It's Boys vs. Girls in 'The Big Bang Theory' Game -

It’s Boys vs. Girls in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Game

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Ellen tested “The Big Bang Theory” cast’s knowledge of general trivia with a boys vs. girls game called “The Big Bang!”



  1. Kaley is more penny then penny is penny 😂

  2. सर्वेश वैशंपायन says:

    Kelly cuoco 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. mayim is just being amy hahaha love her

  4. We speak English in the Bahamas Penny 😂😂

  5. Bahamian 😂
    That was sooo Penny 😂

  6. I feel like they're all classmates on a day trip

  7. That's not fair, there are girls missing.

  8. "Bahamian?" Penny in real life is … Penny. so cute haha

  9. How is this somehow more sexist than the actual show

  10. Amy was so happy 😂 everytime they gave the right answer

  11. If I ever met Sheldon in really life I would be like What’s the jyst physicist! 😝

  12. Its nice penny is smart in this ☺️☺️

  13. Its hillarious that sheldons standing in the middle cuz hes…….

    U know……


  14. Jim is uncomfortable to where should he be

  15. Penny is still less educated in real life🤣🤣

  16. ellen is like a school teacher trying to control her students from chattering 2:55

  17. The game starts with girls first so it should end with boys. Doesn't have basic game sense?

  18. Kaley: you should know you’re the scientist
    Me: she’s a neuroscientist lol

  19. Kaley: Bahamian
    Monica: That's not even a language!

  20. So, Kaley Cuoco is actually Penny!

  21. I was kinda sad that the questions weren't tbbt related

  22. Raj whispered because he still cant talk to girls

  23. What is the official language of the Bahamas?

    Me: Bohemian Rhapsody


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