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I Bought The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy On eBay

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After searching around for a while I finally managed to find a good looking Game Boy Light on eBay and had it sent over from Japan. The Game Boy Light is considered to be a rare collectors item and rarest Game Boy variant available since it wasn’t released outside of Japan. Today I wanted to take a look at the handheld and see how it holds up.

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  1. I have a silver gameboy light and its amazing I really like it really wish they released them in America…i think it would've been the best selling gameboy

  2. If you continue to find cool shit on eBay deff do a video on all of that!

  3. Where I live is out in the country in Canada. When I was a kid, one of my friends growing up had one of these. Coolest thing I ever seen out in the middle of nowhere. Never knew it was rare

  4. I think the famitsu skeleton gameboy pocket light is the rarest gameboy pocket

  5. Really I own that Gameboy, its rare thats cool

  6. I'm surprised they didn't try something like a "Virtual Gameboy" that works like a Labo VR set, just put the Gameboy on it and watch it in "VR" through a huge lense lol.

  7. I used to sneak my Gameboy Color into bed and play Pokemon late at night by laying down and resting a flashlight on my shoulder. It worked well enough, but I remember having to adjust the flashlight a lot because it had to be angled just right or it would light the screen up too much or not enough.

    I would have killed for one of these.

  8. That's cool that's my child hood gameboy I got from Japan

  9. I had an orange "horizontal" GBA and installed a backlit screen that you can adjust the brightness. Someone invented a kit for it. I'm not sure if I had or still have a GB Light. I do have that same clear purple GB Color and also an Ice Blue GB Pocket and an NES system GBA.

  10. Does this guy annoy anybody else? Is it the uptalk of his use of the word “right?”

  11. Rarest? R U avin a gigul m8? There's fucktons of special edition and limited-edition Game Boy's which are much rarer than the GB Pocket.

  12. I had the attachment that was a light and magnifying lens that hooked over the front of the gameboy.

  13. I see what you spent all that Shamsa money on lol

  14. The nostalgia in this video, remember playing pokemon in car and having to use street lights to see what I was doing

  15. Pokemon is Not an Advantage over the competitor.

  16. When I first saw this guy I thought he was vsause Micheal

  17. I only had the original Gameboy but I bought the Nuby Game Light pretty early on. Probably the best lighting option for that system.

  18. I have one in storage that I bought brand new in 1998 its screen brightness decreases over time. It was extremely bright like those watches when it was new.

  19. Coming from the gamboy and gameboy pocket, the color had an extremely easy screen to see on since it was reflective.

  20. While its decently rare and expensive, I wouldn't call it the rarest Gameboy variant. Take a look at the Visteon Dockable Entertainment system Featuring Gameboy Advance sometime! It's an In-Car DVD player that also plays GBA games! Depending on the condition you find it in, it can be cheaper than some of the Gameboy Lights, but it doesn't pop up super often, and people generally don't even know it exists!

  21. You missed the opportunity to talk about Nintendo's PPP:

  22. Nighttime let's play with the Gameboy light do it…lol

  23. This isn’t the rarest on eBay, plenty of rarer models there. warning: click bait youtuber

  24. I bought one at small shop in the east village back in 1998. Wish I had kept it…

  25. I'm a bit confused right now. My gameboy had allways AA batteries. 4 of them.

  26. I remember them, there was a store that carried them in San Francisco for a short time. I was broke at the time and couldn't afford it.

  27. I still got my red Gameboy Pocket, lost all my games besides Pokemon Blue

  28. Nice, a lot of the silver and gold models tend to have a lot of paint missing on the corners- yours looks pretty good. I've had a clear Astro Boy Game Boy Light for a while now… the decals on the back are a little rough, but other than that it's in good shape. Did you find the switch on yours a bit flakey between "on" and "light" like mine?

  29. I bought my one in 2007 in excellent near new condition. I didn't use it much and yeah the screen is brighter than shown in the video. I guess the EL panel degrades with use over time.

  30. Most people would wonder why they didn't bother to make the Game Boy Colour have the same backlight as the Game Boy Light.

  31. I remember this. I only saw one in person. I could never find one in stores. Guss it not being released outside of JP explains it.

  32. Wow! Cool insight, man.
    I thought the Light was just a Game Boy Pocket with a lit screen.

  33. Were these called Indiglo on the watch faces back then?

  34. Funny how he showed the same game it color I have and game for it. 🤣 the legend of Zelda links awakening

  35. When I was in Tokyo I tried to get one of These. I couldn't finde a Single one :/
    It's a shame Nintendo needed that long to produce another lighted up gameboy. At least the normal GBA should had some Kind of Light.

  36. I remember this system… my buddy had one way back- japan only and even tough to find back then but he had the connections

  37. I thought the game boy toyota was the rarest gameboy

  38. Rarest Gameboy would be the Famitsu Gameboy Light, or is there a rarer light?

    The Astroboy one maybe?

  39. Your video helped me a lot. I bought this gameboy light, in the hope it would have a backlit screen as the one the modders do, and frankly, I was highly disappointed, because it almost don't make any difference when compared to the original gameboy. It's still hard to see, and I thought I bought a defective one, and because this gameboy is so rare, I can't find any documentation about it. Thanks to this vid, now I know mine is working as expected. Still disappointing, but at least, I don't need to look for any fix to it.

  40. Great in pitch dark. I turn my phone down to that level when I’m watching things at night. Sometimes I wish it was brighter though.

  41. That is far from the rarest Gameboy on ebay. The Gameboy Light is not rare at all despite never being released in the US.

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