Is the RetroN Sq the Best Way to Play Game Boy Games On Your TV? | Hardware Review -

Is the RetroN Sq the Best Way to Play Game Boy Games On Your TV? | Hardware Review

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The Game Boy Player is great and all, but it isn’t $74.99…

Hyperkin RetroN Sq Blackgold:

Hyperkin Retron Sq (Hyper Beach):

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  1. LouBlu08's Bad Mobile Game Ads Archive says:

    Looks more like The Retron Toaster to me.

  2. My original copy of Pokemon Silver no longer holds a save file- I wonder if this would be a good solution if I ever wanted to play it again? Considering you can't transfer Gen 2 Pokemon up to other generations, it might be a good idea. I'm wondering if it has an internal clock for day/night cycles, though. I really love that 80's color scheme, at least!

  3. It looks cool, but my retron 5 is still goin strong

  4. Thanks for the review; this definitely seems like something up my alley!

  5. Nahh ill pass. I already own both super gameboy and gameboy player.

  6. Great Review Zion! I think I'm gonna hold off getting it until further updates. I'm especially excited for the gba updates!

  7. I actually appreciate the sd card feature for a certain reason, my Pokémon Ruby Cartridge actually no longer is able to save and I assume that’s from a dead save battery (I could just try to replace it but it’s very precise and I don’t want to mess up the whole cartridge) , if it saves on an sd card, I won’t have to worry about the saving issue.

  8. would be great but they dont ship to them UK :'(

  9. I prefer using a backlit GBA or my GBA Player. I have a system region Modded so I can use either my American or Japanese disk.

  10. the cube takes a backup of the save, whichbis securely stored on the cube, but has fear about dataloss during write? even when copy of save is on the cube? thats totally unlogical and only bulls**t!
    i hate PR departments when they try to lie by talking nonesense

  11. It's called a PC been used for game boy since 90s

  12. Devices like this just make me excited for the Analogue Pocket so it can blow them all away

  13. Just get a simple ips screen it’s not expensive and less then the cost of a retron sq…😅

  14. The console has already fried my warioland 2 black cart jp all my save was gone will have to solder a new battery.

  15. Are game boy games still able to have display colors changed during boot up?

  16. I would totally buy this if I still had my Gameboy games for nostalgia. Gonna stick with Roms I guess.

  17. Now I fear the possibility of Nintendo announcing the GB/GBC/GBA Nintendo Switch Online app just after the patched version releases.

  18. This is incredibly exciting, but that price is a bit steep…

  19. Is there a way to switch the colour palette of original GB games like you could on the GBC?

    I have this Retron Sq and am enjoying it, but wish Retron documented some of its functionality better. There doesn't even seem to be a manual with its functions layed out.

  20. Perfect for playing all my Classic Pokémon Games.

  21. It's funny, because the Retron 5 CAN write your save file back to the cartridge. My guess is that since this is new inhouse emulation software, they just haven't figured it out yet.

  22. It would be great to have a consol to play my Final Fantasy Advance games on.

  23. Wouldn't you lose your save file on pokemon blue when the battery dies in the cartridge anyway?

  24. You got me with the link's awakening music.. my favorite.. not that new one tho.. why can't I have the OG DX version on my switch!!

  25. Great review, that save file 'feature' is a complete deal breaker for me though.

  26. At this point one could use a Raspberry Pi or a jailbroken Switch.

  27. DS games waiting to be recorded: ”So there’s a chance?”

  28. What happens if you play a game, make progress that saves to the system, then play the same game on a handheld and make progress and save, then play again on the system? Which save file does it use and how would it know?

  29. This has no chance of replacing my gameboy player.

  30. I can't really trust Hyperkin with my money anymore, I've two Hyperkin controllers (The Duke and the SNES mouse) and they both had some issue after a couple months. And the fact that Hyperkin has no support whatsoever in my country doesn't help.

  31. I bought one, just incase nintendo goes after them 😅 they also have one in black and gold.

  32. Where did you get the blue-vest-wearing Dixie Kong figurine?

  33. Can we get a tutorial video on how to download the firmware update??

  34. If this just played your carts without ripping data and uploaded roms on the side, I'd be more interested. For now, I'll pass.

  35. I LOVE the Kirby music in the background 🥲

  36. How about using the mClassic dongle with it?

  37. Its a great little system but was rushed and I wanted to play my Advance games so for now its my Gamecube

  38. Its just using retroarch if you hook up a keyboard and turn off frameskip on the stock firmware it works fine for gba.

  39. It looks interesting – I just find it odd that it can not ALSO be used as an emulation device? Like your dumping the game to the SD card and the save file as well – and playing it and saving it from there. That's great for all of the GBA games I own, but lets say I want to play some of the more rare/expensive ones? YES piracy is wrong – but until Nintendo releases the entire GBA library on the Switch I think GBA emulation falls under a grey area of law breaking. The cube is cute and I would buy one, but I would also need it to come with the option to emulate directly from the SD card.

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