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I’m Still Buying The Game Boy Color In 2021…Here’s Why

Spawn Wave
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The Game Boy Color was released back in the late 90s and was a big seller next to Pokemon games at the time that were hitting the US. Now it’s been passed over by many because of its stock screen, but the modding scene has come a long way making this handheld awesome even today.

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Tri Wing Screw Driver:

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  1. You should absolute never recommend people start out soldering with things like Game Boys. Why risk ruining a perfectly good (and these days expensive) console, with your lack of soldering skills, when you could just as easily grab an old dead motherboard for nothing, and practice on that first?

    Truly amateur stuff right here.

  2. Tbh, i was never really a fan of CBC.. the colour was so minimum, and the visibility could not top my pocket. The GBA felt like a real upgrade, so Id stick to the pocket till then. Then the sp came along, its form factor made that thing go anywhere I went, including the rechargeable batteries and lid screen made I my choice as a kid to carry around. I still play on it sometimes♥️ The switch is the first console in a long time making me feel like then.

  3. I was just looking at the mod when you uploaded the video! Gonna grab it soon.

  4. Man.. those veins💪💪 I'd watch videos of your workout regiment.

  5. Super thought you said, i have some Capcom tape here xD

  6. Gameboy colors on ebay are $90.00 no freaking way.

  7. My Nintendo Ds crimson plays gameboy games. I love it!

  8. Nice! I remember getting one to play on the bus going to work, then trading it in because I had trouble seeing the screen. I have a GBA SP I need to work on, but this might be a fun one too.

  9. This was my first actual project involving soldering. Did a little bit of practice work on an old 360 mother board. I had almost no issues and was extremely happy with how it turned out. I’d definitely recommend this as a first project.

  10. While you're at it, you should hunt down some of those indie Game Boy games that are being developed, such as from Spacebot Interactive and Incub8. Modern Game Boy games for a modern Game Boy.

  11. I still have GB and GBC and I love it but never had any Pokemon xD Best Regards SW 🎮

  12. When game and boy are highlighted, you move the alignment of the screen with start and select, you cannot individually color the words in the logo. The touch sensor is used for brightness and also enabling the various grid modes (tap and hold for 5 seconds).

  13. I've got a funny playing gba sp with a battery mod. Screen is totally worth it

  14. Well since that white case exists you can probably rit dye it any color you wanted 🤔

  15. Strongly recommend using the original membranes.
    They give the the gameboy that nice responsive feel.

  16. I bought the mod kit, just a week ago. Can't wait for it to arrive. It's my first time soldering.

  17. I have the atomic purple one Made in Japan un modded but still fun. The atomic purple one Made In Japan is harder to find then ones made in China and it has the battery cover intact to.

  18. The Retroad 5 Plus with the GB/GBC Extension Converter from Ali-Express works with the Everdrive GB X7 and the NES/SNES Online controllers if you use the 8bitdo SNES dongle. Just saying. HDMI out is a Plus too.

  19. Jon, you need to do a short video sometime as an introduction to soldering

  20. just ordered mine and a soldering station so ill join the swag nation soon

  21. your obligatory screwdriver set for Nintendo stuff,
    I wonder how many you have of those? 😛

  22. I have a Pokémon edition of the Gameboy Color that is in pretty good shape but I definitely thought about getting a better screen and probably a battery mod for it. I'm good with soldering stuff Ieam I used to be an electrician for this kind of stuff so easy mods are not something I specifically seek out or need.

  23. and now the game boy color prices will sky rocket

  24. Whenever I open up something it always breaks in someway, so I don't think I'm cut out for this lol.
    I messed up 3 PS2 controllers and a Game Boy DMG after opening them (I wasn't even doing anything crazy with them I just wanted to clean the shells)

  25. I have a couple GBC’s with this particular mod, and favorite feature is that there is no gap or space between the screen and lens, giving it a premium look much like the iPhone.

  26. I remember finishing crystal in 2020 on a dowloaded copy from the DS eshop and after finishing the two pokemon leagues i was able to obtain the item to get a celebi.
    I was so surprised because 20 years after the even it was still possible for some reason

  27. I really enjoy your videos over the years! I'm way into Game Gear currently and have modded 3 of them so far! A modder named Bennvenn is also creating an display kit for the VA4 & 5 and that's got me excited!

    I'd love to see you do a modding of the Game Gear on your channel (unless you already have)!

  28. I m glad that game boy color is back🎮👍

  29. If the buttons still work it's better to just use the official ones. Third party rubber membranes are never as good.

  30. Crull Lord of the Blood Legion of Khorne says:

    yeah i fould this one in 2012 or 2013 i think had a red light and overheat Gameboy colour died

  31. I think a better deal would be the Nintendo DS Lite, it plays the Game Boy Advance and DS cartridge. It is sold 60$ on Ebay

  32. Spawnwave: The soldering is not that bad!
    Also Spawnwave: Doesn't show actually soldering the wires.

  33. please stop with this stupidity! 50$ for the new screen and another 10 for the case to fit the screen???? why? just for the nostalgia of the shape?
    just buy a gamepad (with a clip) for your smartphone and play all the gameboy color and GBA games you want.

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