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I Bought The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy On eBay

Spawn Wave
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After searching around for a while I finally managed to find a good looking Game Boy Light on eBay and had it sent over from Japan. The Game Boy Light is considered to be a rare collectors item and rarest Game Boy variant available since it wasn’t released outside of Japan. Today I wanted to take a look at the handheld and see how it holds up.

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  1. Should have compared it to a standard Game Boy. That would have really set it off. I'd've killed for this in '93.

  2. still can't find it less than 100 on ebay. holding out til i can get it locally in JP

  3. Awesome video spawn. You should consider doing a video installing light screen on gameboy pocket

  4. I forgot to mention the Handy boy. It was like announcing your nerd status from 4 miles away. It was also amazing for what it was, no matter how much people made fun of it.

  5. I just got a retroflag GPI Case and a raspberry pi zero w oc to 1100mhz and (32) 2800mah rechargeable AA batteries now I have 8,000 games on it. Time to relive my childhood

  6. I got mine for $70 about 4 years ago.
    Edit – yours is stuffed, that light should be brighter.

  7. I just bought a GBA SP 101 off eBay because I was sick of waiting on Nintendo to put GameBoy games on Switch. My luck they will announce It for the online subscription this year.

  8. I used to do overclocking and backlight mods on TI graphing calculators, like the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 using a similar EL panel.

  9. I had a chance to buy one of these at a second hand store. I should’ve just did it. Shame! Shame!

  10. The rarest gameboy is a glow in the dark case. It's a first gen gameboy a game company gave them away in a contest drawing to win.. they came in a white plain box and one shows up on ebay every couple of years.. less than 350 were Givin away..

  11. now remove the backlite for no reason and just make it a gameboy pocket

  12. I bought and resold one of these about fifteen years ago from a "pop culture" store, having no idea how rare they are here in the United States.

    It was definitely much brighter than yours, more like your modded pocket, I used it as a flashlight around the house before we all had phones to do that with, so I guess that the "indiglo" fades over time.

  13. Elliot would have something to say about having the rarest gameboy pocket haha

  14. Never seen tear down of the game boy light that very cool to see how it was made

  15. Could you send me anything about this i love everything about it my “friend”/roomate stole a lot from me two months ago when i was at work

  16. that's incredible, never heard of this model before! Nostalgia hitting so hard…

  17. the backlight for your GB light is unfortunately a bit used up.

    The technique that is used there loses its power over time, the more frequently and longer you use it.

    An old school friend imported it when it was new and the display is usually a lot brighter than it is with your GB light

  18. Eh? I think my gameboy light is rarer. It looks exactly the same but doesnt have the power indicator.

  19. That's all the light it has? Dude, I would've been super disapointed. Maybe it used to be brighter and EL panels degrade over time.. ?

  20. The lack of a back light was annoying but the ability to use outside light sources as a means to illuminate the screen is some thing I wish my cellphone could do when outside on a bright day. Even with brightness on full its difficult to see my cellphone screen in the bright sunshine. Didnt have that problem eith the game boy.

  21. That reminds me of the battery pack i bought for my gameboy colour, which used 2 ni-mh batteries, and basically worked like the wii remote battery packs, and it still works, so it was definitely worth the purchase!

  22. Is Spawn Wave the monster that mommy and daddy consoles tell their children about, so they'll behave? "You'd better be good, or the Spawn Wave will open you up!"

  23. I worked at toys r us during the time Gameboys was out. We would always sell out on the worm light. I still have mine and it works perfectly fine to this day. It definitely was a necessity to play in darker areas.

  24. My parents gave my gold version away of the Game Boy Light when they were cleaning up the closets… .

  25. I've always loved the look of t hese, the shine, and the sleakness of the actualy model looks awesome. Was hoping to one up one day. Though its …kinda not needed based on all the other mathods of playing games.

  26. I keep forgetting these exist then suddenly i really want to buy one again!

  27. How much did you pay? I live in Japan and GBLs are not rare at all. I get them for around $10 usd.

  28. Actually rarest game Boy would be micro mother 3 edition

  29. These days people pay big bucks for the best controller. Back then, people paid for the best light for their Gameboy.

  30. The lack of any kind of screen illumination on Gameboys really sucked. Even back then. I wonder why Nintendo didn’t release this in the US?

  31. I remember really wanted one of these about 10 years ago

  32. Who remembers having the light with a Magnify glass

  33. It’s definitely not rare it’s just overpriced by idiots who decided to overprice them. There’s a reason why the handheld was never released outside one the main selling point to the Gameboy was its battery life which was about 40 hours with good batteries. Plus it was pretty stupid to have a backlit screen for a black and white (or green) console as opposed to a color system which would’ve made more sense. The Gameboy light was about 8 hours which wouldn’t have worked here in the states. I’ll stick with my much affordable Gameboy color with a worm light or my gba sp 001 or 101.

  34. There's something pretty magical about playing your authentic GBC in the morning light, though. Peak nostalgia, and I didn't even have one as a kid.

  35. I had a GB Light a few years back that had a VERY bright backlight. At least comparable to a new Casio watch backlight. Unfortunately it delveloped a pretty serious issue with the screen where it would randomly glitch out and sometimes it wouldn't display graphics at all. Too bad!

  36. Japanese gamers getting the best stuff since….forever?

  37. The rarest gameboy
    The gameboy that literally Caught on fire am I a joke to you

  38. I've been aware of this like 10 years ago.

  39. Ok, and why did you buy the rarest Game Boy on eBay?

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