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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius FULL GAME Longplay (PS2, Gamecube)

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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius FULL GAME walkthrough Longplay (PS2, Gamecube) No Commentary

Watch it in shorter parts here:


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  1. Fond memories. I remember having so many games on the gamecube/PS2 but the discs are damaged. Nice to have a little blast to the past with this video.

  2. I just remembered this game existed I want to play it on my PS4 SOOO BAD

  3. I could never get past the first level as a kid. The clown mouth scared me so bad lol

  4. 🔥🔥🔥💪🤪💠🌀🔵💙🎮💛

  5. I remember playing this game too when I was young. Yeah, the graphics and the subtitles were a bit janky and outdated, but it was still a cool game to play.

  6. Como o Nick chegou???????????????????

  7. Man, this is nothing like the PC version of the game. Was it made by a different studio?

  8. This game is like Jimmy Neutron, but without the charm. The world here is large, but empty and lifeless, and gameplay looks a bit meh in the beginning. The other two Jimmy Neutron games on PS2 seem to have more effort and charm in them, and gameplay seems more intriguing on first blush.I've been doing some digging and seeing some of these Nick games from the time either being hit or miss.

  9. It’s crazy how little I remembered of this game until actually watching the gameplay and now my memories of it are so vivid lol

  10. can u play bugs bunny lost in time i thing its for ps1 only

  11. Hey Tikal what is your opinion on this game

  12. KingdomGuardianJurassicTalesofHearts1992 says:

    A terrible video game based on the 2001 popular animated movie that spawned into the 2002 good show we know and love. #jimmyneutron Welp, the GBA version of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was fun or maybe the PS2 version was okay.

  13. Reminds me about SB Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

  14. For years, I got stuck at 27:22. How did I not see that other platform with the button?

  15. Jimmy neutron Disney the wild kidz bop movie video game cutscene

  16. Great playthrough!
    I'm picking this game up today
    I had it as a 11 year old kid and now I feel like I want to play it again and add it to my collection 🙂

  17. holy fuck this game is terrible how did my tiny little brain enjoy this back then

  18. Please remaster this game like Spongebob Squarepants.

  19. Bomb it 😎😎😎😎😎😎📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱

  20. Wait… so I never made it past the first chapter of the game?

  21. Omg I was so small when I played this I barely could read but I would constantly play it.

  22. There’s something very unsettling about the ambience and lack of music in the different areas of the first level. Especially the clown! Aaaaaaah!

  23. Two times in the past few years, I played all the Jimmy Neutron games in a row in chronological order minus the gba versions. This one was the second most challenging for me, the other was Jet Fusion.

  24. Wow my 10 year old self played this game for a whole year and I don’t think I ever got past the clown face lever at the start , it’s amazing how much your congitive abilities become refined and perfected as you get older lmaoooooo

  25. Playing the magic carpet level as a child was seriously unfun

  26. Unconfirmed Member. If you don't have a Gamecube component cable or Gameboy Player, the Wii is a better option. Gamecube is better otherwise, since it has slightly better image quality with component cables, and you can use the GB Player. … Except I also got component cables for the GC.

  27. 0:12 Goddard: (thinking) Welcome, Jimmy Neutron. Initializing diagnostic mode. And also to you, the one operating the gaming experience. Now, Jimmy, this is the startup area. From here, you can either load or begin a new experience, and you can also take a look into your secret files, which record your progress. Your options room will allow you to do the gaming experience in many different ways. Now let’s proceed. Where to?

  28. 0:17 Goddard: (thinking) Jimmy, this is the hub. From here, you can access all of the entire world. So choose your first destination when ready.

  29. numbuh 6: ah crap! we forgot to shrink my teacher!

  30. Game is okay but the graphics are bad how about you try playing fnf

  31. "Ode to my Cube"

    By Katame Kothriis

    O, how I adored thee, cube so purple and neat

    The memories you gave me, so nostalgic and sweet

    Jimmy, Kirby, SpongeBob, and Mario too

    These games I still love them, through and through

    The nostalgia I feel, euphoric and grand

    The beauty you showed me, in each gaming land

    You taught me, and guided me when I still was a noob

    You made me a gamer, my lovely GameCube

  32. 4:10 Watching goddard turn into a pogo stick blew my mind when I was kid.

    This game is nostalgia, no matter how dated the graphics are

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