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I’m Still Buying The Game Boy Color In 2021…Here’s Why

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The Game Boy Color was released back in the late 90s and was a big seller next to Pokemon games at the time that were hitting the US. Now it’s been passed over by many because of its stock screen, but the modding scene has come a long way making this handheld awesome even today.

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  1. I like the GameBoy advance SP the most because of the technology advances. The Advance SP was the only gameboy with a stock backlight (other than GAMEBOY Light and the miniature gameboy). also with the clamshell design it was easier to protect the screen and it was more portable. You could easily fit it in your pocket. And what was cool is that you could play all the different generations of games. It's also one of the only ones with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. There are plenty of mods you can do to other GameBoys to have the same tech but i personally don't want to go through the trouble It's honestly my favorite GameBoy. I've never had any other type of gameboy other than the Advance SP and that probably led to why i like it so much but i just think its coolest.

  2. I got the BenQ like 3rd or 4th revision kit.

  3. Does anyone know if you can dump gameboy advance games into a gameboy color catridge. Would love to play superstar saga for my color

  4. I like the Gameboy Advance SP myself.Could you do this modification for your viewers?

  5. Do you know where it's also possible to have a quality GB experience like this without spending dime and doing all that modding crap? Emulating it with your phone.

  6. I cleaned my old GB Color, put a new glass screen on and I still play often.

  7. Just buy emulator app on your phone…..

  8. Why TF do you put videos up that will inflate the prices even more? Just cause you're rich and it doesn't fucking affect you.. Damn I hate you.

  9. I've got an IPS screen modded GBA. I love owning it but I have more GBC games that GBA. I love the GBC design; great looking little bit of tech. If the GBA was a portable SNES the GBC was a portable NES. Home of so many of the best 8-bit games ever.

  10. HELL, I am STILL buying games for: GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, DS and 3DS. The library of games for these systems are M A S S I V E. Just cause the Switch was released(which does NOT replace the 3DS, sorry people you so want that to be a reality) doesn't mean the previous handheld gaming systems should suffer or be ignored.

  11. Do you mean im still playing gameboy color and not buying?

  12. Would be cool to use a mod with a rechargeable battery via usb-c

  13. Pokémon Red or Blue? You mean Pokémon Yellow! 👍🏾
    Duracell Ultra is the best for long game sessions.
    Unfortunately my GB Colour is dead. Wish I could resurrect it.

  14. Mods a Gameboy Color, picks a white case…….

  15. The only reason I’m not buying it is because I have a second phone and I use it to play all my gameboy games

  16. I remember getting a gameboy color around the same time that pokemon gold and silver came out. I remember we got our copies of the game almost 3 weeks early but back then street dates didn't really matter and I remember we were the coolest kids in school for 3 weeks.

  17. I've always wanted a Gameboy color. As a kid I used to watch another kid play with it. I'm 27 n I still wish I had it.

  18. I got a Gameboy Color because of Pokemon. It was my first Gameboy EVER.

    Pokemon Yellow was my first Gameboy game that my cousin got me for Christmas. It was a fun memorable experience.

  19. Bro ur videos are good , but your voice is cutting into the ears, sorry no hard feelings. Gets very tiring after a while. 😖😫

  20. As someone who just installed this, I think you got the start and select pins reversed. The logo has 3 sections because it allows you to change 3 different settings, not change each word a different color. The first section is for verticle orientation which you can adjust left and right with select and start (This is now the opposite for me), the second is for horizontal, and the third is for the color of the words. Also if you touch and hold the touch sensor you can change the display to give it more of a retro look. Also, they just released a new 2.1 version where it has a touch antenna, not sure what it's for, but it does push the touch sensor against the wall of the console so you don't have to tape it, so that's nice. I could have gotten the wires mixed up somehow, but if you could check to see if your settings are opposite as well, then it might help someone else out.

  21. I bought one with a broken speaker on offerup. I replaced the speaker and ended up selling it at a profit.

    One thing to note though is that you will be buying new batteries often with that bright ass screen lol

  22. Is anyone else intimidated by his swole forearms?

  23. Just recently brought mines earlier this year …collected about 20 games so far still going. Was also thinking about putting a new casing but this original atomic purple is still prestine 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Anyone know where I can send my Gameboy color to get this done. Not very good with technology.

  25. or just get a retroboy(dotshop) which has over 300 games installed

  26. These titles confuse me. "I'm still buying"? Like present tense? Like, you keep on buying these things even though you already have one? Not playing, just buying the thing, over and over again?

  27. HELLO I'm new to the soldering thing. What soldering iron would you recommend in amazon ? "Thanks in Advance "

  28. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE BEST PLACE IS TO BUY A GAMEBOY COLOUR?? I want one that will last me ans wont break really easy

  29. The gameboy advance is still my favorite to mod. The form factor is by far the most comfortable and it plays all gameboy games. Always gets me though how all the gameboys I own still work to this day and I have back to the original brick from 89.

  30. I ALWAYS have my gameboy advance on me, still my favorite way to play games on the go

  31. Is pokemon red and blue a good game?

  32. I had a gameboy color when I was in elementary school. Grandpa surprised me when he took me to a gaming store to buy one including a game cartridge.
    The game was Pokemon Green where every Pokemon has 5 letter names. First the saves didn't work until eventually the game failed to start up. We obviously got some Chinese knockoff cartridge. FUCKING CHINA.

  33. What do you think is the best emulator DIY portable system? I was thinking of the Pi Gameboy

  34. The Game Boy Color is my favorite Game Boy (including the Advance and SP), I have two- I like the translucent ones. It has the best form factor. I do also have the DMG, the first one. They're nice to have and nice to know that you have it as display of history and where things came from but the one to play all with the time is of course the Analogue Game Boy which is the ultimate Game Boy, ultimate Game Gear and ultimate Neo Geo.

    God bless.

  35. I'd like one of these, but I'm not good at DIY. I rather buy one pre-built.

  36. I have done 3 gbc like that and 2gba and 1sp with those mods. Love it.

  37. These videos is why I appreciate and do not like the gaming community, one person or a group of people will say "omg I got a gameboy" or "I got a ds" which is awesome dont get me wrong, but then the community will consume so much of it that it's almost impossible to find a decent or even correctly priced one due to others seeing it as a right to overprice items. I was just able to get a gameboy color for around 80$ lowest cause every shop and person online and in person is pricing them so heavily due to demand. Love your vids though man very informative and best wishes to the community in their retro hunt

  38. Iconic devices can be used at any time of any year 😉

  39. All screen mods looks like shit IMO. Waiting to get my Analogue Pocket Q1 this year. That’s going to be the definitive way to play.

  40. Why do Americans say soddering? Where did you put the L?

  41. looking at the library the GBC is pretty terrible compared to the gameboy. Filled with shovelware of kids cartoons and such.

  42. Awsome video I have a couple systems I can mod…..

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