"I DON'T PLAY GAMES BOY" "I'll falsely arrest you" **WAIT WHAT** 1st amendment audit fail - iplayphonegames.com

“I DON’T PLAY GAMES BOY” “I’ll falsely arrest you” **WAIT WHAT** 1st amendment audit fail

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I don’t paly game boy said the office. I will falsely arrest you. Check it out and leave me your thoughts in the comments section below. Share this video with everyone you know and make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to get all notifications.

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  1. Shoulda given the Chief his say before talking over him. Seemed like one of the few good ones.
    Just sayin' check the direction of the wind first so ya don't piss into it.

  2. I'm a Civil Servant and I don't mind people filming me in or out of my official capacity!! Why are these people so afraid of a 📷. Ace fuel company has hopefully lost a lot of customers. 😂😂🤣

  3. My name is Larry Holland badge #812 and I'm grossly overpaid sucking county financial resources 💸💸💸💸

  4. Bro you don't need to harass him he's in good shape you know he does 100 setups every morning or 100 donuts

  5. There's two kinds of cops: the fat slovenly types and the steroid head morons.

  6. Boy whenever you have proof of something, them piggies couldn't ignore you any harder 🤣

  7. I love your voice man reminds me of Alabama every time I hear it I put a thumbs up

  8. That black person is lucky to be with you because I guarantee you would have been by himself they probably would have beat his ass up and took him to jail

  9. Can't wait for the day we get to join these guys for some audits. Y'all are legends

  10. It’s amazing how many people are afraid of cameras. And think they have a right to just tell people not to film on public property.

  11. Next time tell ‘em your truck overheats every once in a while, it’ll cool off in a little bit..lol

  12. He's mad because he had to get his lazy ass out of his car.

  13. Looks like Larry Holland is a real a-hole! This department already banned me from Facebook so I can't post this video there anymore. That's AGAINST THE LAW. They're public servants. They cant' stop people from commenting on their profile. They have to be hiding something…

  14. Fat Larry costs the local tax payers a fortune to reinforce the chassis on his cop car, AND for the triple ass sized chairs his department have to acquire, specially, for his greedy butt.

  15. Fat Larry is overreacting almost as much as he overeats!

  16. Wow, anyways, I can't believe Peter Griffin finally found a less worthwhile job.

  17. We the people agree he need to go let’s get this one out people

  18. Doesn’t matter whether you have an affiliation with a news network Jeff your private citizen standing in the right of way on the road neither the cop nor the property owners have the right to say anything to you and regardless of how they may feel about it suspicion and what not suspicion is in a crime when the cop got there you weren’t committing any crime then he has no authority to tell you shit is authority over you doesn’t begin until he suspects you of committing a crime and cannot take you like that to a judge if need be he’s got to be able to put it on paper say the statute that you violated

  19. It doesn’t matter whether he has conrenialss or not that cop may be a little better than the other one but he’s still a retard you don’t have to have credentials to be standing in a public space filming anybody Doesn’t matter where your connectentials come from whether you have them or not you don’t have ID yourself explain yourself or answer any questions as you have not committed to cry

  20. I mean to be fair long for some agencies aren’t journalists credential agencies they don’t have any authority over you regardless they’re only authority over you begins when you commit a crying I mean there are certain other exceptions you know traffic control and things like that but as far as questioning you interrogating you detaining you I ding you giving you directives

  21. Doesn't matter anymore they had their entire police force quit cuz they didn't like a black woman being in charge

  22. Lazy Larry needs Jenny Craig….so fat n lazy he's not even in uniform

  23. Worrying about you guys recording when that red and white sticker on the front door says the premises is monitored.

  24. How the hell does these people get a job and hold a job as police officers how does this happen They're worse than thieves and murderers they're officers at 10 times worse than thieves and murders

  25. Not just a tyrant but a fat uneducated hillbilly tyrant he looks like he's in his 3rd trimester.

  26. These uneducated small town tyrant pigs have been getting away with all kinds of shit for years time it stops.

  27. You need a floodlight for just such occasions.

  28. Well they won this one by getting you to retreat across the street.

  29. Once again, ignorance is a terrible thing. Most people fear the unknown and will react out of fear or pure stupidity. You have my respect for doing what you do because your efforts help us all.

  30. My god what a hippo. Has this tyrant ever been able to say "no" to a cheeseburger??

  31. Don't have to worry about the police in Kenly anymore.

  32. Hi Karen hi Karen peekaboo Karen peekaboo Karen

  33. Somebody needs to let the police know that when people call they need to ask where the people are standing because obviously the dispatch that took their phone call did not ask where the people were standing at and where the people are outside their property to make sure that it was their property or public property that's where the police station f*** up at in this video and the sheriff still probably doesn't understand where he messed up at as a sheriff

  34. Holland is just bitter because he's realizing the good old days of him barking his will and people immediately jumping are quickly coming to an end!
    And his efforts to blind you was like a mouse pissing in the ocean!
    Good work!

  35. Well this dept has NO phycial standards. This cops couldnt run accross the street no less aprend a real criminal and you see the chief will do what ever it take to PROTECT HIS BUTT BUDDY! Never trust police!

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