Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire interview: snogging the Hunger Games boys isn't awkward -

Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire interview: snogging the Hunger Games boys isn’t awkward

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Jennifer Lawrence reveals Josh Hutcherson picks on her, plus she reckons snogging the Hunger Games: Catching Fire boys isn’t awkward. Report by Lisa Snell.

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  1. Die Lawrence ist die falsche. 😥😥Die richtige Schauspielerin bin ich Anja Sterklov Shugli Regen. und das sind ales Alte filmen. 😎😎

  2. Oh Jennifer, I'm pretty sure the boys do feel attracted to you, they just try to keep things feeling normal between you.

  3. Woah! The spinning Cornucopia was real?! Cool!

  4. They sound like brother and sister 😀 hehe

  5. @fghfhg1212121 the only reason she cut it was cause she styled it to much and dyed it too much… Its not a lesbian hair cut… If your gonna hate go somewhere else

  6. Jennifer still looks good with short hair, she can pull anything off <3 and I'm sure the boys have or have had SOME feelings for her I mean…look at her!

  7. The interviewer reminds me if Tom Milsom so much woww

  8. She's so blunt in the beginning hahaha "my thoughts are I really wanna be in that room with them" ouch

  9. "josh liam and i could never be attracted to each other" are you sure jennifer? her and josh could have children and they would still say they'd have a brother-sister relationship

  10. "josh,liam and I could never be attracted to each other" hmm well that's a lie bc jenn and josh check each other out/flirt with each other literally ALL of the time..

  11. I like the fact that she cut all her hair off, but what the heck is she going to do when she has to film the 3rd movie? I think wearing a wig would look too fake.

  12. Wow Jennifer Lawrence looks a lot different from the film

  13. Poor Jen, she was just not feeling this interview/ interviewer. And she was honest about it. But like the professional she is, she kept on going anyway.

  14. Awww. I think she finds some lone interviews to be boring Lol. She much rather be joking around with Josh <3

  15. Its funny how when JLaw is in an interview by herself she is sooooo chill, but when she is in an interview with Josh she is really hyper Joshifer4lyfe

  16. Jen once tried to kick over Josh's head and she kicked him by accident so he was in a concussion. How did she not say that

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