John Salley: Video Games is Why You Have 40 Year Old "Boys" who Still Live at Home (Part 19) -

John Salley: Video Games is Why You Have 40 Year Old “Boys” who Still Live at Home (Part 19)

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Part 1:
In the final clip, John Salley responded to Chuck D blaming MTV for extending teenage years to 35-years-old. DJ Vlad and Salley discussed people failing to have real careers well into their 30’s in addition to Vlad mentioning college classmates who still live with their mothers.

Salley believes that video games and increasing gender equality have contributed to the change in society’s expectations. Salley added that because of the scarcity of jobs and young adults not having a real life plan in their late teens, they shouldn’t go to college or work until their 25-years-old.


  1. A lot of mixed energy on topics not good

  2. Chuck made a good point, it's the social scientists that have conditioned society, especially males who display arrested development. Research Tavistock Institute.

  3. Video games made gamers rich and ask sonicfox or chris smoove we even have pro players that get paid well

  4. Video games didn't have nothing to do with Michael Jordan being dubbed the greatest of all time. Lol

  5. What people dont understand is that living with your parents or your parents living in the same house as you is not a negative thing! Loneliness for the over 60s is a real thing!

  6. I work very hard take care of my family and play video games. It is very relaxing and help me cope with the real world. Dont be mad cause I kicked your ass in mortal kombat..

  7. Why don’t you delete all these videos. To offend and twist the comments of a prominent black figure like Minister Farrakhan, not apologize, not seek an appropriate correction yet you capitalize on assimilating and exploiting the hip hop and black culture. You’re a guest in our circle. I think you’ve forgotten that. Go about it the right way.

  8. Asian culture as well. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit to take it a step further, lots, if not all, African nations does it too. Children aren’t rushed out of the house. Only in America

  9. I only partly agree. A lot of it is the job market.

  10. The rich never leave they just move to the summer house or the one over seas but no one bats an eye cuz they rich.

  11. 24 year old MAN here. Play video games on my spare that..quite a lot of spare time. Live on my own. Pay my own bills. Almost have enough to buy a house. It’s priorities & time management not video games.

  12. Salley triggered all the 40+ video gamers.

  13. wth???
    Completely disagree with Salley, thats a BS statement. I played VGs a lot, havent lived with my parents since 18, did what I was supposed to do and I'm in my 40s

  14. Dang man. It ain’t the video game’s fault. Some people are just born to be lazy. Cod waits for me patiently whilst I handle grown up stuffs. Lol



  17. The 1960s counterculture movement started it. They promoted free love, long hair, unkempt appearances, risque music, drug use, and being a 30 year-old teenager.

  18. It's more than just video games. Weed, tattoos, 50 year-old rappers, smartphones, social media help make us perpetual adolescents.

  19. John Sally got money but he says stupid stuff sometimes. Next he gonna be saying violent video games causes all the violence in the world.

  20. So video games not the economy and lack of jobs is to blame for everything?

    Not that back in the day you can work a summer job and pay for college, now you gotta go tens of thousands in debt …

    Not that back in the day you could have a high school diploma and find a job that can take care of your family for the rest of your life …

    Now you get a master degree and can only find min wage paying job.

  21. this is one of the dumbest statements ever lolzz why do people like this feel the need to advise others blaming shit on others that are personal. millions of people play games as entertainment but have jobs and normal lives

  22. Good stuff as always, much appreciated. 🙏🏻 In the Torah, the age of maturity is 30. Definitely a better number..

  23. As a 22 year old I whole heartedly disagree 🤣😂 blame the mans mind set not a video game I’ve been speaking independent shit since I was 16

  24. Evolution the world isn’t the same can’t use old tactics

  25. How the hell is this video games fault?

  26. Video games are a hobby. Let's stop with the gamer stereotype. Games don't cause laziness, just one of the many preferred hobbies lazy people participate in. But people gotta find something to blame.

    As far as going to college at 25….that is the smartest suggestion I ever heard. Because I was told before and experienced this very same maturation at 25. A lot people wouldn't be in such pointless debt that stifles their buying power. After graduating and paying off my debt, I can't help but point out the scam that is college.

  27. But vince carter can play basketball till he 45

  28. That's why I'm go build my man cave business where father and sons can get away enjoy brother hoods kids will play ps5 nd xbox with other kids nd the adults can do the same thing have a bar pool table smoking lounge

  29. They're also the reason why I only date married women!!

  30. Ironically… I recently stop watching MTV Challenges for the same reason!! However…. I ain't going to stop playing video games!!

  31. Video games are only part of the problem THE real problem are the punk ass parents who don't teach their kids the life skills they need to make it.

  32. Why it seem like he talking about black ppl vlad u broke thru stfu and be blessed most grown men like myself play video games as a hobby

  33. American thing that. And sometimes your mother lives with you.

  34. Lol Vlad the worst. He wouldn’t let John speak just to hone in on how bad his former friend was doing

  35. Video games revenue has passed up sports as a whole. I think sports fans (or people who benefit from sports) are simply jealous that a teenager can become millionaire from playing minecraft.

  36. These people do not appreciate Poor People Economics in the age of Hyperinflation and Stagnant Wages.

    Your expectations do not pay my rent, secure my health, or moniter my children.

    John Salley and D grew up in a world(early 70's) when a man owmed a home, was not in debt, and had relative job security with a highschool diploma.

    A woman watched her own children in the neghborhood ahe grew up in

    Stay in your Lane, You Rich Dips.

  37. a white man an ex b ball player saying this

  38. According to this fool video games and not horrible trade policies which deindustrialized the U.S are the cause for so many to live at home.

    Honestly, his take is embarrassing

  39. A trade school is better now days.. my opinion.

  40. God bless Dr Omole on Youtube, who is the herbal doctor for curing me of herpes virus, I was going through a lot of pain when he cured me, thank you Dr.

  41. Wow he's 100% right… I wish I woulda took this advice before going to college

  42. There are plenty of jobs out there, but most “entry level “ jobs don’t pay great and require you to perform. That’s how you start and then move up to bigger and better things. Few young people now are willing to pay their dues and earn their way up to bigger and better things. They have an Entitlement mentality thinking they should start at 100K and and not have to work hard.

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