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Kirby’s Dream Land (Game Boy) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

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A playthrough of Nintendo’s 1992 platformer for the Nintendo Game Boy, Kirby’s Dream Land.

Kirby’s Dream Land was the first time we ever got introduced us to Kirby, and stands as an excellent first title in one of what has become one of Nintendo’s prime franchises, as well as one of developer Hal’s enduring hallmarks (even if it’s just one among many amazing games they produced, including the Mother and Smash Bros. games).

Things have changed a lot for the pink puff in the past twenty-five years. He was just as cute and cheery then as he is now, but in the original adventure he hadn’t yet gained his ability to take on powers by eating his enemies. He flies, he inhales, and he eats, but except for a few predetermined moments, those are the only means of protecting himself that he has.

It definitely makes for a simpler game, but not a worse one. The levels are varied and extremely well detailed. This was seriously of higher quality than most NES platformers for its presentation! The music is great, and though the game is short and easy, there is a hard mode included. Still, that didn’t stop me from beating the game within a couples of hours of playing for the first time, but I loved it nonetheless. The mechanics are spot on, it’s never frustrating, and it’s generally just plain old fun. Nothing wrong with that!

I think that this one is still my favorite of the entire series.

And the shout-out to the Lolo games on the second stage – super sweet.

Recorded using the Retroarch DMG shader for that classic Game Boy look!

If you’re interested in seeing the colorized “DX” version, you can see that one here:
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. First game I've ever played. The nostalgia man :')

  2. Esse jogo fez parte da minha infância

  3. The soundtrack is bringing back some great memories. 😊

  4. This game has quite a lot of unique enemies,too bad most of them never appeared again…

  5. My childhood. Love especially the final boss fight and the ending scene

  6. 엄마랑 대전 내려갈때마다 늘 하던 게임기

  7. My older cousin had a GameBoy and only had tetris and Batman as games to play with. When I was 9 I remember my little nephew running up the stairs and screaming "We Have A New Game!" and it was Kirby's Dreamland 😄

  8. i never knew that kirby's exhales after flying for too long could take out enemies omg

  9. The emulation is absolutely impeccable here! When you pause it and go frame by frame (with "," & "." keys) you even see the screen blur! It's incredible! Well done.

  10. Oh… The nostalgia… I remember getting my gameboy back when I was 14… This used to be my favourite gameboy game… That was 2 years ago lol

  11. You were a lucky kid if you had a Gameboy and Kirby's Dream Land back then 🙂

  12. The worst part was you couldn't save your progress you had to finish it in one hit! Haha

  13. When I see this, I think about being 15/16 years old all over again, when everything that I did revolves around creating video games and building computers! I enjoyed this blast from the past.

    In retrospect, I think Kirby lowkey predicted issues with ISIS, as well as the world hatred for Islam. Look at that little creature shooting at Kirby @ 12:22. Don’t it resemble the logo for Islam ☪️? Just saying….

  14. Wow from the music to the took me back..I remember the first time the mask chased me!😨


    -¿cuando has nacido?
    bueno yo naci gracias por un game boy en año 1992

    -¿quien es el rey del dream land?
    ash es facil. Es rey dedede

    -¿por que eres rosa?
    que ms esperabas que soy color mesa :V

    -¿estas harto de que te digan lindo y bonito y cute?

    -¿por que tragas to?
    por que tengo agujero negro en mi panza 🙂

    ADIOS ^_^

  16. Dudeeeeeeee such an throwback. I got gusebumps 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  17. Is it me or the music on this game was kinda more cool than the others releases during that time? Really cool video!

  18. Hey you know that butterfly, that was morpho knight ALL ALONG

  19. Do Kirby's dreamland 2, and emulate it just like this.

  20. Such an easily lovable and playable game. I’m thinking of buying it. I think I could really enjoy this.

  21. What emulator do you use? Is there any for PSP or Nintendo 3DS?

  22. i get tears in my eyes from that melodies. beautiful childhood memory. iam glad i didnt finish this in 17 minutes as a kid 😀

  23. Fucking nostalgia… I played this hundred times.

  24. This is Kirby's greatest game ever with sales of 5,000,000 units worldwide x $10.00 = $50,000,000 or AUS$34,207,250!! Best level is the one where Kirby competes against his arch nemesis King Dedede!!

  25. I remember I could never beat the last boss it would piss me off😂

  26. Awesome! I remember his game as the coolest and best looking game I had on the game boy but I had forgotten just how awesome it is, thanks!

  27. 서울역에서 시작하고 다 깨면 대전역 도착했는데.. 건전지4개 순삭ㅋㅋ
    난 어렸을때해서 그런가 많이죽었는데 ㅋㅋ
    죽었을때 손가락이 콕콕 찍으면 커비가 벌떡일어나서 다시 게임시작했는데 그장면이 없어서 아쉽네요

  28. هذه اللعبة لعبتها سنة 1992 لو أجده أشتريه لأبنائي نظرا لعدم وجود ألعاب نظيفة على غرار هذه اللعبة و باقي الألعاب من عائلة نينتاندو

  29. One Word. Masterpiece. Not much else to say here. I remembered playing this on family car rides, a lot. It was always fun to see how far I could get before I have to stop playing. If it wasn't this game I've played, it was both of the Super Mario Land games and Pokémon Blue . It's just ridiculous that this cute pink puff has got quite the reputation for having LOTS of good games. Just like Super Mario . HAL , man. They don't mess around.

    Good Graphics (Everything is neatly detailed.)
    Good Animation (… For the most part.)
    Iconic Soundtrack
    Easy, But NEVER Boring

    EXTRA MODE!!! (The bosses have terrible, and unidentifiable patterns. It's so frustrating!)

    Final Rating: 9.7/10

    Play it, but avoid "Extra Mode" like the plague!

  30. I remember exactly where I was when I beat this in 1996. I was soooo proud of myself. You can totally enter the moon like a door though.

  31. I still wonder how I found this hidden entrance at 10:13 as such a young boy 😁

  32. back then when the games lasted for 25-30minutes and they were beyond godlike!

    and nowdays we have games that have 40hours campaing and they are shit!

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