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I turned my Game Boy into a MIDI instrument

Emily Hopkins
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Using my Arduinoboy and MIDI controller, I turned my Game Boy into an instrument! I picked up an Arduinoboy Pro from Catskull Electronics and linked it to my MIDI controller to create sounds straight from my Game Boy.

00:00 – 00:41 – Pokémon R/B/Y Opening
00:42 – 02:13 – Overview & setup
02:14 – 02:42 – Game Boy w/ effects pedal (Arpanoid)
02:43 – 03:30 – Polyphony with Arduinoboy
03:31 – 04:47 – Game Boy w/ effects pedal (Microcosm)
04:48 – 05:35 – Sequencer with Arduinoboy
05:36 – 06:08 – Why it’s ✨COOL✨
06:09 – 07:13 – Game Boy w/ effects pedal (Habit)
07:14 – 07:57 – Other options (Nanoloop, DIY, etc.)

Gear used in this video:
⤑ Arduinoboy Pro:
⤑ Arturia Keystep MIDI Controller:
⤑ 5-Pin DIN MIDI Cable:
⤑ EQD Arpanoid:
⤑ Chase Bliss Habit:
⤑ Hologram Electronics Microcosm:

Curious about how I use effects pedals with my harp?

Download the audio from my pedal demos:

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  1. The habit is so sick.. definitely gonna have to pick one up soon.

  2. I've seen on this youtube, think the name is look mum no computer.

  3. thats realy awesome …. uff i like it so much …
    Much love from Germany ♥

  4. nice video are you half korean by any chance….i watch a lot of K drama's but you look like that 😊👌

  5. Why does she look like Hange from AoT when she has glasses on?

  6. I love the sound of taking it through Microcosm – it shows how it goes well beyond just a nostalgic toy (which isn't bad!) into a very real tool for musical expression that can go well into workflows.

  7. Hey this is awesome! Thak you for doing it. I also think it is fantastic you don't need a computer to play it

  8. You nailed that sexy librarian look. Love the way your harp sounds with the effects on another video.

  9. hmm i should try this i have a gameboy a original gameboy that i thrifted for 99 cents and it's been sitting in my room since then.

  10. This so so much fun and ugh could listen to the microcosm tunes on a loop forever.

  11. Thank you for making this vid, I've been wondering how to do something like this for a while. Thank You !

  12. WAIT YOU OWN A HARP?! That's so awesome. I've been trying to learn how to sample just so I can sample a harp.

  13. That was pretty cool, would have been awesome if there was a way to see it hooked up to your harp 😁

  14. The title should read: I captivated many men with my green sweater!

  15. It sound so good through some effect, beautiful:)

  16. Hardware is great if you are rich software is better and more easily controlled it sounds close to analog but there's nothing like the sound of real analog gear. What a nice life you have making music for a living I envy you for this

  17. Hahaha that intro was too much 🖤💜🖤

  18. This is really cool, I love chiptune so freaking much. Thank you Emily and the youtube algorithm. xD

  19. no explanation needed for why it's cool lol it just is!
    especially with that EQD pedal and then the Chase Bliss? wow that was awesome

  20. Arduinoboy Pro will be my next thing to buy, for sure, I didn't know it's existence.

    It's funny that somewhere in 2007/2008 Youtube barebone algorithm showed me for the first time what Chiptune was all about, and 13/14 years later the same grown up algorithm showed me this video out of the blue, like I was rewatching a mix between Trash Theory and GVMERS videos when the algorithm put this video into the mix <3

  21. Would you be able to do a tutorial video for changing sounds/presets? I only have one sound in channels 1-3. I'm just getting started with MIDI and everything thanks to this video!

  22. I have a question, could I have the audio from the gameboy go straight to head phones or do I need to have an amp? And how exactly do you connect the gameboy to the effects pedal? Sorry I’m new to this stuff.

  23. Love this. Hey what UAD interface are you using? Also do you tend to just use the unison pres or are there outboard pres you like and do you do more than just Harp and Keys/synths?

  24. Well now I'm definitely getting these for soundtrack composition.

  25. Okay, okay, okay, okay … How the hell did I miss this?! So much nostalgianessness love it. ❤️

  26. That arpeggiater would be great for boss battle music

  27. This is SO COOL. Also hearing you play that Pokémon red & blue song was transcendently nostalgic.

  28. That was the fastest I’ve ever seen something on social media and bought the product immediately! Also, are there midi CC’s for velocity and expression by chance?

  29. Kind of surprised that there isn't a cartridge with a straight up midi port on it for the Gameboy. There is for other systems like the Commodore 64 and with how popular the Gameboy is for budding chiptune artists on the go I almost assumed there was

  30. Thanks Emily. As soon as I saw these were available I snagged one. Always looking for small, cool gear to compliment my setup. 😎

  31. ….I need an album of microcosm. Wow.

  32. I just did the same setup like keystep midi oit mgb arduinoboy pro but not getting any sound it seems like it’s picking up some signal cuz the device blinks but no clue why I’m not hearing any notes? Is there something else about the setup i missed?

  33. Did you have any issues with noise? I've had some pretty vicious hiss on mine every time I tried it

  34. The haters Gollum’s voice is soooo cute 😂❤️

  35. You could create a retro soundtrack with gameboy midi effects

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