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I’m Worried Pokémon Game Boy Games Won’t Release on Nintendo Switch Online

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It’s a roll of the dice, isn’t it?


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Pokemon Blue, Red, Yellow – Vermillion City & Pallet Town

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  1. Did ff7 make it? Can't you bet on chocobo racing? Might be a good indicator as to how it would be interpreted

  2. There is no way they would add online features, no matter what rating the games would get because of that. Making it look like pegi is the reason we may not get trading is ridiculous, lol

  3. I dont think we’re even getting gameboy on switch online. Just to spite the rumors Nintendo won’t do it. That seems to be how they operate.

  4. If anything these games taught me the dangers of gambling. Seeing as I was bloody terrible at it 😭

  5. Nintendo did not even initially plan on releasing the classic pomemon games on the Nintendo 3DS eshop. If the youtuber did not mention it in his video; Nintendo might have not have noticed it otherwise, the video by the way covers how to carry over your Gameboy color saves to back them up
    for future use and data preservation. The video was done in early 2020.

  6. There is already ways to play them through emulation, and apparently there is a way to get them off of your ROM to the actual cartridge. The video was uploaded before 2020, apparently.

  7. There is an android app that has pokemon yellow on your phone. There is an app by the same app developer that has either red or blue playable by the same method. The games are pre-installed into the app, so there is no additional downloading of the game necessary. Versions of the games this has save states that independent from other ROMs of the same games that you might have installed through other apps. They be played offline as well.

  8. Well, I would just want my 3ds virtual console yellow and crystal save files on the switch… But since they've made let's go an link's awakening remakes, I bet they might just got with a GBA virtual console.

  9. I'd play the heck out of classic Nintendo games. Although, I'd bet money that we'll be able to play them on the Steam Deck via some emulator magic before we can play them on Switch.

  10. They won't be released as part of the NSO apps anyway. Among many reasons, one major cause is that if these games come to the Switch, they will most likely have compatibility with Pokemon HOME, which will most likely need them to be separate apps

  11. i think they will here's why nostalgia easy $ for nintendo 6 Games red/blue-yellow gold/silver/crystal and if they want to throw a curveball they could give us green in english pokemon stadium 1/2 cause if stadium hits switch then gameboy games will come also opens the door for colosseum/xd and gameboy advance titles ruby sapphire emerald firered leafgreen plus they could tie in a shiny mew event for the stadium games as in japan there was a very rare not known about event that had like a 1% chance of giving shiny mew in gen 2!

  12. ive been holding off getting a switch purely because i want old GBC and GBA games

  13. If they made all Pokemon games available on Nintendo switch store of course I would buy it. That's funny I never played the game corner in Pokemon yellow version lol I just used my pokedollrs to buy what I need

  14. I played the shit out of those slot machines in the original pokemon games.
    Now I live in Vegas and I hate gambling. I refuse to it. I’m more worried about losing money for nothing.

  15. If they don’t release classic Pokémon on Switch I will be severely disappointed

  16. Personally I feel like the games are best played on old hardware. But but…..if I could buy Pokémon red,blue and yellow for the switch in a cartridge bundle deal i would jump to it.

  17. I don't think you have to worry about the rating causing issues… Most of the people who play these old games on new consoles are doing so because of nostalgia. Not having played the original Pokémon games when I was small (largely because I was too young), I was really, really bored playing the 3DS versions in a way that I wasn't when I played Leaf Green. I tried a few of the games available on Nintendo Switch Online and I was similarly bored. Game design has moved on and dwelling in the past is a waste of time for most people.

  18. I’d play the hell out of all the og Pokémon games if they released to switch

  19. They wont do it, bcz they want to scam another 60$ off everyone just to play pokemon red with shittier 3d graphics, and super easy difficulty bcz of the non optional new exp share system… its my fuckn dream to play gen 1-2-3 games as they are on the switch without them fucking the game up.. im willing to pay 60$ for gen 1 poke yellow on switch.. but nol u gotta wait years and pay for the shitty version

  20. The Pokemon lets go pikachu and eevee games handled it well. Maybe they'd do something similar to that

  21. that explains red and blue, but they can port ruby and saphire or fire red leaf green. game boy games only use one screen so they should be easyer to port than 3ds games. pokemon sells a lot, this should be a quick buck for game freak.
    mario games and zelda are beeing ported so bring pokemon XD gale of darkness

  22. i think that they can argue that online trading and home conection do nor change the games in any way. they are still the same games but were made compatible with current tech, its single player play experience and mechanics hasnt been changed

  23. I want a more serious and darker Pokémon series for the adults who have been playing since we were kids.

  24. Pretty simple. Lock the casino behind an age wall. Or simply recode the functionality if under 18 that you can purchase the rewards at an average out win/pay ratio

  25. They need to censor the games by removing access to the game corner slot machines and getting Porygon by special means. (hint: be subscribed)

  26. Did anyone actually Play the slots to get stuff?… or did everyone else just use the replicator glitch to make loads of nuggets, sell them and just BUY all the coins they needed for corner prizes?

  27. I feel like Nintendo isn't ever gonna release any RPG games

  28. I hope not. I'm not paying for their crappy online service, Just let me buy the damn games Nintendo!

  29. I would love to see pokemon added up to emerald and pokemon stadium 1 and 2 and pokemon channel from the gamecube <that one was a true gem

  30. Regardless of PEGI, the furthest they can rerelease games is up to Gen 3, which I am still not convinced will ever happen. Gen 3 will be a pain, because it’s unlikely they will also release the GameCube games, meaning that you will have to play through FRLG and Emerald three times just to get the Legendary Beasts and Johto starters. They also have to make the Lugia and Ho-oh events available again. Gen 4 and above will be impossible until they have another dual-screen system with a better touchscreen than Switch. And the internet features have to be accounted for.

  31. They should probably add the pokemon games from the ds and 3ds to swich or make a online thing

  32. Nintendo: "Why settle for platinum, when we could swim in copper!" – Nintendo if they decide not to release literal Heaven on the nintendo switch

  33. Finally!!!!! I’m excited because I don’t like the new version of Pokémon games for switch other than the Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

  34. If anything they will just put the ports from the 3DS to Nintendo Switch so that way there won’t be any problems plus Grand Theft Auto is literally on Nintendo Switch so Pokémon on the switch is fine

  35. I think with the N64 Games already on Switch it would be a great opportunity to release Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Silver/Gold/Crystal with Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 with the ability to load your games as carts. Since they are leaving the Eshop on DS it would make sense to bring them to the Switch. If Nintendo doesn't do this they would be loosing out on a huge opportunity. I think they should just keep them like the DS versions with local trades and no changes and allowing them to be carts in stadium wouldn't be a new feature. Since the games are leaving the Eshop on DS and Pokemon Home supports them I think they kind of have to re release them on switch to continue support. Just an idea: bring online battles and trading to Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 and problem solved?

  36. Tbh tho,

    You must be very dumb to be addicted to gambling

  37. Yes I will play them on the switch I mostly have the original game boy games on the switch definitely play them

  38. So fortnite, where the goal is to literally shoot and kill everyone with guns is cool, but old school Pokémon where ONE city has gambling themes is not okay, smh

  39. I’d pay astounding amounts of money if Crystal got a Sword/Sheild graphics and gameplay remake obviously minus the D Max stuff

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