds a drop of blood to the desired colour and – voila – requested GB Boy gets summoned inside.

  24. GBA SP bootleg is from chuangfa

  25. Blood on the circle, GB Boy demands a sacrifice.

  26. i own the GB Boy Color and it is actually really good. one of the best bootlegs

  27. That fake sp probably has a screen protector still on it

  28. I honestly would buy the Gameboy Color bootleg just for the backlight screen.

  29. This the kind of knockoff gameboy you find in thrift stores

  30. The GB Boy actually would be pretty good if it wasn't for that squished screen. And not doing well with multicarts and flash carts is kinda crap.

  31. The gb boy color is actually nice
    I saw a lot of one's really cheap
    And now i know that they function
    Without flaws

  32. try conecting two gba's (the original and the fake one) throught a link cable, id like to know how that goes

  33. That fake game boy color you have is 20 quids for you but for us Americans that is $105

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