Is the RetroN Sq the Best Way to Play Game Boy Games On Your TV? | Hardware Review -

Is the RetroN Sq the Best Way to Play Game Boy Games On Your TV? | Hardware Review

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The Game Boy Player is great and all, but it isn’t $74.99…

Hyperkin RetroN Sq Blackgold:

Hyperkin Retron Sq (Hyper Beach):

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  1. The Game Boy player hardware for Gamecube is not expensive at all. Only the software disc is and it is very easily replaceable with better software called Gameboy interface. So you're actually better off without the expensive and bad software Nintendo provided anyways.

  2. Save issue is dumb, requiring the cart even though roms are dumped is dumb. I'll stick to retroarch on my Wii U

  3. Finally I can play without magnifying glass flashlight attachment.. the future is now

  4. zion definitely channelling his metal rock star hair style.

  5. I still play my Gameboy games.
    On the systems they were made for.

  6. If your fussy about the how close to original this thing runs, just go out and get a gamecube with gameboy player.

  7. What bothers me is on a retron 5 I don't believe there is a save state issue where it saves to SD cards. So why not develop the console like that?

  8. I was sold till you told me it doesn’t save to the cartridge I have sold off my gba and gameboy games and when I saw this I thought awesome I can get it play on my tv and buy up some of my child hood favorite games but if I can’t save the game to the cartridge then that means I’m locked into playing only one game at a time and if I wanted to go back to play it I would be at square one.

  9. Another problem writing the save file to the cartridge is the gameboy games has a save battery and if that battery dies then you lose your save. So saving to the console is what I would prefer.

  10. ‘Don’t expect to treat it as an emulation machine”. It IS an emulation machine. Except it has all the bad qualities of software emulation and none of the good. What an absolute useless piece of shit.

  11. You can find a Gameboy Player for cheaper than the RetroN (although the price for one has gone up, I got mine for $20 a year or two ago), it's the boot disc that costs an arm and a leg, but that can easily be worked around by using Gameboy Interface. I really don't understand their reasoning for saves, it can dump the ROM and save file, but there isn't any way to play directly from the cart? Seems more like an excuse for lazy hardware/software design than them wanting to protect your save files.

  12. Sorry man, I have to go with the Pocket Analogue

  13. Roxolid productions made a custom update that fixed the framerate problem

  14. I was so lucky to get a Gameboy player set for 125$ on eBay a few months ago 💪🏽☺️ they sure are costly

  15. Im glad it doesn't try to write save files back to the cart because … a lot of my carts are reproductions off ebay that don't have their save batteries lol.
    Although my reproduction copy of Pokemon Gold with a missing battery actually crashes when I hit save. Not sure why.

  16. Is the super gameboy cheaper than the gameboy player? I was curious about it because the gameboy player US discs was pretty rare.

  17. Awesome review man. I'm waiting for my Retron to be delivered

  18. Writing a savegame to the cartridge is an absolute must!
    Agree completely with your assessment on this.

  19. Soon as I heard the caveat with saving, where it doesn't actually save anything to the cartridge? Nah. I'll be skipping this.

  20. I have one already and I hate the fact that it wont save the files to my cartridge, they might have their reasons, whatever they might be..But to me it defeats the whole purpose of owning the device, Please give me an option to turn this on and off. For sure it will always remain off on mine,

  21. I just got my Sq and love it but I have ran into issues with a few GBA games, so far I am having issues with Mario Golf and Minish Cap.

    Mario Golf loads the title screen and the menu you, but quickly crashes from that point on with the message NORMMATT in the nintendo style logo pop up while metallic noise comes out my tv.

    Minish Cap loads but quickly lets me know that all save files are corrupt. I plugged my game back into a GBA and they were fine and played. My issue with the file dumping the system does; if its the game I have to reformat the SD card to try a new cartridge, there by losing all my save files.

    Can anyone confirm they are having similar issues with these games or any others?

  22. Only thing would be if it has some type of connection for multiplayer or Pokemon games

  23. So you could put in a randomizer maybe?

  24. Dunno why Nintendo life bothered biasedly reviewing this scam of a console. How much did they pay you Zion? This thing is no where near 1:1 even for GB and GBC carts. Why bother with this overpriced, overhyped thing when you can have 1:1 emulation with save states, and writeable saves with gbi player for free on a gamecube; even with an amateur's knowledge of soft modding.
    Oh btw, this thing runs entirely off the free, open sourc, retroarch plug a keyboard into it and push f1. Just in case if you need proof this thing is a scam.

  25. The new version still doesn't play gba games for me

  26. Stumbled across this an seriously may consider purchasing. As someone whod probably have one or the other the save file not carrying over wouldn't be a huge issue. I'm more curious on how it looks on the tv.

  27. I think you need but know you wont do it and pull in your ego soem as the video is suppose to be about the retron not to have you promenade.

  28. Does anyone know if this works with everdrive?

  29. About 50+ hours into mine, with newest firmware release as of 2022.. LOVE it, like you said with new updates and deleting save data could be a deal breaker, and the whole save data to micro sd does get rocky.. but overall this an amazing opportunity to play your old games with friends in the big screen for low cost AND will bring you and your friends together for some serious competitive game nights. I’ve had so much fun reliving my last and the frame rates are making these games look better than ever. Other than the occasional music going out for a second I haven’t had any problems. Lastly… first night I got it, played for 10 hours straight and the system was hardly warm or hot at all. I’m expecting serious longevity with the retrain sq. Thanks for your video!

  30. Anyone gonna ask why there are x and h buttons for gameboy games 0_0

  31. So you can save it on the cube so you won't lose it on a cube but it'll be lost for the game boy so therefore it would be perfect just the only play Pokemon on the cube right?? 😶

  32. I like this retron SQ. But I found new things for GBA hdmi kit in kickstarter . Can Use switch pro Control For Gba console So cool. !

  33. If I have a digital reproduction cartridge would this still work?

  34. thank you I would love if the SQ could be a new Super Gameboy and Super Gameboy Color 2.

  35. the Secret with Game Boy Metroid 2 is that when you put in to the SQ it already acts like a Gameboy Color game the reasoning it does that I don't know but it dose in GBC and GBA and GBA SP so it will with SQ.

  36. well if you are playing GBC Super Mario Bros or GBA Super Mario Bros 3 you can play 2 players.

  37. I am looking to get it in Black Gold so it's like my Super Nes portable from Retron.

  38. Whats about trading pokemon between two games or fights via link cable?

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