"I DON'T PLAY GAMES BOY" "I'll falsely arrest you" **WAIT WHAT** 1st amendment audit fail - iplayphonegames.com

“I DON’T PLAY GAMES BOY” “I’ll falsely arrest you” **WAIT WHAT** 1st amendment audit fail

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I don’t paly game boy said the office. I will falsely arrest you. Check it out and leave me your thoughts in the comments section below. Share this video with everyone you know and make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to get all notifications.

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  1. Go to show bad cop is just that, just people of color gets treated 2 times worse, fire all these out of shape racist people from being in charge of there wicked ways

  2. Next time they use the front lights on their car, split up. One to the left, one to the right. Enfilade him. He can't point the nose of the vehicle both ways at the same time.

  3. You can tell where the property line is and where the PUBLIC EASEMENT is simply by where the lines are run….why don't the cops know about public easement on ALL roads both sides, the type of road determines how wide the easement is from 20' – 60' from the center line…..COPS SHOULD KNOW THIS FACT

  4. Chief, if you wasn't there, why are you copsplaining?

  5. What's really going on inside that business something seems shady🤔

  6. Pigs like ,I can see why they get shot and killed, Tyrant super pig should be fired an released from his job, people beware of cop pigs like this he's so dam fat he needs to retire

  7. That cop is over weight and he is not professional at all. Who put a badge on him. Lord have mercy

  8. We need to let the potheads out of prison and replace them with PIGS like this!

  9. It was obvious the chief would take the officers side I bet he didn't even talk to him because they all stick together

  10. I could run to China before he ran 100 yards

  11. Recording people without their permission is the problem, other than that the station is public property.

  12. He sure didn't make himself look too good in front of that business owner and that's probably what he was mad about.

  13. An overweight donkey of a cop just useless he needs to retire

  14. please get a really big torch and do the same to them as they try to do to you it does stop them when they see a very good torch blinding them

  15. There should be a show called undercover police accountabllity show

  16. That pig was a 100% real 🐖 looked like he was in his 3rd trimester ready to deliver any moment.

  17. What a cretin! Country cops rule like the area is their own private dominion. The Chief is attempting to justify the fat cops behaviour. Disgraceful behaviour by both the officers.

  18. That fat cop is a typical stereotyped tyrannical depicted piece of shit depicted in many movies. Not good at all.

  19. Tell bosshogg you don't speak oinke and squeal

  20. Qualified immunity is so our government can take away our rights !

  21. Good video but the two auditors keep talking over one another.

  22. The second cop is no better. Right off the bat, he's taking the other officers word instead of investigating

  23. These camera calls must be ended immediately by the dispatcher.

  24. Time to take these tyrant effing pigs Bond so they can't be effing pigs no more and they can be grocery

  25. Looking at unhealthy tub of lard needs is qualified immunity stripped of his Bond taken from we're coming after your bond pigs

  26. Stupid ass tyrants need a treadmill. Is that a cop or a circus act?

  27. They all over the place in North Carolina. I agree 💯. Pender county is a good one to check out

  28. He tryin to blind me with his lights. The dumbass don't know it aint dark 😂😂😂😂

  29. I see there's no fitness requirements in that department. These must be UVALDE cops!

  30. Great job.. but maybe you should make it a habit to show us the property lines beforehand.
    Will be less stressful.lol❤

  31. My kinda guy a coffee? How about a bagel? Inhospitable woman how dare she! 🤣 NO for real. Hateful ass blankety blank.

  32. I love what you do.i would ask if you need anything but I don't have monster,red bull or bagels

  33. Brother your a cement wall it will take more then clowns to bring you down. Love from 🇦🇺

  34. Go get in your truck they can't tow it if you're in it

  35. They explained what they were doing when he got there.

  36. Fat Slob getting paid tax money for doing nothing



  39. How ignorant can cops be….. It's NAZI AMERICA SEIG HEIL…. US

  40. I love how they investigate when it comes to auditing they don't investigate s*** they assume everything and want to pry restrain / act like their Minority Report us this is not a f**** movie people's lives that they're playing with and they don't care because they're qualified immunity

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