Is This the Coolest Game Boy Case? -

Is This the Coolest Game Boy Case?
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Is This the Coolest Game Boy Case?

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  1. “Wow that case is so nice how much it is”

    “Yeah so nice it cost you $8967 and we will throw in some cat shit too as a freebie”

  2. Name:Gameboy Color
    Colors: i dont exist

  3. Does anyone have a Nintendo switch but one thing?

  4. Do you want have a Nintendo switch the watch all the game boys

  5. I’ve got one of these.. It’s Teal, tho.

  6. Where the heck is your Pikachu? It should follow you.
    Or did you trade it in or leave it in box you monster?

  7. While I may not be a case, I always thought the coolest GameBoy was the giant demo kiosk, which I’m fairly certain the front was all plastic to look like a GameBoy.

  8. I don't have a game boy color case so I put my game boy color in my pocket

  9. Old consoles were so dorky and weird
    Thank god I live in 2023

  10. Pikachu is Ramuh.⚡🇲🇾⚡
    O; Judicer's Staff(ves).⚜
    Learned Intercession.⚜

  11. I miss the gbc days. 90s and early 2000s were the best time to be a kid.

  12. I saw one like that in a local retro game store but it was a gameboy light with pikachu on it for 700 dollars

  13. why do people make these. leave the game boys in the 90s

  14. I still have my yellow gbc. I love the look of the yellow gbc plus the poekmon yellow cartridge, so much yellow

  15. I remember being hooked on this game circa 99/2000

  16. Александр Александрович says:


  17. That is so cool. I imagine what would a nintendo DS version would look like

  18. Normally I use adapter plug in with out the battery

  19. Where the hell did u find that dinosaur u just brought back a whole lot of memories

  20. ROZA…………….. NABA……. 10000000000000000000000000

  21. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😮😊jay Jagannath ❤u😊

  22. No backlight… I remember until today.. so difficult to play game..

  23. Watch one more short before bed at 3am: the short:asmr

  24. Sells it for 5 billion dollars.

  25. Me podrías a Nayarit mandar alguna Consuelito

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